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  1. 1. Orbit Digital Media Empowerment Program RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806 Empowering the future
  2. 2. Management & Editorial Team DOROTHA BOTTA Executive Editor REBECCA FAIRBROTHER Managing Editor (News) Porsha KLUESNER Managing Editor (Production) Genie STROMAIN Deputy Managing Editor FRANCISCO GREB Deputy Managing Editor SHOSHANA FAMA Assistant Managing Editor Janet GREB Assistant Managing Editor Ian RICHART Assistant Managing Editor Bureaus William Smith Washington, D.C. Tim Johnson Boston Adam Williams Myers, Moscow Adam Brown Dugger & Barry Bearak, Johannesburg, South Africa
  3. 3. CORE Business
  4. 4. TransparentTab It’s a Future of Tablet, A remote control, a game controller, a Media Centre Keyboard, and actually it’s all. 7″ LCD (1024X600) display, Semi Transparent. •Backside capacitive multi-touch section. •Front side capacitive multi-touch panel plus extended programmable touch-area. •Android 4.2 or 4.4 •Quad Core processor CortexA9. •1GB RAM •IR-transmitter to controlTV’s and DVD’s. •SD-card slot, Expandable up to 32GB •8 GB internal storage •2400 mAh Li-ion Battery •Wi-fi, Bluetooth Features
  5. 5. App for All Operating System Mobile Application
  6. 6. Segmentation in Ad Spending
  7. 7. Future of Mobile in India
  8. 8. Demographic Users
  9. 9. Know Our Subscribers
  10. 10. Magazine’s Digital Demand
  11. 11. Subscription Report
  12. 12. Success Success@money • Financial success is a major key in human dream. • financial status -Achievement - A Goal • Society Labels Success. • An appreciation of what is achieved. Achieving financial success is a product of • Sacrifice, Challenges or Obstacles that makes it worth all that one has to endure to achieve it. However, it is important for one not just to enjoy the fruits of their labour, but to empower others to enjoy it as well.
  13. 13. RBI mandates three proofs to be collected from customers:  Photograph  Proof of identity  Proof of address  Cancelled Check Duly Signed by vendor These are to be submitted by the Subscriber both at the time of registration as well as at the time of Transfer of Unique ID. RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806 Proof needed from customers regarding KYC
  14. 14. What proof of identity will you need? (Contd.) Documents used for Identity only for individuals: Documents used for Address only for individuals :  Pan card (Mandatory)  ID card of reputed employers Salary Slip Electricity Bill Telephone Bill Ration Card Product Packages – There are 5-pakages of e-Magazines to be subscribed. These packages contains magazine and offer you an opportunity to Work At Home for earning Loyalty Points. – RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806
  15. 15. Up-gradation RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806 • Up-gradation from Starter to standard is mandatory whereas rest up-gradations are optional. • After successful completion of up-gradation of your subscriber package, you can enjoy full facility instantly but Work at home etc will be activated after the subsequent closing time. 3000 9000 4900024000
  16. 16. Loyalty Points RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806 • Orbit9x gives you loyalty Point for every type of promotion, sales or referrals. • 1 Loyalty Points (LP) = Rs.20/-fixed if any subscriber realises his/her loyalty points through his Bank Accounts upon deduction of applicable taxes within the law of the land. • There are 9 Ways to earn Loyalty Points with Orbit9x.
  17. 17. A study conducted by Stanford University, USA, proves that employees who work at home are actually 13% more productive and happier compared to those who regularly come into an office. And, a golden opportunity to work at home is designed by our expert team to empower you. A home based opportunity to earn loyalty points. You, as subscriber, can earn weekly points for every click or action by rendering online services offered by the company. These points based incentives are directly proportional to count of clicks you do. Participation in this program is compulsory. InWork at Home, you can earn loyalty points in two ways:  Active Loyalty Points  Easy Earning Loyalty Points Work@Home RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806
  18. 18. Subscriber Package Validity in weeks Weekly Loyalty Points Monthly Loyalty Points (4-5 weeks) Yearly Loyalty Points Starter 8 0 0 0 Standard 52 9 36 – 45 468 Executive 52 30 120 – 150 1560 Premium 52 82.5 330 – 412.5 4290 Ultra Premium 52 187.5 750 – 937.5 9750 Active Loyalty Points RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806
  19. 19. Subscriber Referral Program RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806
  20. 20. Easy Earning Loyalty Points LEVEL NO. OF SUBSCRIBER EASY LOYALTY POINTS MONTHLY LOYALTY POINTS 1 4 3 12 2 16 3 48 3 64 1.5 96 4 256 1.5 384 5 1024 1.5 1536 6 4096 3 12288 7 16384 3 49152 TOTAL 63516 Loyalty Points is credited to you when the team of your referred associates also render and submit offered services of Work at Home on time. It is an unlimited width and seven level deep program. Subscribers who are directly referred by you are placed at level -1. Subscribers referred by your direct, will be placed at level-2 and so on. You will earn fixed Loyalty Points at each level as follows.
