Advanced Social Media Considerations - Summit in the Snow 2014 WSIA


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Advanced Social Media Considerations - Summit in the Snow 2014 WSIA

  1. 1. Social Media: Advanced Tactics Ruben Quinones, Director of New Media
  2. 2. Who We Are • •Strategic Online Marketing Approach Strategic Online Marketing Approach •SEO, Social Media , Pay-Per-Click, Display Ad management • SEO, Social Media , Pay-Per-Click, Display Ad management • Industry leading technology for managing, optimizing & • Industry leading technology for managing, optimizing & tracking search based campaigns tracking search based campaigns Some Brands We Have Worked With
  3. 3. Strategic Considerations • How to start developing a strategy around identifying conversations and potential influencers • few key points on some of the top platforms A
  4. 4. Social Media is Often Confused With…….
  5. 5. Intent Vs. Probability
  6. 6. The Secret to Marketing on Social Media Don’t Market!
  7. 7. Marketing Your Content • Ingredients of Social Marketing Educational Entertainment Exclusive
  8. 8. Acquisition Tactics Gated Content Make users like to gain access to your offering or content Contests Provide potential fans an offering with within a defined time period by running a contest Causes Appeal to FB users that have an affinity to a cause Cross Promotion Are there other brand that you can cross promote with?
  9. 9. Nurturing Tactics Relevancy of Posts What is relevant to your geography, demographics, and ad targeting? Exclusive Promotions What can you offer to your loyal fan base? Highlighting Fans Engagement tool that highlights your fan base and develops “Brand Advocates”. Accessibility Allow users to tag, post, and send a direct message to your page. Are you responsive to comments and conversation?
  10. 10. The Social Landscape Awareness Favorabilit y Consideration Purchase
  11. 11. Social Campaign Flow
  12. 12. Identify Key Terms for Your Customer Segments Audience – Segmented customer or alliance. (consumers, dealers) Touch points – key terms that are widely used by your audience. Ex. (corporate entertainment ideas, adventurous activities, water gear) Context – key terms that attach a type of relevance, for ex. New York, venue, etc.
  13. 13. Social Campaign Flow
  14. 14. Discovering Social Opportunity Employ boolean searches – ex. If a well known brand, use “Brand name” “context”, “Brand name” “Touch point” “Audience” “Context”, “Audience” “Touch point” “Competitor” “context”, “Competitor” “Touch point “touch point” “context” “touch point” “touch point”
  15. 15. Discovering Content Topics/Conversations Boolean search for a context and a touch point. ex. “wakeboarding”, “new york” Use a search operator to tell google to pull up blogs with key phrases Can be multiple variations of previously mentioned boolean searches
  16. 16. Discovering Content Topics/Conversations Boolean searches on Twitter
  17. 17. Discovering Content Topics/Conversations Boolean searches on
  18. 18. Is Your Audience on LinkedIn? Search for your audiences by Group
  19. 19. Sourcing Your Next Topic
  20. 20. Discovering Content Topics/Conversations Boolean searches on YouTube
  21. 21. Social Campaign Flow
  22. 22. SocialYour Findings Campaign Flow Prioritize Document your findings from your boolean searches
  23. 23. SocialYour Findings Campaign Flow Prioritize Twitter Findings
  24. 24. How Do You Stack up Against Competitors? Measure the growth over time (can add additional tabs on excel) Here are some metrics that you Will be able to view without Being an admin of a page
  25. 25. Social Campaign Flow Leveraging listening tools, researching Establishing Initiatives, Touch Points, desired audience, etc. Prioritizing sites, networks, and influencers
  26. 26. Develop Content Themes across blog and social platforms Sample themes may include: •Education based •Entertainment based – photos of product in action •User generated – photos •Promotional (minimal) – can be product shots •Cross promotional
  27. 27. A Closer look at Some Platforms
  28. 28. Likes Are Not Sustainable
  29. 29. A True Social Network that has caters to consumer focused brands •Be Educational, Exclusive, & Entertaining •Stay Engaged – Be active •Posting – Ask questions, be Consistent, be short, share relevant links.
  30. 30. A micro blogging service – does well for real time response, promotions Be Short, Responsive, and give back to the twitter ecosystem •Monitor – Keep an eye out for brand and audience key terms, hashtags for opportunities to engage. Monitor competitive tweets •Think – Wait 5 minutes when you are about to tweet and or have a response to one •Give Back– Highlight your targeted audience and likeminded brands
  31. 31. Real time aggregation of hashtags/key terms in tweets or twitter bios
  32. 32. Real time aggregation of hashtags/key terms in tweets and lists
  33. 33. Create lists of meaningful users to follow/engage with Potential twitter lists to create and monitor: •Dealers •Retailers •Ambassadors •Industry Partners
  34. 34. Numbers and Engagement are not close to Facebook’s •Is integrated into search results •Authenticates Bloggers on sites (Google Authorship) •Houses Google Places (formerly maps)
  35. 35. #2 Largest Search Engine in the World •Is integrated into search results •More of a commitment to produce content •Works well for educational marketing, demonstrations •See how many views your potential topics are getting
  36. 36. Social Campaign Flow Establishing messaging, frequency, further refine KPI’s etc.
  37. 37. GoPro
  38. 38. Social Campaign Flow Setup channels, redirect focus on existing if applicable
  39. 39. Social Campaign Flow Analyze performance, Always be listening.
  40. 40. Tools to Use External tool -
  41. 41. Thank You!