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History of the WhisprWave® Module.FLOATING BREAKWATERSWave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.(WDT) developed the WhisprWave®flo...
THE WHISPRWAVE®                                PUTTING THE MODULES                          HOW WELL DO THEY WORK?MODULE  ...
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Whisprwave Brochure


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Whisprwave Brochure

  1. 1. History of the WhisprWave® Module.FLOATING BREAKWATERSWave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.(WDT) developed the WhisprWave®floating articulated breakwater technology Marine Physicalto afford protection to ports, harbors, Barriers, Floatingmarinas, beaches, and private propertysubject to destructive or annoying wave / Breakwaters andwake forces. There are three primaryconfigurations of the WhisprWave® Warning Buoysfloating breakwater: Ocean FloatingBreakwaters, 2-Layer FloatingBreakwaters, and 3 Layer FloatingBreakwaters.PHYSICAL BARRIERSThe modularity and the flexibility of theWhisprWave® erosion controltechnologies led to discussions with theUnited States Navy and United StatesCoast Guard about developing variousmaritime port security barriers and Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.related products for their Homeland 269 Sheffield St. Mountainside, NJ 07092-2318Defense and Military Force Maritime Phone (908) 233-7503Protection needs. These military Fax (908) 233-7507 http://www.whisprwave.combranches were impressed by theWhisprWaves® commercial off-the-shelf availability, marine engineering,product life cycle and maritime roots.WDT developed the WhisprWave®Force Protection Marine Barrier Systemsto assist in the demarcation ofHomeland Security Zones and serve as aphysical barrier/ "marine fence" to helpmitigate the risk of nautical terrorism.
  2. 2. THE WHISPRWAVE® PUTTING THE MODULES HOW WELL DO THEY WORK?MODULE TOGETHER WDT floating breakwaters are engineeredEach barrier starts out with individual The WhisprWave® structures can be to effectively extract the energy out of themodules, which are highly engineered constructed with embedded stainless water rather than just deflecting the energy.polygons made of high-density steel cable or rods, up to 1 ¼" diameter, At the installation at Pier Point Marina onpolyethylene. The unique polygon shape is inside connecting 2" EPDM rubber Sodus Bay in Lake Ontario, New York webeneficial not only for wave attenuation cables. These cables or rods can run the are showing a transmission coefficient ofbut also greatly enhances the modules entire length of the structure, or be 0.1 on the expected wave spectrum. Thestrength. The polyethylene is treated with constructed in sections. The sizing and WhisprWave® was able to dissipate the 4-UV inhibitors during manufacturing so it’s number of cables, the freeboard height foot waves that the marina was subject tolife expectancy, even in harsh marine of the structure, and the anchoring during highly destructive storms to a mereenvironments with direct sunlight, is 20+ system all influence the resistance to 6 inches (90% efficient)!years. various threat levels as well as the wave attenuation capabilities. The stainless steel rods are used when a rigid structure is required, such as for sections or buoys with signage and barriers with rigid fencing. BARRIERSA standard module weighs 36 lbs. Empty, The barriers are currently available in 3and is approx. 30” X 30” and 22” deep. configurations, the Small Craft IntrusionThe module can be filled with materials of Barrier, the Vessel Exclusion Barrier anddifferent densities, such as water or sand, the Enhanced Vessel Exclusion precisely adjust its buoyancy as well as The VEB has sufficient strength toprovide ballast. The modules can also be All metal hardware used is either withstand 1,000,000 foot pounds of energy“puncture proofed" by filling them with galvanized or stainless steel as required. over a 1.5 second period, capable ofmarine buoyant foam. The modules can be Metal eyes can be placed periodically or completely stopping 35-foot vesselsproduced in any color, and come standard as needed for lifting, towing or traveling at 50 miles per hour (43-½ knots)in white, black, and a highly visible safety otherwise moving the structure. and significantly impeding larger The barriers can be designed with gates, solar lighting, fencing, razor-wire and more depending on your needs.