6th grade i pad pilot update final


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6th grade i pad pilot update final

  1. 1. PLAN FOR 2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR SEPTEMBER, 201165 iPads purchased during the summer 2011School decided to maintain complete control of devices.Devices were synced with teacher selected applications, books, important PDF documents.Functionalities included: Student planbook, ebooks, social networking sites (education friendly), camera, notetaking applications, email.
  2. 2. PREPARATIONApril, May & June 2011All MS teachers receive iPad for class use, begin tounderstand the device and its functionalities, researchvarious apps designed for educational purposes.May 2011FA hosts iPad workshop for NYSAIS schools.Over 35 people in attendance
  3. 3. SUMMER 2011Members of 6th grade team apply for curriculum development grants with the focus on integrating the iPad into the curriculum.They were also charged with developing a list of “teacher friendly” apps for use in classes and developing specific lessons for students to learn various important applications.
  4. 4. PARENT/STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY• Parents encouraged to sign insurance form covering the iPad in case of damage, loss.Parents also agreed to provide wifi at home.Device was not intended to replace important experiences already part of their program but to enhance them.Students responsible for charging, bringing it to class, having it available whenever need be.
  5. 5. WHAT’S BEEN GOOD ABOUT IT?Student use of e-book, schools are seeing the beginnings of more digital text incorporated into curriculum.Students working more dynamically with video, pictures.Significant drop in paper use.Students understand times for use, are comfortable using it.The device has helped to improve organization.Students have thought outside of the box in terms of its use.Breakage and loss has been predictable.Well received during open house.
  6. 6. THINGS TO IMPROVE UPONWhile email is a valuable component of the program the interface with FA’s existing system has been problematic.Student planner to be reviewed and migrate over to a less complex calendar.Number of apps that is on the device to be consolidated. New IOS updates are beginning to incorporate more functionalities that eliminates the need for some apps.Consideration of accessories to improve student experience.
  7. 7. IN GENERAL…..Overall the program has been very well received by both parents and their children.FA offered parent workshop in early October around use of the iPad to improve parent awareness of the device. More meetings are being planned for the future.Professional Development is ongoing Friends Council on Education, Technology gathering Apple Update Conference NMSA National Conference Future NYSAIS/Apple Gatherings
  8. 8. AMBITIONS FOR THE FUTURE Continue program into 2012-2013 with remainder of Middle SchoolHopeful the school will migrate into a family owned model with some school controls, rather than a completely school overseen model. Establish committee to examine questions of ownership, management, and acceptable use policies.7/8th grade teams to meet with 6th grade team during upcoming faculty meetingsSimilar process for summer curricular work to be established for 7/8th grade work.Further explore LS/US use of the technologyProfessional Development
  9. 9. TESTIMONIALS“My favorite part about having iPads is that there are “My favorite part has been all thereally cool games and fun ways to learn. My favorite apps amazing things an iPad can do!are the Spanish one and art rage. I also have really Ex, GarageBand, pages, keynote, edmoenjoyed a lighter backpack.” do, dropbox, artrage, neu. annotate, and more! I have had a lot of fun with this“My favorite part of having the iPad is how easy it is to iPad, and I hope I get an opportunity likeget information or documents from your teachers or this again.”peers. It is so cool.” “I think that we should use paper“It has created much less clutter, made me much more agenda pads and we should be ableorganized with all my books, and a lot of other things to bring in our own keyboards.”to.”“I think you can use a different app instead of NeuAnnotate because it glitches a lot.” “Dragon dictation helped because Im a slow typer, more portable than a“The iPad has helped me with various things. I laptop, Ghostwriter saves paper,have the ability to surf the web easily. The new You can take videos and pictures,pages app really seems to help me with notes. Drop box has been very helpful,The iPad also is very good battery wise. I have We have all the books and handouts,to give Steve jobs some credit for this gadget.” Use of flash cards” Thoughts on Science