Discipline with dignity claudia


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Discipline with dignity claudia

  1. 1. DISCIPLINE WITH DIGNITY. The very first time when I read the title of the document, I thought about the dignity that is handled in the class room, and then reading through the document, I realized the importance of managing discipline in the classroom. I strongly believe, that following a particular code of conduct in the class rooms is very important to maintain order. The school rules is very important, this regulations defines what behavior is expected, for example the correct use of uniform, the classes schedule, ethical standards, etc, . I think, is very important to teach the kids and the youths the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and don’t forget that effective discipline should take place all the time, and not only when kids misbehave. About punishments and rewards cannot be the solution, and sometimes are ineffective; someone has to be at the moment to administer them, because this would cause the child to react only to those stimuli. The recognition can be shown by the affection without having to make any material gift. About good rol models on discipline, kids and youngsters, choose models for themselves as early as preschool years, and they just want to be like those they have chosen, so, as an advice, teachers must try to be respectful, loving, and care with your students, because they see everything, and some day they will copy that behavior. Also we, the teachers, we need to develop approaches, techniques and strategies to develop responsibility in youth, make clear about democratic atmosphere, as, involving students in the process of making new rules and guidelines; how to solving problems, skills in resolving problems, how to offer an apology, let the anger go, etc.; about the defined limits, teachers need to emphatically support of nonviolence, caring, cooperation, and respect. And remember the best way to show corrective behavior is to model it. All
  2. 2. these can make a big difference in helping young people make responsible choices. The most important fact, is create a safe learning environment that encourages students how to handle serious incidents like fighting and bulling, and how to live in tolerance, building values, support, encourage and motivate each other. “A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops” “Discipline is the bridge, between goals and accomplishment”: Jim Rohn Maria Dolly Giraldo Calle English VII. First reading report