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  1. 1. Ideate Design Thinking Action Lab
  2. 2. The stakeholder - Ana Ana is a brazilian woman who recently graduated in Business Administration. She is working as a Production Planner in a factory and she is a little confused about her current job. Now, she wants to have other experiences, get other opportunities and explore new areas, but she knows that is very difficult to get all she wants whithout experience. Her dream is to be successfull and work with what she likes!
  3. 3. Empathy Map
  4. 4. Idea Generation How to get other experiences and then define a career?
  5. 5. The obvious solutions • Internship experience • Study (MBA, undergraduate, programs) • Change the job • Talk to the company about your interest and needs • Know more about yourself - discover yourself! • Ask about the career path • Job rotation
  6. 6. Add, remove or modify • Research what is of interest • Talk to people – coaching and mentoring • If you’re a student, you can try different internship during your college
  7. 7. 5 year-old solutions • Be everything you want anytime • PLAY! Supose be someone who works with you want • Be curious! Do questions! • Ask about the opportunities in your job
  8. 8. Unlimited Budget • Work abroad – Work Experience • Study and specialize in what is curious • Be an entrepreneur and explore all the areas of the business • Have a lot of experience out of the country • Pay a mentor or a coach that could help the career development • Create your own business • Pay for opportunity • Create an organization that prepare people in this situation
  9. 9. Without spending any money • Present projects from your interest for the company • NETWORK - talk to people from different areas • Get a second job, working as an asistent • Read on the internet about everything you have curiosity • Try news things – sell things, help people • Work as a volunteer • Study – free classes!
  10. 10. If you had control over the llaws of nature • Like magic, be whatever you want! • Predict the future and know how would be the career • Read mind and dicover how the profesionals think and feel about their job • Be invisible and see the routine and activities of all the profesionals
  11. 11. Idea selection • Work as a volunteer - everyone can work as a volunteer, you don't need to spend money and will learn new things • Create an organization who prepare people who have doubts and difficults in get a job - it's an opportunity that can help people to develop their career • Present projects from areas that you have interest for the company - it's a way to present what you can offer