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L10 n case study


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L10N case study delivered as part of TILP's CLP

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L10 n case study

  1. 1. L10N Project: Case Study Multilingual l10N project: end to end CLP/UPM - Sep 09: Case Study
  2. 2. L1oN Stages CLP/UPM - Sep 09: Case Study Project Management Evaluation TR+RW DTP/QA Quote Validation Sign-Off
  3. 3. Background tasks CLP/UPM - Sep 09: Case Study TM Maintenance Project Archive Invoicing
  4. 4. Evaluation CLP/UPM - Sep 09: Case Study • Converting files to localizable format (XLIFF) • Advice on best procedure • Identify tasks needed and workloads: allocate timelines and budget • Standard throughputs: Translation: 2000-2500 w/day Review: 1500 w/hour DTP: 10 pages/hour Proofreading: 3000 w/hour QA: 5000 w/hour
  5. 5. Translation and Review CLP/UPM - Sep 09: Case Study • Glossarization (if no glossaries available) • 3 translators and 1 reviewer max. • Quality guidelines: accuracy, integrity, language quality • Review/Editing: check target against source to ensure quality guidelines are met. • Automated QA checks • Feedback form: quality tracking
  6. 6. DTP CLP/UPM - Sep 09: Case Study • Converting back to original format • Formatting of target file to match source layout • Common issues: page size and number, text expansion, fonts, graphics (text layer), screenshots
  7. 7. Proofreading/QA CLP/UPM - Sep 09: Case Study • Proofreading: check style and readability and ensure there are no formatting or typographical errors. • Final QA: check source against target to ensure integrity of translation and proper layout.
  8. 8. Client Validation CLP/UPM - Sep 09: Case Study • Review from Client Subject Matter Expert • Ensure usability of translation • Issues: SMEs do validation as side job, don’t have linguistic background, ask for corrections against source • Very common in Health Industry projects
  9. 9. Sign-off and delivery CLP/UPM - Sep 09: Case Study • Ensure all deliverables are present and in good shape
  10. 10. PM Role CLP/UPM - Sep 09: Case Study • Client relationship management: Manage ROQs Evangelize Customer care • Project coordination: Scheduling Internal and external resources management and support Query management Ensuring overall quality and timely delivery Cost tracking