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Personalized Professional Development


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A brief presentation explaining the concepts and processes associated with creating a personalized professional development plan and supporting it through digital connections.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Personalized Professional Development

  1. 1. Personalized Professional Development Robert Schuetz November, 2013
  2. 2. How would you describe professional development in the 21st century? Twitter Back Channel #d211sum
  3. 3. Personal Learning Network “Old School” Network “New School” Network 1. Local community: Purposeful F2F connections -“PLC” 2. Global network: Individualized online connections -“PLN” 3. Bounded community: Committed, collective, group - “CoP”
  4. 4. The Big Learning Shifts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Analog to Digital Tethered to Mobile Isolated to Connected Generic to Personal Consumption to Creation Closed to Open
  5. 5. Tools for Connected Learning Audio Video Photos Bookmarks Readers Information Networking
  6. 6. Why Personalized PD? ● Take responsibility for professional development, and model networked learning for colleagues and students ● Develop a PLN to investigate best practices, and feature professional goals and interests ● Anytime, anywhere social media spaces to engage learners “where they live” ● Adopt a “learner-first” mentality that drives curation and creation of content
  7. 7. Who is telling / sharing your web 2.0 story? What is your web 2.0 story?
  8. 8. “Standing on the shoulders of Giants” 1. Twitter for microblogging & connecting 2. Blogger for sharing experiences, and reflections 3. Zite / Flipboard / Feedly social readers for information curating 4. Google Apps for searching, creating, and sharing 5. iLife Suite / iOS apps for creating new content
  9. 9. Why Blog? ● Reflect on your professional practice ● Record and document your thoughts & ideas ● Share teaching & learning resources ● Showcase best practices with examples ● Engage in professional conversations ● Establish or enhance your leadership voice ● Inspire others to learn and share
  10. 10. Professional Development - ePortfolio eTeaching Portfolios - Dr. Helen Barrett
  11. 11. Next Steps... ● Build expertise with one particular tool that supports your professional development needs ● Brand yourself and establish a positive digital footprint. Focus on outcomes not PD hours. ● Create a digital portfolio that tells your story and shares your competencies and exemplary works ● Hitch your wagon to online mentors that can take your networked learning to higher levels ● Allow your passions to feed your learning, model this for colleagues and students What are the important pieces that should be included in a personalized professional development program?
  12. 12. Credits & References ● The Educator as Social Networked Learner Jackie Gerstein, Ed. D. ● Connectivism; A Learning Theory for the Digital Age George Siemens ● Dr. Helen Barrett’s ePortfolio Google Sites ● Social Media Tools for Personalized PD Lucy Gray ● How to Use iPads for Personalized Professional Development Jennifer Carey - “Indiana Jen”