Fb marketing-Diagnosing your Facebook Marketing Performance


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Fb marketing-Diagnosing your Facebook Marketing Performance

  1. 1. April 9th AthensTwitter: @rubenq #SMCgr Twitter: @rubenq
  2. 2. Who We Are Some Brands We Have Worked With Strategic Online Marketing Approach SEO, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click and Display Ad management Industry leading technology for managing, optimizing & tracking search based campaignsTwitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  3. 3. Intent Vs. Propensity VSVS @rubenqTwitter: @rubenq @pathinteractive #SMCgr #w2e
  4. 4. Brief Overview of Edgerank• AffinityCalculation of degree of interaction to object,relationship to interaction and recency of interaction• WeightStrength of action take by user• Time DecayHow recent the object is Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  5. 5. Percentage of Fans Who See Your Post Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  6. 6. “Likes Are Not Sustainable”Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  7. 7. TOP LEVEL DATA POINTS Reach Unique Impressions or people that came across your content, 3 ways that they can…….Organic – Unique users who saw your content on your page, newsfeed orticker.Paid – Saw your content as a result of a sponsored ad.Viral – Users who saw a “story” as a result of your content. Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  8. 8. FACEBOOK INSIGHTSTwitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  9. 9. FACEBOOK INSIGHTS Best Content Post Types Engageme…TestimonialPromotional Engageme… Blog PostBible Verse Best Time of Day to Post 0 10 20 30 40 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Early Morning Late Noon Early Morning Morning Afternoon Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  10. 10. HOW DO YOU STACK UP VS COMPETITORS? Here are some metrics that you Measure the growth over time Will be able to view without(can add additional tabs on excel) Being an admin of a page Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  11. 11. IDENTIFY CURRENT CONTENT THEMES What are some themes currently in place? Intended or unintended Introduce strategic content themesto experiment the consumption rate of each one Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  12. 12. DIVING INTO FACEBOOK INSIGHTSPage level data for higher level data Post level for detailed data Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  13. 13. IDENTIFYING PERFORMANCE OF CONTENTTHEMES “Lifetime Post Consumers” and “Lifetime Engaged Users” are Key Metrics, providing insights into passive and action oriented engaged usersManually insert your content themes and sort Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  14. 14. IDENTIFYING PERFORMANCE OF CONTENTTHEMES Themes Lifetime Post ConsumersBible Trivia 44Bible Verse 59Catalyst 10Christian lifestyle 27Church/Biblical 44Fill-In 22General Interest 22PrayerStream 17Promotional 22Shared Photo 14 Manually insert your content themes and sort Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  15. 15. IDENTIFY BEST TIME TO POST Over 30% of your reach occurs Within the first 10 min after publishing Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  16. 16. IDENTIFYING BEST TIME TO POST Unique users who view a post organically Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  17. 17. IDENTIFYING BEST TIME OF DAY TO POST Create column with time of day or specific timeframe Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  18. 18. IDENTIFYING BEST TIME DAY TO POST Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  19. 19. BEST DAY OF THE WEEK TO POST? Add in column for day of the week Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  20. 20. BEST DAY OF THE WEEK TO POST Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  21. 21. Common Facebook Mistakes Posting too much (content frequency) Solution: Diagnose in Facebook Insights Identify best times to post (including weekends and nights) and schedule postsaccordingly, think of your audience. To identify your audience’s sweet spot, gauge their feedback when you are experimenting with post frequency. View insights for “hidden”, “unlikes”, “unsubscribes”. Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  22. 22. Common Facebook Mistakes Posting Irrelevant ContentDiagnosis: View Insights for demographics including gender, age, location, language, etc. Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  23. 23. Common Facebook Mistakes Posts that are too long Diagnosis:According to several studies, short posts have proven to increase engagement. Other major networks also limit their characters, users have adapted to shorter messages.
  24. 24. Common Facebook Mistakes Content that lacks “sharing” potential Diagnosis: Validate post type and content type engagement rates in insights.Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  25. 25. Common Facebook Mistakes Not being geographically relevant Diagnosis: Manual evaluation of posts that are off target. View most engaged locations via insights.Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  26. 26. Common Facebook Mistakes Promotions that are irrelevant to brand Diagnosis:If brand is guilty of this, evaluate users that have liked page andhow they have contributed to fan growth, “stories”. Determine how promotion ties in with brand.Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  27. 27. ACQUISITION BASED TACTICS EMPLOYEDGated Content – Make users like your contentContests – Incentives put in place to impact impressions, likes, viralityCauses – Actions on your page donate to charityCross Promotion – Are there other pages that you can partner upwith? Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  28. 28. NURTURING BASED TACTICSRelevancy of Posts– What is relevant to your geography,demographics, and ad targeting?Exclusive Promotions – What can you offer your loyal fan base?Highlighting Fans– Engagement tool that highlights your fan baseand develops “Brand Advocates”.Relevancy – Make sure that you check off “Recent Posts byOthers” in the admin tool.Accessibility – Turn on translation if applicable, allow users to tag, post,and send a direct message to your page. Are you responsive tocomments and conversation? Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  29. 29. NURTURING TACTICS – RELEVANCY Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  30. 30. NURTURING TACTICS – RELEVANCY TARGETINGLESS REACH, BUT TEST FOR HIGHER ENGAGEMENT Targeted to women Targeted to Married Users Targeted to MenTwitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  31. 31. NURTURING TACTICS – RELEVANCY – TARGETED POSTS Geo targeted audience was only 1% of the entire fan baseEmploying this approach significantly Increased online conversions Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  32. 32. NURTURING TACTICS - ACCESSIBILITY Are you continuing The conversation? (same thread)Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  33. 33. NURTURING TACTICS - ACCESSIBILITY Manage accessibility and relevancy at the Page level via your Admin tool Consider checking these Options as they influence Edgerank Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  34. 34. TAKE ACTION ON YOUR FINDINGS• Develop content themes, focus in on 3-5 content themes that will be consistent on your page.• Establishing Timing– Schedule posts on set times through out the week.• Relevancy – Establish a plan to make sure your messaging, posts are targeted and relevant.• Diagnose your page at least on a quarterly basis and identify successes, failures. Experiment with different messaging, timing, relevancy, optimize from past successes. Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  35. 35. HOW IS YOUR PAGE PERFORMING?Go to www.socialtofu.com, andsign in to analyze your page/s Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr
  36. 36. THANK YOU! Presentation available at ……. linkedin.com/in/rubenquinones @rubenq Twitter: @rubenq #SMCgr