2013 WHD.local Istanbul Presentation


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  • add-on web services such as security, mobile websites, email marketing and ecommerce are growing at more than 100%Anchor services, such as O365 and Exchange also have strong growth – these services of course have much larger bases.The upsell services have the growth opportunity from being sold into existing customers as well as to new adds.
  • We have scaled automation in two ways.1st we created a set of solutions that support diverse needs of different service providers and created a path to move from one to the other as business requirements change and customer volumes increase.2nd we use the APS model to plug services into these solutions so that SPs have access to the ISV ecosystem at any point in the growth evolution.
  • On the virtualized infrastructure we have also created a growth path for SPs
  • Fastest adopted Parallels Panel product ever with3 times faster adoption then Panel 10Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 is here now:Hosters:  Evolutionary and seamless growth to Central ManagementAdmins:  Improved Command Line, OS-consistent, more flexibilityWebsite owners:  Daily and weekly value – for Designers & NewbiesThere is no reason to use any other panel
  • This is our multi-server solution thatLet’s you grow faster. You can start and  grow your business without change in user or administrative experience by adding just one server at a time.Let’s you reduce cost withcentralized administration. Self-configure & self-manage. One Panel + Dedicated Server Workloads + Centralized Updates helps you to achieve higher operational Efficiency.Manage your complete hosting infrastructure centrally without switching to different management panels on diverse servers.Reduce churn: Make your shared hosting even more secure by design. The Panel is separated & secured from Web and Email hosting on remote nodesAdopt Parallels Plesk Automation today. PPA is an evolutionary step that all Hosters should adopt and deploying it is very easy. It’s free with Parallels Plesk Panel Unlimited Dedicated server license There are no hidden costs – it is just more value for the same priceIt is the right foundation for rich and diverse service offerings in the future.Support is included and unlimited with this productGo to parallels.com or our booth to learn more.
  • PCS combines hypervisor virtualization, container virtualization and storage in one solution.Parallels Cloud Server allows you to run Windows and Linux on the same server and at performance levels designed for the cloud.It also comes with Parallels Cloud Storage which is:Scalable Fault tolerant and self healingHigh performance and smartIt dramatically improves server reliability and reduces operational cost. Avoid the high cost of server downtimeEnable new HA servicesAnd offer highly scalable servers
  • Parallels Web Presence Builder is an easy-to-use business website builder that’s designed for shared hosters of all sizes. It enables end users to build their websites in 3 easy steps – (1) select from over 100 business website topics pre-populated with relevant text, images and navigation structures; (2) customize; and (3) publish.Using Web Presence Builder, you can offer your own Do-it-Yourself business website solution to SMBs  to attract new customers, and compete for a share of this lucrative market.WPB has modern features like social media integration and automatic optimization for viewing on mobile devices – helping to meet the complete presence needs of most SMBsYou can use Web Presence Builder right ‘out-of-the-box’ or customize it’s content and user interface to more closely match your  business, brand and customers.  Because WPB is so easy to use, support incidents (and the related costs) are rareFrom the smallest hoster with a single Plesk Panel to some of the largest telcos worldwide, Web Presence Builder meets the needs of a wide range of hosters, enabling them compete in this space.WPB is available for hosters using Plesk, PA, PBAS, PPA, cPanel and custom configurationsWhile third-party site builder tools are typically provided as a ‘checkbox’ in a hosting plan, Parallels Web Presence Builder enables you to put your website builder to work for you attracting new business by enabling  you to lead with a customized, full-feature business website offer.  Our technology. Your solution.  
  • 2013 WHD.local Istanbul Presentation

    1. 1. Parallels – Your Cloud Partner Profit from the cloud TM Yury Kolerov Sr. Marketing Manager, RMEA
    2. 2. Parallels – Your Cloud Partner 9000 Service Providers, 40,000 Web VARs 400 ISVs Global and Local System Integrators 13 Years in the Cloud Business Leading Cloud Services Enablement Platform 2 Profit from the cloud TM
    3. 3. Parallels Partners – Big….. • 50% of the top 30 Telcos use Parallels • 90% of the top 30 Hosters use Parallels Retail Wholesale 3 Profit from the cloud TM
    4. 4. … to Small • 300K Parallels Plesk Servers supporting • 9000 Small and mid-sized hosters with 10M SMBs • 400 New multi-server deployments in last 3 months 4 Profit from the cloud TM
    5. 5. Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ 3 уears 12,000 SMBs 44 European research reports Middle East Coming in 2014 South Africa Coming in 2013 5 Profit from the cloud TM
    6. 6. The Global SMB Cloud Market Will Grow by 28% YoY Through 2015 $95 2011 2012 2016 Billion $46 $34 $31 $14 $16 $16 $7 Infrastructure as a Service Web Presence and Mobile Apps $15 $14 $10 $4 $5 Hosted Comms & Collaboration $34 $9 Business Applications CAGR Total 28% Source: Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ Global, 2013 6 Profit from the cloud TM
    7. 7. SMB are adopting a wider variety of cloud services Number of Services Adopted Hosted Email 7 Web Conferencing Payroll & HR File Sharing Online Backup Instant & Storage Collaboration Accounting Web Hosting 4 Support / Help Desk 1 2009 Online CRM Virtual Desktop (VDI) Phone Conferencing And many others… 2012 2016 Source: Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ (Global), 2013 7 Profit from the cloud TM
