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Memoria anual YesEuropa Building Bridges


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Memoria anual YesEuropa Building Bridges desde

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Memoria anual YesEuropa Building Bridges

  1. 1. Annual reportY e s E u r o p a - B u i l d i n g B r i d g e s 2019
  2. 2. Contents 3  About us 4  Sectors of interest 5  Training courses 6 European Volunteer Service 7 How to become a member 8 What we do 9  Activities 11 European Projects 12  European networks 12+1  Impact
  3. 3. About us We were founded in 2008 with the aim of giving advice to the demands of information on european and intercultural information Exchange. The main goals for our association are: • Building up bridges to promote the European social construction. • Bridge a gap encouraging an intercultural dialogue for a better understanding and knowledge of other cultures. • Planning bridges through projects management to foster the citizens participation, specially young people. • Leaving a mark supporting any cultural, educational or artistic expression based don the above mentionned projects. We are an experienced association, our personal career and experience is wide. We have thought about creating this association to give shape and to have a closer collaboration that already existed between its partners for more than 10 years.. Training course in France Words & Photos by YesEuropa
  4. 4. SECTOR OF INTEREST Intercultural learning, youth exchange, youth and adults permanent learning, non formal education, general information for young people, participation, vocational training, prevention of racism, prevention of social exclusion, youth communication, environmental projects, protection and fostering of cultural and artistic movements, citizens participation, etc. The association was created to encourage integration and promotion of European culture between young European people. We tend to be a support for the fulfillment of vocational training learning, learning of languages and the general knowledge of the European labour market. +150 EVS volunteers per year. +150 Erasmus+ grants per year. Our members are our greatest asset for its varied origins and the experience they bring to the group. Top Photos (L-R): Santi in Macedonia, Alberto in Italy, Gaueko in Croatia, Training course in Cyprus and Estafanía in Turkey
  5. 5. Training courses Fully funded by Erasmus + grants. We sent more than 150 participants to different training courses, exchanges, study visits, seminars, practical work and observation visits to several European countries under the Erasmus + Programme.
  6. 6. More than 150 Spanish volunteers have enjoyed an Erasmus + European Volunteer Service and European Solidarity Corps in several EU countries. They carried out social, educational, cultural and welfare work of great importance and recognition. Adittionally, we also sent over 50 volunteers with IVS programmes in 2018. European and international volunteer service
  7. 7. How to become a member Very easy!. If you like to travel, meet, learn, move around the world, you can be a member of the association! . If you're going to participate in an international activity funded by Erasmus +, such an exchange, training course, seminar, study visits, etc ... you have to pay the annual membership fee of 40 €. The membership fee includes the possibility of going to this activity and request more international scholarships Erasmus + activities and receive updates on new scholarships and opportunities for international volunteering information. If you want to repeat an international activity within the same year, you only pay € 20 for each activity you want to achieve. This fee does not apply in any case to European volunteer, who do not pay any fee or if you are long term unemployed. All our activities have the support and financing of Erasmus + Program and the Europe for Citizens program. Our map of abroad experiences. Unemployed people first
  8. 8. YES EUROPE is a portal for support and advice on international mobility and European projects promoted by the Building Bridges Association, based in Madrid. Our group is composed of professionals delighted to help and advise private and public entities in order to write and manage international projects. Until present day, thanks to several cooperation agreements with public and private institutions we actively participate in international networks. We were able to carry out many projects under the old Youth in Action, Citizens Programme and Lifelong Learning Programme. Now we continue our work with Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens and Creative Europe programmes.. The main goal of our group is to promote international mobility and raise awareness among young Spanish and European people on topics such as social inclusion, integration and promotion of active citizenship, using only non- formal education. Among the projects developed we include the European Voluntary Service, youth exchanges, international trainings, Erasmus+ traineeships and so on. These projects have many young people able to take advantage of international mobility experience, now it's your turn!. Most projects are open to young people between 18 and 30 years and allow unforgettable experiences traveling and living without many expenses (in many cases projects covered the accommodation, food and much of the total trip). Our group is also a member of several European networks of expert trainers and project managers, with the common goal of: offer young and old the opportunity to access mobility programs in educational, vocational, educational and cultural field to promote cultural exchange, improve personal skills and practice English. Top Photos (L- R): Alejandra EVS in France, Marta EVS in Bulgaria, Ángel EVS in Portugal, Natalia EVS in Italy, Roberto EVS in Estonia. What we do
