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A quick presentation on where I see the internet moving and making a real difference for a wider group of people in the physical world

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  • - Landing pages / sites\n- No interaction from the users.\n- Like TV - high cost of entry\n- Not like Radio - this has lower cost of entry\n
  • Collaborative platform, everyone can read content and have the tools to publish content - leading to a 2 way communication platform\nCompanies interact directly with customers - Giraffe restaurant use it to improve clientele loyalty\nRead/ write web - Tim Berners-Lee\n
  • Semantic web will use meta data to add meaning to content- ease with find-ability\nTrueknowldge is a good example of the next stage in search engines\n
  • Using web / internet information to enhance the real world.\n
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  • Take photos (tag them), booking confirmations via e-mail, write blog post, buy souvenir from Eiffel tower\nWant to see photos from trip, wave the souvenir at a digit photo frame, or place it near to the frame. A slideshow of pictures appear\n\n- A few years have passed and you want to go back to Paris, but can’t remember the nice hotel you stayed in\n Pick up the trinket/ souvenir to get the trip information, then visually choose the information you want. The power of the internet can then find the up-to-date hotel information.\n- Make finding things easier\n- rediscover lost treasures - like toy chest from your past that you could find in your parents’ house attic/ loft.\n-Different type of interface could open up the benefits to more people - old, disabled etc\n
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  • Using information to add meaning\n- Museums or historical landmarks\n-Translations\n- London Tube - http://www.presselite.com/iphone/londontube/\n
  • - 8 faces - the team is all around the world, web tech allowed them to keep in touch and create the magazine.\n- 24 ways - using old technology (printing) to enhance online media\n- Postcrossing - sending postcards to random people around the world.\n
  • Tech support - computer eating floppy disks\n- Charity funder not knowing webpage scrolling was possible\n- only found out when one day she asked why the paragraphs sometimes ended at odd places.\nPeople don't want to feel silly/ stupid- so they don't ask questions of things or systems they don't understand.\n- Older generation like to understand how things work, computers are just too complex to be able to understand exactly what makes them tick/ work.\n
  • Man drowns in lake : http://www.tomsguide.com/us/Spain-Drowning-Drive-Lake-La-Serena,news-8202.html\nhttp://www.engadget.com/2006/04/20/uk-drivers-trust-gps-more-than-their-own-eyes/\n\nhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-11697555\nStanhope in county Durham\n- Since 2001, emergency services have rescued - closed at start of 2008 - reopened april 2008 - afew hours later 2 people got stranded and needed rescuing.\n\nhttp://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/article707216.ece\n- Locals in Luckingham - helping stranded motorists, at a cost.\n- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/bradford/8259800.stm\n- driver left car teetering off cliff edge after driving on footpath - sat nav told him to0. Robert Jones, 43, £370 fine + £500 damages and £15 victim surcharge.\n
  • Spell checking - copy writer at work used to shout at his computer everything it auto-corrected his copy text into American English.\n
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  • Laser cutting saved my final year project.\nBrother e-mailed CAD designs of his shelf designs to a company\n- they machine them, and delivered them to him. It all fits together without glue - self supporting.\n
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  • Web 4.0

    1. 1. AUGMENTED WHAT?Web 4.0 - a double-edged sword for creative thinking
    2. 2. WHO I AM?• Senior web-developer at a Cambridge based web-agency• Product design and manufacture engineer from Loughborough • Rapid prototyping • CNC machining• Want to make a difference• @digitales
    3. 3. A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY• Web 0.0 - Text based• Web 1.0 - Humble beginnings• Web 2.0 - Read/write web• Web 3.0 - Semantic web• Web 4.0 - Making it real again
    4. 4. WEB 1.0 COMMUNICATION• Brochure sites• One way communication - publish once• Expensive to create and server - £1000s for servers/ equipment• Publishers create content, then consumers/ visitors read it. • Like traditional media - Television
    5. 5. WEB 2.0 5 MINUTES OF FAME• Coinedin 2003 at O’Reilly media conference. Also know as read/ write web• Opened up the web - two way communication• Collaboration - Wikis, Blogs (commenting), video sharing• Facebook, Twitter• Amazon - web 1.0 and web 2.0
    6. 6. WEB 3.0 SEMANTICS• Adding meaning to content • Geo-coordinates on photos - Flickr, Facebook • Geo-coordinates on messages - Twitter • Meta data on photos, e.g. camera details on Flickr• 234 billion websites (December 2009)*• Aid in discoverability / find-ability * http://royal.pingdom.com/2010/01/22/internet-2009-in-numbers/
    7. 7. WEB 4.0 MAKING A DIFFERENCE• Speculation on my part• Buildingupon the semantic web to bring information back to the real world - Making information tangible.• Couldbe natural progression of e-commerce - uniting old technology with new media - magazines, printing (2D and 3D)
    10. 10. NABAZTAG WIFI RABBIT• Created by Violet sold for around £100• API• Second version added RF ID reader• Light system - Weather, e-mail, messages, stock market• Speaker - receive music, jokes
    11. 11. AUGMENTED REALITY• Add extra-information via a screen on the real world • Following GSP co-ordinates - treasure hunts • QR codes • Pepsi bottle labels • DVD cases for 3D effects • iPhone/ android apps
    12. 12. 8 FACES & 24 WAYS NEW MEDIA, OLD TECH COLLABORATIVE•8 Faces - online collaboration• 24 ways - online advent calendar turned into printed book• Postcrossing.com - sending random postcards around the world - spreading culture and experiences
    13. 13. INTELLIGENT PEOPLE• Tech support - computer eating floppy disks, so please e-mail instead.• Web-page scrolling
    14. 14. GPS / SAT NAV• Obvious when people just follow GPS - they drive erratically• Although useful, they can reduce the ability to read maps or do route planning.• Stanhope ford - since 2001, emergency services rescued 23 vehicles stuck in ford. • Closed at start of 2008 Reopened April 2008. Within hours 2 people already got stranded. It’s still closed.
    15. 15. COMPUTER SAYS NO• Blindly follow computer• Strict systems to guide people without them needing to think• Spell checking
    16. 16. SOCIAL NETWORKS• Building the trust of their users whilsts learning their bahaviour and interests• Started recommending friends• Good expanding networks• Oncethey trust a system, people can blindly follow recommendations - good for companies, users might loose out• Twitteris slightly different, if there is too much noise, it’s easy to unfollow to stop it.
    17. 17. MEETUP.COM• Good tagging and categorisation of groups• Send out regular recommendations, but the idea is to bring together people in the real world.• People choose the categories to subscribe too• It’s the choice of the user not the company
    18. 18. MAKING THINGS REAL AGAIN• Rapid prototyping• Laser cutting• 3D printing• Nike shoes
    19. 19. SKYNET, OR A BETTER WORLD• It’s down to us to make the most of the incredible opportunities that the web represents in relation to the products we design• Although a lot of benefits can be gained, history indicates that it can lead to a loss of creative thinking when the freedom of expression is removed for the sake of productivity.• Convenience often triumphs over quality - Vinyl, CD, Mp3
    20. 20. QUESTIONS? Discussion time ....