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Published in: Education, Career
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  1. 1. WELCO ME! To INS Joan Amigo i Callau
  2. 2. *Our school is INS Joan Amigo iCallau. It’s in Espluga de Francolí inTarragona ‘s province. *There are 2 hundred studients.It’s near the river and the football pitch. *It’s in Serè street.
  3. 3. *In the ground floor there’s the reception .On the riht ,there’s also the secretary office,the head teacher,’s office, the teachers room, the kitchen and the cantine .*From the entrance,on the left there is alibrary , the student’s toilet ,the lab, the workshop, the changing rooms and the gym. *Oposite the teacher’s room there are 1st ESO classrooms and a computers room.
  4. 4. Right corridor
  5. 5. to the first floor.Opposite the stairs there are the studentstoilets, on the left there is the computerroom .*Next tho the toiletes, there is the art roomand the classrooms. On the left of the stairthere are four classrooms, two specialneeds classrooms and four departaments .There is also a teachers toilete.
  6. 6. Miusic class