  21. 21. There are 2-types of Subscriber Referral Program Subscriber Referral Program DIRECT SELLING PROGRAM 1 Direct Selling Instant Points. 2 Team Loyalty Commission. MULTIPLEAFFIX PATRON PROGRAM 1 Multiple Subscription Loyalty Points Residual Loyalty Points.2
  22. 22. When a subscriber personally sales e-Magazine to 2 persons directly, his incentive will be 50% of Business Volume (BV) calculated on Package Product Value (PV). Direct Selling Instant Loyalty Points STANDARD Business • Group (B V) /day 1000 PV Loyalty Points 500 /day EXECUTIVE PREMIUM ULTRA PREMIUM Business • Group (B V) /day 1500 PV Loyalty Points 750 /day Business • Group (B V) /day 2000 PV Loyalty Points 1000 /day Business • Group (B V) /day 2500 PV Loyalty Points 1250 /day • 50 Group Business Volume (GBV) matching in either side. • Match of 50 GBV generates a commission of 25 Loyalty points. • There is a maximum Loyalty Commission Points based on types of subscriptions package. • Any unpaid Business Volume is carried forward, as long as you remain Active. • Any unmatched Group Business volume (GBV) more than the daily matching will flush.
  23. 23. Multiple Affix-Patron loyalty Points are earned when a subscriber in your team purchases additional e-Magazines. Subscriber is called as Patron Subscriber. Patron Subscribers who are willing to earn extra loyalty Points through “Work at Home” can subscribe Multiple e-Magazine as Patron. MAP accounts are added to the subscriber’s only one commission account. Multiple Affix Patron Multiple Subscription Loyalty Points As Patron, you can maximise your services of clicking in your “Work @ Home” assignment and accordingly, you can earn more Loyalty points.A subscriber can buy 12 e-Magazines. 1 2 11109876543 12 13 Loyalty Points from all 1+12 subscriptions can be maximized as follows. Weekly Loyalty Points 80 Loyalty Points x 12 e-Magazines = 960 Loyalty Points Yearly Loyalty Points 80 Loyalty Points x 12 e-Magazines x 52 weeks = 49920 Loyalty Points
  24. 24. Because Orbit9x e-magazines have a weekly subscription, you can have a regular and reliable stream of Loyalty Points. This is one of the reasons why selling the Orbit9x e-Magazines to loyal subscribers can be as important as building a strongTeam of Associates – subscriptions add to your Residual Commission. Each subscription is assigned an Additional BusinessVolume (ABV) calculated on PV that is paid through yourTeam instantly. Orbit9x’s Residual Loyalty Points even Residual Loyalty Points Credits on an Instant basis S. No. Business in Left Group Business in Right Group Matching Business Volume Extra Loyalty Points in Bonus 1 400 400 400 200 2 800 800 800 400 3 1600 1600 1600 800 4 3200 3200 3200 1600 5 6400 6400 6400 3200 6 12800 12800 12800 6400 7 25600 25600 25600 12800 8 51200 51200 51200 25600
  25. 25. Subscriber Business Empire When a subscriber refers or sells e-Magazines and creates a business volume either side for multiple tenure as stated below, can be identified with a special rank and can earn extra bonus in loyalty Points. You need to be Knight 9 times matching 7200 BV, then only you can achieve 10,000 LP and so on. Such Subscribers will be especially honoured in events of the company. A subscriber, who achieves Rank of Emperor for 2 times and has 3 kings in his/her Empire. There is no time Limitation to achieve any ranks and valid till the subscription of e-Magazine is. RANK TENURE BUSINESS VOLUME (PV) LOYALTY BONUS KNIGHT 9 times 7200 10000 BARON 8 times 12800 15000 COMTE 7 times 22400 20000 MARQUIS 6 times 38400 25000 PRINCE 5 times 64000 30000 DUKE 4 times 102400 35000 KING 3 times 153600 250000 EMPEROR 2 times 204800 500000
  27. 27. A subscriber, who wants to renew the subscription for the next 1-year, can purchase the subscription package from the authorized Distributor only. The loyalty points cannot be used for renewal. The Team Commission will continue 100% and additional Commission on new renewal Business Volume will start. This commission will be 50% of your daily capping. Upon further renewal, 100% of the 1st year Team Loyalty Commission and additional 30% of your daily capping. Here onwards for each year renewal, the same commission structure will be credited. RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806 Renewal Process
  28. 28. Payment Process WORK AT HOME • Instant Credit of Loyalty Points within 24-hours . • Bank Withdrawal upon 30 days from the date of Credit . TEAM LOYALTY COMMISSION • Closing : 12:00 Noon. • Instant Credit of Loyalty Points. • Bank Withdrawal : Every SaturdayREWARDS & AWARDS • All rewards credits on every 15TH of Month. • Monthly Payments Bank withdraw on 29th or 30th of every Month. All credited loyalty points can be redeemed by subscription of e-Magazine and /or can be withdrawn in bank after 30 days from the date of credit upon appropriate tax deduction. RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806
  29. 29. Activation Process If Work @Home is not completed within 15 days (Validity Period), the assignment will beVoid and consequently, theTeam Loyalty Commission will lapse of 16th Days. IfWork @Home is not being completed for 30 days, your commission unique id becomes de-active and no Credit of Loyalty Points until it is activated. The activation charge is Rs. 500/- RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806
  30. 30. Thank you!! Orbit Digital Media Contact : Address: 1655 North Fort Myer Drive, Ste 700, Arlington,VN, 22209 Head Off ice : N Ravenswood, Ste 316, Chicago, IL 60613 USA. RUBAL SINGH:- 8196000806
  31. 31. Call any time • FULL SUPPORT ALL OVER INDIA • RUBAL SINGH:- +91-8196000806 •