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Healthcare Recruiting 2014 - The Revolution in Healthcare Recruiting


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Healthcare recruiting is a complex science. For the past 25 years no one has addressed the main issues within healthcare recruitment until Med Jobs Direct unveiled Release II-1 its flagship product which began the Revolution in Healthcare Recruiting.

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Healthcare Recruiting 2014 - The Revolution in Healthcare Recruiting

  1. 1. The New Face of Healthcare Recruiting in 2014 Pursuing intelligent healthcare solutions through data-driven innovation 800.976.9201 Extension: 240 © 2013 Med Jobs Direct Inc.
  2. 2. Healthcare Recruiting Dilemma A SUMMARY OF CURRENT RECRUITING PROBLEMS: 1. High turnover rates, plus increasing need for medical services, have added to a continual need for qualified staff. 2. Searching for qualified job seekers is boring and laborious – no significant posting and search improvements in the past 10 years. 3. Time and staffing pressures have let to an increased use of private agencies and recruiters in spite of the cost. A NEW SOLUTION: The following slides give and overview of a new healthcare only recruiting website that identifies qualified applicants faster and is less costly.
  3. 3. Program designer & founder: Robert T. Woltz, MBA, CEO, DAV Over twenty three years of experience in medical personnel acquisition, and currently an Executive Board Member of Arizona Spinal Cord injury Association. The program, was designed with three target goals: 1. A program dedicated to healthcare employment only 2. A system designed from the needs shared by healthcare employer’s and job seeker’s 3. To provide a more user friendly, but job specific data matrix system, yet substantially less costly for the users.
  4. 4. MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD Beth Cloyd DNP, RN, MBA, FACHE Exec VP/Clinical Operations and CNE at HCHD Efton Hall, BS Stanford Univ. Board Member of California Association of Healthcare Leaders John Boyne. MA Hitachi Healthcare, GE Healthcare (e-health systems) David Lopez, CEO HCHD Foundation Board. Nominated again this year as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare.
  5. 5. Healthcare is not a priority or focus for major recruiting providers.
  6. 6. PROGRAMS DESIGNED FOR HEALTHCARE: MAJOR ADVANTAGES of 1. Enhanced Pinpoint Locator™. Med Jobs Direct targeted search tools provide Pinpoint Searching to find the qualified candidates twice as fast as standard search systems 2. Pre-Qual™ A unique and patented resume Pre-Screening system individualized for each open position. 3. Distribution of All Job Postings to over 30,000 job boards 4. Facebook Interactive Live Application – All posting placed immediately on Facebook. Job seekers never leave Facebook to search, locate and view opportunities or to apply.
  7. 7. THE “BUMP-UP” COST GAME… a snap shot comparison of existing programs vs. MJD Job posts are limited to local area– multiple cities require multiple postings and costs MJD – unlimited Local or National postings for 1 full year Job Seeker searching is limited by number of resumes viewed per day and local area. National Searching costs are additional MJD –has no geographic or resume views searching limits Only one recruiter allowed to Search Database in the initial fee – a cost for each additional recruiter in the thousands of dollars MJD – unlimited recruiters for data base searching
  8. 8. “BUMP-UPS” Adding Employer profile pages, video, job posting video are optional fee for service items MJD offers all this and MJD’s social media site for interaction with potential job seekers Agencies and Recruiters have access to the Candidate Database selling you the same candidate you could of found yourself. NO agencies or recruiters allowed to use MJD Database Multi-facility requires an expensive purchase per facility add-on. MJD – Multi-facility is a built service that eliminates the need for separate systems for different facilities. Job seekers do not have the ability to make direct contact to an assigned recruiter. MJD has private messaging between job seeker and responsible recruiter for special questions about a posting
  9. 9. PROGRAM TYPES Four programs depending on the hiring needs: 1. PAY AS YOU GO: If you rarely need to add staff, you can do a single order – 2. MEMBERSHIP: A special package if you add staff periodically. 3. ASSISTED SEARCH: You tell us your requirements and let us do the searching. 4. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION: Unlimited Jobs Postings, Unlimited Job Seeker Searching, Unlimited Internal Recruiters, Unlimited Sub-Facilities. One Low Fee
  10. 10. 7,639 Current Employers* • 2-30 Day Job Posts No Cost Trial • Sign Up takes 5 minutes and your done start posting today. (Click Here To Sign Up) No Credit Card Required • Detailed analysis of your staffing requirements • Special Pricing 1.800.976.9201 Ext. 240 * As of February 12, 2014