New york technology 02-07-13


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New york technology 02-07-13

  1. 1. Linkedin Marketing: Beyond the “Request to Connect”
  2. 2. Who We Are •Strategic Online Marketing Approach •Strategic Online Marketing Approach •SEO, Social Media & Pay-Per-Click management •SEO, Social Media & Pay-Per-Click management•Industry leading technology for managing, optimizing & •Industry leading technology for managing, optimizing & tracking search based campaigns tracking search based campaigns Twitter: @rubenq
  3. 3. The Employer Brand Twitter: @rubenq
  4. 4. The Micro Brand Employer Brand Twitter: @rubenq
  5. 5. Alliances and “Loose Ties” Employer Brand Twitter: @rubenq
  6. 6. Alliances and “Loose Ties” Employer BrandValue in “LooseTies”? Can still be selective inwho you connect with Twitter: @rubenq
  7. 7. What’s in it For You?Do I Pass The Digital “Sniff Test?” Twitter: @rubenq
  8. 8. What’s in it For You?Do I Pass The Digital “Sniff Test?” Twitter: @rubenq
  9. 9. What’s in it For You?The Social DichotomyDoes my online Persona Reflect My OfflineWork/Credibility? Twitter: @rubenq
  10. 10. What’s in it For You?Relevance? Twitter: @rubenq
  11. 11. What’s in it For You?Is my current process sustainable without including goingsocial? Twitter: @rubenq
  12. 12. Are You Making Your Initial Relationships Last? Twitter: @rubenq
  13. 13. What’s in it For You? Twitter: @rubenq
  14. 14. How Will We Decide Who ToMeet? Twitter: @rubenq
  15. 15. How Will We Decide Who Gets The Upgrade? Twitter: @rubenq
  16. 16. What is so special about this?You Tested it? Nice! Most digital thermometersTrademarked have these features Twitter: @rubenq
  17. 17. Who Controls your Message?Who Controls Your Message? Twitter: @rubenq
  18. 18. Who Controls your Message? Twitter: @rubenq
  19. 19. Why is ?• Helps you find professional contacts and connect• Helps others find you•Sells you even when you are not there•Assists in solidifying relationships with your network Twitter: @rubenq
  20. 20. Pay for ? Twitter: @rubenq
  21. 21. Can You Really Get Business off of Twitter: @rubenq
  22. 22. Can You Really Get Business off of
  23. 23. Develop Your Profile• Post your digital resume– but with more conversational wording. Be strategic about what you highlight.• Use keywords - So those searching for your expertise can find you easily.• Add recommendations - From colleagues, supervisors and clients.• Post a photo that is friendly and professional• Describe yourself in an interesting way - Don’t be dull. What makes you stand out? Describe your interests Tell the world about you! Twitter: @rubenq
  24. 24. Users areLooking For Other Professionals by Searching Here Your Positioning is Influenced by Your Connections & Key Terms in Your Profile. Twitter: @rubenq
  25. 25. No image impact click thru rate?Twitter: @rubenq
  26. 26. Twitter: @rubenq
  27. 27. Twitter: @rubenq
  28. 28. Place to Introduce Key Terms Into YourProfile Your Professional Headline Your Current and Past Position Titles Twitter: @rubenq
  29. 29. Place to Introduce Key Terms Into YourProfile Utilizing “Professional Headline” to the max? Twitter: @rubenq
  30. 30. Places to Introduce Key Terms Into Your Profile Summary has no bearing on the algorithmSpecialties does Twitter: @rubenq
  31. 31. Place to Introduce Key Terms Into YourProfile Interests is another opportunity for key terms Twitter: @rubenq
  32. 32. Work the Recommendation Section• Ask contacts to recommend you• Just one recommendation for each position will make a difference in positioning Twitter: @rubenq
  33. 33. Endorsements? Twitter: @rubenq
  34. 34. Start or Participate Groups inGroups are a very powerful aspect of LinkedIn.• Shows thought leadership• Builds a community• Engages other like-minded contacts in sharing ideas, knowledge and opportunities Twitter: @rubenq
  35. 35. Connecting and Conversing Search forprofessionals by key terms, title, company, schools, etc. Twitter: @rubenq
  36. 36. Connecting and Conversing Does the group match your audiences,strategic alliances Twitter: @rubenq
  37. 37. PrivacyHover over name,on settings, click on “settings” Your actual name will impact Google’s indexing Twitter: @rubenq
  38. 38. Personal CRM SolutionsXonbi integrates with a number of social sites and will connect email addresses to other social conversationsOutlook plugin available Twitter: @rubenq
  39. 39. Personal CRM Solutions Contactually is also a personal CRM that integrates with social sites (Linkedin included), also sends reminder emails depending on relationship. Outlook plugin available yx Twitter: @rubenq
  40. 40. Linkedin App Twitter: @rubenq
  41. 41. SummaryIn our hectic world of info overloadand too much to see, do and be, can give you:• A place to market your skill set• Solidify your current connections• Provide You with Connections beyond those you know now Twitter: @rubenq
  42. 42. Thank You! Copy of presentation, click on NYTC tab @rubenqrquinones@pathinteractive Twitter: @rubenq