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99 Designs


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99 Designs

  1. 1. Rida BEL-LAHSEN IEMI Paris
  2. 2. • created by Mark Harbottle, co-founder of an online media and publishing company • website giving opportunity to private or to companies to connect with professional designers • prize-based open design website. • designers subscripted in from all over the world • 50,802 designers • $ 7,5 Millions of prize money awards • 3 Millions of designs submitted
  3. 3. Problems solved For CLIENTS SUPPLIERS OWNERS PARTNERS Complementary Cost and Risks Low risk Image revenue sources Choice of the design Time Recruitment Sales brief Recruitment Distance workplace Asset ratio Financial Expertise Affordability Visibility Communication New clients Work quality
  4. 4. Revenue Sources From SALES Subscription for the Design brief Handling fees Additional promotion for the view of the contest
  5. 5. Competitors DENOOK WILOGO.COM BOOTB
  6. 6. MODEL • This model is unique to the • An efficient service to web. companies and private • Crowdsourcing can be strong thanks to the gathering of thousands or millions of internet users. • An economic business model
  7. 7. Scaleable, Sustainable? Scaleable Sustainable other revenue sources: - advertising - designers’ subscriptions lower costs - commissions on prize awards - partnership other languages less time other industries earning money Consultancy service economic context advice communication lesson
  8. 8. Example of an application for an other industry Here, 99designs website starts with the phrase “Need a designer?”.When I read this question, It makes me think to architecture. Indeed, this expertise can be proposed to companies or to individuals who want to set up a real estate project.