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Chrismas adriana


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Chrismas adriana

  1. 1. Chrismas inCatalonia By: ADRIANA
  2. 2. in the Catalonia traditional things are: -Christmas lunch and dinner -The three wise men -Chrismas tree -new year -”tió” -presents
  3. 3. FOOD:The typical Catalanfood is soup, tied meatand dessert twisted rollof wise men
  4. 4. The 3 wise mens: Are three men who bring presents at night and leave the Christmas tree.melchor gaspar baltasar
  5. 5. Chrismas tree:I decorate the treewith differentaccessories andlights at the top ofthe tree we put astar
  6. 6. New year:Eat twelvegrapes andthen toastwithchampagne
  7. 7. “TIÓ”:the guy is a log ofwood with a facewash ashore that shitwhen you hit with astick
  8. 8. PRESENTS: The presents are placed under the Christmas tree the night of 5 to 6