NY Enterprise Conference 7-12


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NY Enterprise Conference 7-12

  1. 1. Ruben Quinones, Director of New MediaJuly 11 th , 2012• 3 West Club, NY, NY
  2. 2. Who We Are •Strategic Online Marketing Approach•SEO, Social Media , Pay-Per-Click, Display Ad management •Industry leading technology for managing, optimizing & tracking search based campaigns Some Brands We Have Worked With
  3. 3. Content Is Kingood Visible Content Is King Purchase
  4. 4. How Content Impacts….. QualitativeThought leadershipCredibilityA way to create multiple “touches”Email MarketingGoogle RankingsSocial Media
  5. 5. Content Marketing Funnel Awareness Awareness Favorability Learning Favorabilit ySoft Conversions Consideration Intent to Purchase Intent to Purchase Purchase Remarketing
  6. 6. ew Content Boosts Your Interior Page Awareness Favorabilit y Consideration Intent to Purchase Purchase
  7. 7. Content For Social Initiates ConversationsProvides Context to Your Social Properties Awareness Favorabilit y Consideration Intent to Purchase Purchase
  8. 8. “Acquisition vs. Nuture Based Content”
  9. 9. Content Types
  10. 10. Characteristics of ContentWhat’s New? CreationCommentaryWhat’s going to happen…..what to watch out forHow to – process orientedTools and resources that would be of value to your readersAnswering a QuestionCommon Mistakes to look out for
  11. 11. Discovering Content Topics•Who are our audiences?•What are the touch points / challenges ofour customers?•What are they asking?
  12. 12. Discovering Content Topics Audiences for Content
  13. 13. Discovering Content Topics Audiences for ContentCustomerSegmentation
  14. 14. Discovering Content Topics Audiences for ContentAlliances
  15. 15. Discovering Content Topics Identifying Touch PointsIdentifyingTouch Points
  16. 16. Discovering Content TopicsEvaluating Meaning ful Content Employ boolean searches – ex. If a well known brand, use“Brand name” “context”, “Brand name” “Touch point” “Audience” “Context”, “Audience” “Touch point” “Competitor” “context”, “Competitor” “Touch point “touch point” “context” “touch point” “touch point”
  17. 17. Discovering Content Topics Evaluating Meaning ful Content Not known?/small business?….. “touch point” “context” “touch point” “touch point”“Audience” “Context”, “Audience” “Touch point”
  18. 18. Discovering Content TopicsEvaluating Meaning ful Content Boolean search for context and a touch point. ex. “Jet Blue”, “customer service” Can be multiple variations of previously mentioned boolean searches Filter by News & Blogs
  19. 19. Discovering Content TopicsEvaluating Meaning ful Content Boolean searches on YouTube
  20. 20. Discovering Content TopicsEvaluating Meaning ful Content Boolean searches on Twitter
  21. 21. Discovering Content TopicsEvaluating Meaning ful Content Boolean searches on Twitter
  22. 22. Disseminating Content to Your Audiences Ads targeted by keyword intent, titles, and interests
  23. 23. Make sure your audiences match up with your social organic efforts
  24. 24. Process for New Content Discovery Keep Focus2. What type of post am I writing?4. Who is my specific audience for this post?6. What are one or two critical points I can answer for them?8. What are the two keywords that describe the critical points?10.Do a boolean search to see what might spark some ideas12.Can I stretch these out into a series?14.Next content post, repeat.
  25. 25. Some Key Performance Indicators• Share of Search• Search Visits to content on site• Referring Visits – Social / Other sites to• content• Engagement on content via external properties
  26. 26. Some Key Performance Indicators Your “visit duration” shouldimprove, an indication that your content is being consumed
  27. 27. Some Key Performance IndicatorsAre new visitors coming in as are result of your content?
  28. 28. Some Key Performance Indicators How deep did they navigate beyond your page?
  29. 29. Some Key Performance Indicators Is your content creating new visitors to your site? Sort by referring
  30. 30. How Do I Manage This?•How much will I have to create?•What type of content should I produce?•Who can do this?•How do I know when to outsource?
  31. 31. Case Study•Post Card Mania – Print Post Cards•Created a acquisition marketingcampaign geared at a hyper targetedaudience.•Over the course of a year, gained 600quality leads, over 72,000
  32. 32. Case Study Takeaway•Create CompellingContent•Establish face and“voice”•List development &remarketing•Participation &Evangelization
  33. 33. Thank You!www.linkedin.com/in/rubenquinones