    8. 8. SMBs have strong interest in bundled services SMBs worldwide would like to purchase cloud services in bundles 62% AUSTRALIA 68% UNITED STATES 45% RUSSIA 83% BRAZIL 70% GERMANY 74% CHINA Source: Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ (Global), 2013 8 Profit from the cloud TM
    9. 9. Interesting facts from our Global SMB Cloud Insights™ research North America Hosted C&C market grows 27% while RMEA Hosted C&C market CAGR is 74% In Middle East and South Africa less than 40% of the population use Internet Most commonly used business applications are file sharing, instant collaboration, online backup and storage, payroll and HR, and phone conferencing. Almost 50% of SMBs find their online applications by doing their online research or through word-of-mouth 9 Profit from the cloud TM
    10. 10. Up-sell and Cross-Sell driving growth CROSS SELL UPSELL ANCHOR SERVICES <100% GROWTH >100% GROWTH 10 Profit from the cloud TM
    11. 11. Successful Providers Deliver a Full Stack Shared Web Hosting 11 Profit from the cloud TM
    12. 12. Parallels Ecosystem 400+ Cloud Services ISVs 9000+ Cloud Service Providers Service Delivery Direct or wholesale Sales, Marketing, Product Management Channel Management Operations and Support Finance, Legal Partners choose from APS certified solutions. APS is a technical standard for cloud distribution enablement. 40,000+ Web Vars Parallels platform enables automation and commercialization of cloud services. 12 10+ Million Cloud Service Subscribers SMBs Multi-Tier Reseller Reseller VAR/SI Parallels platform supports flexible distribution options, for direct and wholesale cost effective channels. SMB have secure access to portfolio of services that work together. Profit from the cloud TM
    13. 13. Full Range of Cloud Automation for Telcos, Hosters, and MSPs Service Provider Scale Parallels Automation Cloud automation platform for SMB services. Parallels Plesk Automation Industry-first multi-server automation for shared hosting. Parallels Plesk Panel Full-featured Web Server, Web-site & Hosting management toolset. Completeness of Service Offering 13 Profit from the cloud TM
    14. 14. Full Range of Cloud Infrastructure for Telcos, Hosters, and MSPs Service Provider Scale Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure Elastic scalability with use-based pricing. Integrated provisioning & billing. Parallels Cloud Server The highest density virtualization combined with the lowest cost cloud storage in one solution. Parallels Containers #1 high-density virtualization technology for Windows and Linux Completeness of Service Offering 14 Profit from the cloud TM
    15. 15. Parallels Plesk Panel Full-featured control panel experience for hosting management. • Saves time: Lets designers, admins and hosters cut time spent on website server management • Works on Linux and Windows: The only solution available on both Linux and Microsoft Windows • Scalable: Seamless growth to multi-server central management “Parallels Plesk Panel provides a powerful, impressive solution to ease hosting account administration across the full range of shared, reseller, VPS and even dedicated solutions.” ―The Parallels environment is very important to us. Its integration and automation capabilities have helped us a lot over the past few years. We didn’t need to develop our own billing systems and infrastructure, and that has made it a lot easier for us to grow.” - Robin Dickie, General Manager, WebDrive — Joseph Salim, Business Development Manager, Net Logistics 15 Profit from the cloud TM
    16. 16. Parallels Plesk Automation Industry-first multi-server automation for shared hosting. • Must have efficiency at multi-server scale: Allows you to get more out of your servers. Reduces costs and simplifies management. • Power, performance, and scalability: dedicated nodes allow for performance and scale not available with a single server solution • Easy to use and secure: One stop for all the services your customers care about. On Linux and Windows. “While Parallels Plesk Automation has delivered a massive benefit to us in terms of simplifying administration, it is also a huge leap forward for our customers. It is a great user experience and it feels really good to be enabling that.” Logo Myhost — Martin Saunders CEO 16 Profit from the cloud TM
    17. 17. Parallels Cloud Server and Storage High performance virtualization, revolutionary cloud storage. • Revolutionary cloud storage: uses the existing available disk space on your server nodes to deliver cloud storage at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. • Container virtualization: the highest density, highest performance cloud server virtualization, enabling near instant provisioning and on-the-fly modification of hosting and cloud server plans. ―PCS does all the work for us. It is a platform that everyone knows and trusts. From a scalability point of view, we are certain that it is the best platform to continue forward with as it allows us to focus our energy on our customers and on the company’s growth instead of worrying about technical issues.” — Jamin Andrews, Managing Director, Conetix “Parallels Cloud Server with Parallels Cloud Storage is a game changer for us. It enables us to provide dedicated server levels of performance cost effectively, and improves service quality significantly.” —Pim Effting, Co-founder 17 Profit from the cloud TM
    18. 18. Parallels Web Presence Builder Intuitive and comprehensive Website builder for Hosters • • • • Attract SMBs with your own Do-It-Yourself website offer. Social media integration and mobile optimization meets SMB presence needs Ease of use = low support impact Now available for cPanel 1 Select Topic 2 Customize 100+ Business & organization types 3 Publish 1-click Publishing 18 Profit from the cloud TM
    19. 19. 19 Profit from the cloud TM
    20. 20. Thank you! Visit the Parallels booth for more information on our SMB Research & Products. Yury Kolerov Sr. Marketing Manager, RMEA ykolerov@parallels.com 20 Profit from the cloud TM