Solo Cycle Tour Day 1: Coorg, Wayanad, Bandipur


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Solo Cycle Tour Day 1: Coorg, Wayanad, Bandipur

  1. 1. Search Trekker Boy I walk because it is hard. Ho me Me Po sted o n De ce m be r 13, 20 11 ← Pre vio us Ne xt → TFN 2008 Route Day 1: Bangalore to Mandya I am out on the road to my first solo bicycle touring. I plan to follow the TFN 2008 route but at a much relaxed pace.
  2. 2. — Started from HSR at 0630. The luggage is indeed as heavy as it looks . — Sunris e over Madiwala Lake. Sunris e - s omething I hardly s ee.
  3. 3. — Finally reached Mys ore road after running in circles for an hour. I blame the under-cons truction s ubway on O RR. I climbed uphill I need not have to. Damn!
  4. 4. — No. 1 annoyance of the day - two wheelers and auto ricks haws coming in oppos ite direction, wrong s ide. No I am not gender bias ed. After a bunch of males , came this lady. The s econd is big vehicle overtaking another big vehicle throwing me off the tarmac. — No thanks . My bike runs on calories . Again I am not bias ed.
  5. 5. — I never learn the name of this bridge in Kengeri Satellite town — After 50 km from home, I allowed mys elf a meal.
  6. 6. — This is how Mys ore road (SH17) looks like mos tly. —
  7. 7. — When I pos ted the meal above on Facebook, s ome s ouls weren't too kind to the Idlys and Vadas . I wanted to s how them Mys ore road does offer choices . KFC! There is McDonald's too! — My firs t century at Maddur. Before I've done 70 km in a day twice. O ne being the climb to O oty from Bandipur on a CAM ride.
  8. 8. — Des tination of the day. — Cool accommodation for the night.
  9. 9. — My great hos ts : Mama, Ranbir and BTa ( not in the photo). Them final year Engineering s tudents at PES College of Engineering, Mandya. — I can s urvive without thes e! I packed too much.
  10. 10. Like any bicycling diary, the first step was really hard. The night before, I was nervous and scared. It’s quite different from reading the journals of those who had done. Thanks to my getting lost on the way to Mysore Road, the fear too was lost. I reached just Mandya today but I have not given up. The destination for tomorrow is Hunsur. 0 Like 0 This entry was po sted in cycling, t f n20 0 8ro ut e by Be njam in Rualt hanzauva. Bo o kmark the pe rm alink . 2 THO UG HTS O N “TFN 20 0 8 RO UTE DAY 1: BANG ALO RE TO MANDYA” Sunil o n De ce m be r 21, 20 11 at 8:24 am said: Hi TrekkerBoy: Excellent pics and write- up – looks like you had a great time. For such a long ride you should have used a better bike. TFS. Reply ↓ Benjamin Rualthanzauva o n De ce m be r 21, 20 11 at 12:0 3 pm said: Thanks Sunil. The idea was how far can I go with a cheap bike I sold my Sporterra in June. Haven cycled much since and haven’t bought a new bike. This was borrowed from a friend.
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