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Rubber calenders at a glance


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The Classification of Rubber Calenders is based on (1) The Number of rolls, and (2) The Position or Orientation of the rolls. Here is a quick info-sheet to help you grasp the different rubber calenders quickly.

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Rubber calenders at a glance

  1. 1. 4-RollCalender » Also known as the “Modern Calender”. » Different Configurations. » Used for Skim Coating. ʻZʼTypeOffset StackCalender A Complete 4-Roll Calender Line InvertedʻLʼTypeOffsetStackCalender ʻIʼTypeorVertical StackCalender 2-RollCalender VerticalTypeCalender InclinedorTiltedTypeCalender KnowYourDifferentTypesOf RubberCalender 3-RollCalender VerticalStackor ʻIʼTypeCalender OffsetStackTypeCalender » Also known as the “Universal Calender”. » Highly Flexible in usage. » Used for Frictioning and Skim Coating. » ‘I’ Type is the oldest most common configuration. A Info-Series By Rubber Machinery World - INFORMATION ON EQUIPMENT, TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION SUPPLIERSMM RUBBER Rubber Machinery World