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Creating a Sustaining and Winning Fan Page

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Web2x sf4fanpage

  1. 1. Creating & Sustaining Winning Brand Page on Facebook Ruben Quinones, Director of New Media March 30th, 2011 • Moscone West
  2. 2. Who We Are •Strategic Online Marketing Approach •SEO, Social Media & Pay-Per-Click management •Industry leading technology for managing, optimizing & tracking search based campaigns Awareness Some Brands We Have Worked With Favorability Consideration Intent to Purchase Purchase@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  3. 3. Lead Funnel – Search Vs. Social Awareness Favorability Consideration Intent to Purchase Purchase@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  4. 4. Intent Vs. Propensity VS VS@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  5. 5. Causes Facebook Ads Incentives Website Conversions@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  6. 6. Some Reasons Why Businesses Fail on Facebook•Assuming Facebook is a direct response vehicle•Underestimate investment of time•Don’t produce, or don’t produce enough content tofuel their page•Failure to synergize all existing media outlets @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  7. 7. Creating A Facebook Business Page – Search Tips The About Box Provide some relevant keywords along with a good description. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  8. 8. Creating A Facebook Business Page – Search Tips The Info Button, another opportunity forrelevant key terms. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  9. 9. Making The Most of Your Page VS@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  10. 10. Making The Most of Your Page Make the most out of your logo. S@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  11. 11. Announcing Your Page What is typically done - suggest to friends Gets lost inyour Facebook mail @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  12. 12. Announcing Your PageSend them an email directly @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  13. 13. Applications & App Providers@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  14. 14. Applications– RSS Graffiti When You need toschedule – Apps like RSS Graffiti, Social RSS & Hootsuite automatically publishes to your feed. Set a delay time, and a schedule of checking your feed for new content. @rubenq @pathinteractive
  15. 15. Applications– YouTube Video Box Input URLs of YouTube videosand they show up on your page and in a tab. @rubenq @pathinteractive
  16. 16. Applications - ShopTABAdd productsright into your Facebook page. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  17. 17. Applications- Wildfire@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  18. 18. Applications- Reveal – Non Reveal Tabs Non Fan Fan @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  19. 19. Applications for Live Streaming@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  20. 20. Facebook Ads – Paid Media@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  21. 21. Defeating Ad Fatigue@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  22. 22. Facebook Ads – Paid MediaCost per Lead reduced close to 30% compared to broad campaign by segmenting @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  23. 23. Facebook Ads – Paid Media@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  24. 24. Facebook Insights@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  25. 25. Earned Media: What is Engagement on Facebook? Educational Entertaining Exclusives @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  26. 26. Reasons People “Unlike” Brands On Facebook How Much Can You Get Away With? @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  27. 27. What’s the strategy here? What’sfeeding your posts? @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  28. 28. Is it justaboutyou? @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  29. 29. Are you part of thecommunity? @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  30. 30. Questions and trivias are a great way toentertain your audience. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  31. 31. New as of last week, if you arean admin, and you would like to install, click on edit page, and on the top right a Green button called “Get Questions Now” @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  32. 32. Case Study@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  33. 33. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  34. 34. 3 “Tags” on this post Facebook enabled YouTube comments Video on logembedded on facebook page @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  35. 35. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  36. 36. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  37. 37. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  38. 38. Results - FacebookFacebook Referring Traffic Overall traffic to the site grew 40% for the month Highest conversion rate of any referring or organic traffic – 3.74% Over 800 Video Views, 522 new likes @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  39. 39. Case Study 2@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  40. 40. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  41. 41. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  42. 42. Results - Facebook@rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  43. 43. Sample Launch ScheduleReasons for Facebook Brand Page Launch•Brand Awareness: With over 500 million users, facebook has established itself as a crediblecommunity to have a level of interaction with. Instead of relying on facebook users to go to the_____ web site, we are making it easier for them to find ______.•Drive Traffic to Site: A facebook presence provides another portal by which users can gain accessto your site.•Integrate and Publish Content: Although this should not be the only material on the page,publishing worthy content via the site provides a constant reminder of ______’s presence onfacebook. Feeds should be inclusive of relevant press releases, new content pieces, videos,product launches, fan interaction, etc. There is currently a news feed in place on main site.•Event Marketing: The wall and or a dedicated tab that will be leveraged to market future events.•Gauge Feedback: Get a good overview of brand, product, and event sentiment.•Interact with Audience: Deepen the relationship with customers, prospects, vendors and othervaluable relationships relevant to _______ by engaging with their comments. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  44. 44. Sample Launch ScheduleCorporate Facebook Page LaunchBelow we recommend a schedule to provide a soft launch in March and official launch of the facebook page in April.Recommended Administrators: Path, ___, anyone else from corporate, social media A team? Path can provide or assist content status updates,any event marketing updates, etc. We can properly evaluate responsibilities as the fan page grows and or scope of work has changed.Recommended Architecture: To start off with, below is the recommended tabs to start off with, we can introduce new tabs as needed in thefuture. Path can execute on these tasks.•Top photos above the wall should have 5 pictures representative of the different business units.Tabs on the left (new facebook pages)•Wall – We recommend turning profanity blocklist to at least moderate.•Info - We would recommend brand and keyword rich text in the description.•Photos – Should show case select business unit photos•Videos - Feature the videos that are on the ____ Youtube channel.•Events – Iframe application that mirrors the events page on main site.Recommended Schedule:•March: Build primary applications for the wall, start flowing content into page•Last week of March: Soft launch, invite employees via email.•First week of April: Recommend producing press release of official fan page opening, send out invites to clients, vendors and friends.•End of April: Evaluate next steps if necessary.•Second week of April: Start supporting promotion of ___ event. @rubenq @pathinteractive #w2e
  45. 45. The Ideal Like Button - XFBML version @pathinteractive #w2e
  46. 46. Thank You! Presentation available @rubenq