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Advertising boot camp 2 the brief


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Advertising boot camp 2 the brief

  2. 2. Take a deep breath before the plunge!As a person who dares to ‘think different’ you most probably traded thatwell paying sales job or that ‘relationship manager’ job and decided to getinto advertising. Good for you!These short PowerPoint presentations have been cobbled together asone copywriter’s view of Ad Land. The aim: to dispel myths, make youunderstand the difference between copywriting class and being aprofessional copywriter and hopefully help you in becoming better atwhat you want to be in advertising.
  3. 3. The Brief The difference between an idea that makes or breaks a brand can often be traced back to the brief. A brief is simply a strategic document that is supposed to help keep creatives on target by answering key questions regarding the marketing message, namely –  Who is it for  What do you need to get to do  What mediums will you use to do so
  4. 4. Understanding the brief A creative director once told me during an Ad competition that the contestants who didn’t win the competition was not because they were not talented, rather that they just didn’t understand the brief. Such is the case in real world advertising as well.
  5. 5. Understanding the brief Beware of rushing into churning out creative solutions for a brief before even slipping into the customer’s shoes. Understand what your marketing message will mean to the customers. What need and wants can be roped in with relation to the brief? Customers are social people so ‘think social’, bring in a human element wherever possible.
  6. 6. Understanding the brief Check out what the competitors are doing Check out past campaigns of the brand Clarify any questions you have about the brief Let the brief percolate in your mind before plunging in Brainstorm the brief – two heads are better than one
  7. 7. Strike a chord You will have understood the brief when your creative strike a chord with the customer in a way that they relate to it, embrace it and want more of it. Understand what the brief means to customer not you as a creative person or as your client, put the customer’s way of thinking first and what is important to them and you will find a creative way or reaching them.
  8. 8. Be brave but not stupid with the brief It is very easy for a creative person to fall so much in love with their solution to a brief that they fail to realise that it will have hardly have any real world impact. Test the waters if you can by bouncing off your ideas with enough people, if you are still convinced take your shot.
  9. 9. About Me With over 4 years experience in the Interactive space, I am a digital advertising strategist who has worked on brands such as P&G, Mercedes-Benz, Raymond and Tata Chemicals. In my free time I enjoy reading, doodling, movies, biking and photography To connect with me visit my site