  9. 9. All the activities we offer are based on the aims of our association: to provide information and guidance to young people with the following principles: -Promote intercultural dialogue to facilitate a better understanding of other cultures. - Educate youth on the European citizenship values. - Support all cultural, educational and / or artistic expression based on the above values. - Promote the social construction of Europe. We believe that transnational experience could offer young people the opportunity to grow within a European dimension thanks to their personal and professional skills, so that they could play a main role of the European future. Building Bridges promoted different activities and projects, mainly in the field of European programs such as "Youth in Action" (European Voluntary Service, Youth for Europe: Youth Exchanges, Youth Initiatives, Training of youth workers), LLP Lifelong Learning Programme "Leonardo da Vinci "(training work: mobility - PLM / IVT / VETPRO), and others, for the following purposes: to offer young people the opportunity to access mobility programs in academic, professional and cultural level to increase understanding between cultures and different systems ; promote the meeting between cultures and linguistic deepening in a local context, promoting this dynamic mode intercultural learning and understanding; promote responsibility and active participation of young people in society. Now with Erasmus+ we follow the same aims as previuos years. We have created a web with European voluntary opportunities for young Spanish, with information on training, internships, exchanges and employment in Spain and Europe ( Activities I
  10. 10. Our main activities are: 1.YOUTH INFORMATION: We worked as volunteers in Europe with the Erasmus and Leonardo projects. We would like other European young people have the chance of living in another European country. It was a real change for us years ago thanks to the information we had. Our goal now is to counsel and to encourage them to start their own adventure. We are devoted to the european youth information. We have all experienced that years ago. There are many channels of information on european announcements so we tend to spread them within the young people. 2. COUNCELLING: Our main goal is counseling, informing, guiding and supporting the young graduates to continue their studies in order to have access to the labour market. Within the activities oriented to entry the labour market, Building Bridges helps: I. Managing and broadcasting job offers II. Informing about self employement and counseling for the creation of new companies. We are aware of the markets requests for young people and graduates. All the members of the association have already experiences dificulties when they were going to be hired in a competitive market and in process of recession. 3, RESOURCES ON CULTURE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE We are already creating a web page with updated information and new communication channels used by young people on internships, grants, aids, festivals, etc...  We want to work not just as an information centre but we are working on different communication channels (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) to spread and Exchange ideas and information for the professionals working in the field of culture. 4.TRAINING We offer training courses in the field of the cultural, educational and European management projects.  5. CULTURAL ACTIVITIES All these years our association has developed many intercultural exchanges in the local and internacional field giving young people the opportunity to be responsible and to get involved and to participate actively in  society. From the beginning we have taken care of the training and volunteers through the participation in courses and seminars promoted by other companies and organisation in some other activities. Activities II
  11. 11. We are sending, host and coordinating EVS organisation within Erasmus+ and Youth in Action Programme since 2009 with an accrediattion renewed until 2020. This year 2019 we will send over 130 Spanish volunteers and receive 6 from other European countries thanks to approval of Erasmus + grants. The same Erasmus+ National Agency (Injuve) has approved four European projects linked to European youth volunteering in close cooperation with the Council City of Madrid, organisation of intermacional seminar for youth workers, exchanges, training courses, etc ... Building Bridges has European Voluntary Service tutors and mentors since 2008, one of the first Spanish official accredited EVS tutors. The organisation also has managers of European projects and European networks and members of Team Europe, with extensive experience in managing European voluntary service, European networks and network projects financing. We promote a website with European voluntary opportunities for young Spaniards, with direct information and volunteer opportunities, Erasmus + courses, exchanges, internships and employment in Spain and Europe ( scholarships. Finally, we actively work on projects approved under other European programmes such as Europe for Citizens and Creative Europe. We also act as consultants for other non profit and public organisations to ensure their participation in European programmes, asisting them in the writing of projects, finding participants, promotion, delivery of results, and so on.  European Projects
  12. 12. Europeannetworks We belong to the Citizens for Europe EYCA Anna Lindh Foundation and CIVICUS: networks that promote values citizens and all activities related to culture and democratic values. Our members have had the pleasure of meeting at different moments of local members from EURODESK network . Thus, we were able to share experiences and plan new initiatives to improve the system of youth information, at local, national and international level.
  13. 13. IMPACT We have our own database of contacts with over 80,000 direct contacts in the field of culture, education and youth, in addition to over 40.000 of followers on social networks. "Drop it like it's hot!" Building Bridges, has recently received recognition for his work with young people thorough his portal YesEuropa, being honored by the Citizens Association Awards 2015. "We are on fire!" Media Moreover, we have been repeatedly echo news where our activities have been referenced. We have also written numerous articles for the media, as well as letters to the Director. For this reason we ensure a considerable impact on national and regional media and even local level. Recently, one of the most important national newspapers published an article about us (Read more). "It's on like donkey kong!" Awards Impact
  14. 14. YesEuropa - Building Bridges Association Office address (new): Calle de la Cruzada 3, 28013 Madrid Registered in National Associations Registry, no 590729 Web: Tel. +34 673 402 139 E-mail: Facebook: Twitter: