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Building for Extraordinary Experiences


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Beyond the jargon, for who and what are we designing?

Published in: Design
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Building for Extraordinary Experiences

  1. 1. Building for Exceptional Experiences TRADESY
  2. 2. Experiences
  3. 3. cereal UX Ed Lea @ed_lea
  4. 4. the Experiences
  5. 5. Experiences
  6. 6. Goooooooooooooooooooooool!
  7. 7. Experiences are… fleeting, personal and complex
  8. 8. Exceptional Experiences
  9. 9. • simple • easy to use • useful
  10. 10. Exceptional Experiences are… full of meaning, significance, importance and interest for the person having them.
  11. 11. Building Exceptional Experiences
  12. 12. Building for Exceptional Experiences
  13. 13. Building things takes… an Approach that focuses on people, curious and analytical a Discipline that supports informed decisions and a systematic approach a Craft that balances judgment and makes great use of feedback
  14. 14. Building for Exceptional Experiences Tradesy @tradesy Jay Stakelon @stakelon Ryan Nance @5tilt Bijan Bina Oumar Wone @tradesyAdrian Phillips @rustydingo