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Ruairi Mc Ginley Introductory Letter


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Letter circulated at beginning of campaign.

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Ruairi Mc Ginley Introductory Letter

  1. 1. MC GINLEYCllr. RUAIRIMembers Room 086 830 11 11City Hall, Dublin 2. Cllr. Ruairí McGinley FINE GAEL, GENERAL ELECTION CANDIDATEI would like to advise you that I am a candidate for Fine Gael in Dublin South Central in the forthcominggeneral election.I am putting myself before the electorate as an experienced politician who has contested 5 previouselections including one general election in 1997. I believe that people are seeking candidates whohave real political experience, especially gained at city council level. While I will be a new face atNational politics level, I am a well-known face to much of the electorate in Dublin South Central.Having served on the City Council for many years alongside such representatives as Gay Mitchell MEP.,I am seeking an opportunity to serve in the Dail and being able to contribute to shaping legislation.Politics are about ideas and their implementation. Politics is also a complex process of contact withconstituents, networking and forming alliances.In my professional life I am an accountant. In this recession so far I have presented myself at socialwelfare offices on 3 occasions as I have been made redundant twice and have been betweenassignments in a self-employed capacity. This was after 28 years of continuous employment. I havebeen in the front line of the impact of this recession which is now 42 months old and have seen whathappens when economic policies, that are gravity defying in terms of creating a housing bubble,increase government expenditure beyond the capacity of the economy to support it. This has directlyled to a situation of mass unemployment and a major fiscal deficit.Fine Gael has a vital role to play in the recovery of Ireland as a country. We are the only party to havea real appreciation of fiscal realities in addition to an understanding that it is real economic activityin the private sector, through exports, that will once again create jobs and restore economic wealth. Working for you in our area with Catherine Byrne TD and Gay Mitchell MEP
  2. 2. Fine Gael have had the courage to stand against the tide on issues such as benchmarking which willnow stand to our credit. Fine Gael stand by proper standards in public office and public service andare in the vanguard of ensuring this FF government is removed from office - to which they are nowclinging by their fingernails.I have developed a strong understanding of financial issues in the local authority system and howlocal authorities contribute to economic development. With the benefit of this experience I hope tohave an opportunity to influence the development of National economic policy.As a Nation we are facing challenging issues in the areas of taxation, public expenditure and chargingfor services. We need to be honest in our assessment of the situation and present a package ofmeasures that will create employment, achieve sustainable public finances, direct scarce resourcesto jobs and to those who require social support most. Amongst the challenges is the reclaiming ofour full National Sovereignty which requires that we emerge from our current bankruptcy positionwhere no one will lend to us. This requires a government with credibility to be trusted once againfirstly by Irish people and secondly by market-based lenders. It needs everyone to work together -ní neart go cur le chéile.I look forward to meeting you over the course of the campaign. In the mean time please feel free tocontact me on any issue of concern or if you would like to get involved in the campaign.Yours Sincerely______________________Cllr. Ruairí McGinleyruairi.mcginley@dublincity.ie086 830 11 Working for you in our area with Catherine Byrne TD and Gay Mitchell MEP