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UX design for Mobile (Appsterdam Guru Session)


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Blog by my friends from ViCompany who attended the workshop:

Description of the workshop by the organisation:
Appsterdam is a non-profit community of App makers improving craftsmanship, quality, diversity, cooperation, and professionalism in the development community, and making Amsterdam a capital city of App development.

Appsterdam Guru Sessions are informal, very hands-on workshops to share a technology or a technique. Explanation from your peers, open discussion and practical experience are key to these sessions.

On March 14, Appsterdam and BNO will come together to give the third of a series of hands-on sessions created for designers, from any discipline, who are interested in developing an expertise in the design of Apps for mobile devices.

Our guru for the session is Ruben Bos of Mangrove, who will lead a deep-dive into designing strong User Experience (UX) for mobile Apps. At Mangrove he worked on apps like Txxi, BOVAG and Ministry of Defense. In this session he will explain UX techniques and best practices, largely based on lessons learned from years of web development.

This session is primarily targeted at Graphic and Web Designers to learn UX design for mobile, but Developers and Interaction Designers who want to improve their UX skills are also welcome. Be prepared to get your hands dirty as the workshop will be largely paper and marker based.

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UX design for Mobile (Appsterdam Guru Session)

  1. 1. ux design for mobile appsterdam guru session • BNO • march 14th 2012 • @mangrove
  2. 2. ruben bosmangrove@rubenbos
  3. 3. onlineecosystemwe develop (responsive) websites,iphone apps, android apps, webapps,social tv, facebook apps, onlinemarketing, campaigns... a lot!
  4. 4. today. 12:00 • Lunch 13:00 • Introductions 13:30 • Never-ending-story by me! 14:30 • Sketch awesome stuff 16:30 • Round-up 17:00 • PIZZAAAA
  5. 5. introduce yourself in 140 characters (I’ll do the counting)
  6. 6. guru session?
  7. 7. what not• go deep into stuff already covered in previous 2 sessions: • the anatomy of apps • platform choices, numbers & wars • how to make clickable prototypes
  8. 8. what we’re gonna cover• structuring and defining your app• handling technical possibilities & impossibilities• a fast & effective UX (sketch) technique
  9. 9. main goalUX design an appin a fast and fun wayalone or in a team
  10. 10. lessons learned
  11. 11. source: killingtime (
  12. 12. TXXI verhaal
  13. 13. learn from others
  14. 14. mobile UX
  15. 15. apps
  16. 16. how?
  17. 17. how?• define user stories, what does the user want & what are business needs?• define requirements, for example API’s.• define structure• we sketch using templates
  18. 18. why sketchboarding?• reach UX solutions faster;• requires to focus on multiple solutions, before deepening a solution that might not be ideal;• made for team work;• agile worked well for code, let’s do the same with UX.more info on sketchboarding can be found at Adaptive Path’s blog:
  19. 19. now get to work! user stories • defining structure • sketchboarding
  20. 20. 1 assignment: inspiration creative brief 5 minutes
  21. 21. 2 assignment: inspirationinspiration library 20 minutes
  22. 22. 3 assignment: user storiesdefine user stories 15 minutes
  23. 23. 4 assignment: user stories example:As a <user role>, I can <story> so that <benefit>
  24. 24. 5 assignment: user storiesprioritize user stories 10 minutes
  25. 25. 6 assignment: sketchboardingdefine structure 10 minutes
  26. 26. 7 assignment: sketchboarding 6-up template individual 30 minutes
  27. 27. 8 assignment: sketchboarding discuss! team 15 minutes
  28. 28. 9 assignment: sketchboarding 1-up template team 20 minutes
  29. 29. 10 resultshow your ux solutions team
  30. 30. next stepsin support:• wireframing• prototyping• visual design• code
  31. 31. sources of inspiration• Sketchboarding by Adaptive Path templates & article:• Tapworthy, Josh Clark Book about designing iPhone apps• Responsive Web Design, a book apart Book about responsive web design• User Interface Guidelines: • Apple • Android
  32. 32. Thanks! • @rubenbos •