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Easter adriana


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Easter adriana

  1. 1. Easter incatalonia:
  2. 2. “la mona”: The “mona” is a cake decoratedwit h feathers chicks, figures and chocolat eggs .
  3. 3. Ingredients:Special utensils: craft paper and a beard or egg-shaped mold If we want to make Sara: 250 g butter, 100g ofapricot jam, 100 grams of powdered sugar, 100g of spun almonds,150 g sugar beans, 65 g of waterIf we want to make chocolate: 100 g of chocolate, 100g of jam(strawberry or orange), 200g of chocolate (for truffle cooked) 200 gcream 100g sugar beans and 100 g of water for the houseofchocolate: 250 grams of chocolate (dark or milk), 250grams ofwhite chocolate and 100grams of chocolate colored
  4. 4. preparationFor the base of the monkeyPrepare a traditional cake. Put the ovento preheat. Untamed the mold, about 20 centimeters indiameter, with liquid butter and flour.We reserve. Let theflour through the sieve and reserve. Assemblethe eggs withthe sugar. When they are mounted, tookthem to theblender and let them incorporate theflour gradually, until obtaining a homogeneous mass. I putit in the mold. We introduce the preheated oven to180 degrees and cook it for about 20 minutes.Once we havethis base, we can do a Sarah or a cake or chocolate.
  5. 5. “palma” “palmó”The palma is for a girls, The palmó is for a boys
  6. 6. Professions: