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  1. 1. Rubens Samuel CEO Paulo Oliveira CTO Application Development multi-platform innovative and creative.
  2. 2. Intellectual Property and Confidentiality This document contains confidential information and it is part of the intellectual property of the company Click Local Ltda. (CNPJ: 05.622.184/0001-45), being its sole domain. This document and its attachments are confidential and intended only for the recipient, with purpose and for restricted use in evaluation, and its confidentiality protected by law. This document and its attachments can not be disclosed, duplicated, used or disclosed for any purpose other than to evaluate this project, only the team's receiver. All rights reserved Click to Local Ltda. (CNPJ: 05.622.184/0001-45).
  3. 3. Also according to Gartner(2015-2016) • Context: • The Mobility context will be as influential as search engines are to the Web today. • Customized and adapted experiences to users. • Social Media • Connecting people, goods and services. • Cloud • Elastic computing • Millions of users Forecasts ...
  4. 4. Value proposition The ubiquitous computing (context aware), is increasingly present in people’s life. More and more the technology uses smart sensors in smartphones, home appliances, cars, consoles, video games, electronics, etc.. These sensors are able to collect relevant information in real-time and specific to each person. In conjunction with the large presence of information on the internet, social networks, for example, you can customize and present tips and warnings specific to each user in the world. Collect information from sensors in a wide range of devices Collect information on the Internet, social networks in general. Customize and present tips and specific actions relevant to each user in the world.
  5. 5. Information Extraction tOOtip food tOOtip place tOOtip event tOOtip Sale tOOtip social
  6. 6. Information Extraction
  7. 7. •Routine places •Where do you live •Where works •Notices bottling •Security Warning •Geo-fence Location GPS •Running •Bicycling •Driving / •Rap / Fall / Impact Acellerometer Gyro/Compass •Ambient temperature •Ambient humidity Temperature Umidade Pressure •Listening to music •Noise / Scream / Shooting Audio Microfone •Routine places •Location of friends •Preferences / Interests Social •Interest on purchases •Promotions •Collectibles Shopping Information Extraction
  8. 8. Tips
  9. 9. Map and Augmented Reality
  10. 10. Context Provider Architecture
  11. 11. Market Inserted
  12. 12. Target Market According to Gartner Institute
  13. 13. Competitor Google Now The right information at just the right time. See helpful cards with information you need throughout your day, before you even ask. Tootip Competitive Advantage Google Now relies solely on their services Tootip One of the first companies to focus on context-aware computing Easy to use More inteligent because have more information
  14. 14. Business Model Strategy to attract users Content Partners ( Tv, Newspaper and Magazine ) How to make money? Selling segmented packages tips. U$0,01 / tip. Event Tips Sport Tips Shopping Tips
  15. 15. Status Beginning: Jan/2013 Software Requirements Specification: June/2013 (ok) Architectural Description: August/2013 (ok) Project / Implementation / Tests / Distribution: 4 months - First Version
  16. 16. Goals
  17. 17. Technological know-how Vlast's CTO was largely responsible for the development of Agentto - a security application for smartphones facing millions of users (, the largest grant in the history of FINEP for technological innovation in software in Brazil in the amount of U$5 million.
  18. 18. About Us Vlast Mobile was created to develop innovative high-tech. Platforms Cloud Computing
  19. 19. Dream Team Paulo Roberto Oliveira - (CTO and fouder) With nearly a decade of experience in software development Paulo, Director of Technology for, one of their most important projects contributing to the technological advancement of Brazil. Paulo received his Masters in Computer Science from the Federal University of Uberlândia. Rubens Samuel de Melo - (Founder and CEO) Early in his career, Rubens worked developing games for largest portal access in Brazil). In January, 2003 Rubens founded the Ktaqui on Inetec - Business Incubator of Technology after receiving a high rating on the Tecnobrac project - Software Academic Fair . Rubens also worked as the commercial VP of Cedro Finances in 2008, one of the largest IT industries in Brazil financial market, serving clients including: HSBC, Banif, Santander and several others. Rubens received his Masters in Computer Science from the Federal University of Uberlândia and his Masters Science in Business from the Unopar. Virginia Beatriz de Melo Zanini Studied International Relations and Administration in Brazil. She worked as a commercial assistant in JBS Group ( the largest animal protein company in the world ). Virginia studied business at Stanford University and currently residing in Silicon Valley.
  20. 20. Investment Investments in Tootip – Just to increase development team Hire 6 employees and 4 scientists (Partner: UFU University) Development Team: Requirements, Architecture, Design, Implementation and Testing U$300.000 for 2 years - U$12.500 / month First version in 4 months Current Team: CEO/Commercial, CTO/ Software Architect, 2 developers, 1 creation, 1 project manager. Why I need to invest in Tootip? In the coming years the major players in technology (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple) will be creating solutions in this area of ​​context-aware computing. It's a niche market, where well-equipped services and high value is likely to be incorporated by one of these great players.
  21. 21. THANK YOU! Rubens Samuel CEO Paulo Oliveira CTO Application Development multi-platform innovative and creative.