Ekta Issue 3


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District Rotaract Newsletter of Rotary International District 3230

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Ekta Issue 3

  1. 1. DISTRICT ROTARACT COUNCIL 11 - 12 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT 3230For Internal Circulation Only eKTA NEW GENERATIONS MONTH - SEPTEMBER Celebrating Differences Volume I | Issue 3 Date:30th Sep 2011 District Secretariat No. 32, Sabari Street, Sri Balaji Nagar, Alwar Thiru Nagar Chennai, Tamil Nadu New Generations refers to the youngest generation in the family of Rotary. Many are INDIA 600 087 participants in Rotary’s youth and young adult programs: Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), and Rotary Youth Exchange. Others are service-minded young people involved in Rotary club and district activities. Send Reports & Feedbacks to Past RI President Luis Vicente Giay coined the term New Generations when he shared his beliefrotaract3230eb@gmail.com that the future of Rotary relied on involving young people in the organization’s programs and activities. At the 1996 RI Convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, he said: “Our vision for the future, now more than ever, is the difference between success and failure. The New Generations are our investment in the future. Let us begin to build that future today.” New Generations Service became Rotary’s fifth Avenue of Service in 2010. It is defined in Rtr. PP. Manikandan K. article 5 of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution: “New Generations Service recognizes the DRR positive change implemented by youth and young adults through leadership development activities, involvement in community and international service projects, and exchange Rtr. PP. Sasi Kumar R. programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.” DRSRtr. Pres. Aditya Mohan The effort of Rotary clubs is to involve youth and young adults in their vocational, community,Chairman - Newsletters and international service projects, and to providing programs and resources that support them. The District Rotaract Council dedicated the month of September and provided clubs with guideline projects. The clubs which complete the projects and report on or before 9th October are eligible for a citation signed by the District Governor. For any further queries and clarifications please contact the Project Chairperson Rtr. Pres. Aditya Mohan +91 98847 25 244| rtradityamohan@gmail.com
  2. 2. New Generations Programs Focus Rotaract clubs are part of a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the The Rotary Youth Leadership world. This effort starts at the Awards (RYLA) program seeks to community level provide young adults, ages 14-30, but knows no limits in its with an opportunity to develop outreach. Rotaractors have access to the many their skills and character while resources of RotaryInternational (RI) and Theexposing them to Rotary’s values of service, high ethical Rotary Foundation.standards, and peace. Rotary International provides the administrative support that helps Rotaract clubs thrive. RotaractRYLAs can be conducted at the club, district, or multidistrict has the following goals:level and usually run from 3 to 10 days. While they can take ● To develop professional and leadership skillsmany different shapes, most RYLAs follow a seminar or ● To emphasize respect for the rights of others,leadership camp format. based on recognition of the worth of each individualThrough RYLA, its participants can help develop the qualities ● To recognize the dignity and value of all usefulof leadership, citizenship, and personal development among occupations as opportunities to serveyoung people in the community. ● To recognize, practice, and promote ethical standards as leadership qualities and vocational responsibilities ● To develop knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems, and opportunities in the community and worldwide ● To provide opportunities for personal and Exposure to different cultures ranks as one group activities to serve the community and of the most powerful ways to promote promote international understanding and international understanding and peace. The goodwill toward all people Rotary Youth Exchange program provides thousands of young students with the opportunity to meet people from Interact is a service club for youth other countries and to experience new ages 14-18. Clubs benefit from cultures, planting the seeds for a lifetime of sponsorship by individual Rotary international understanding. clubs, which provide support The program offers numerous benefits to its young and guidance. participants and their Rotarian hosts and mentors, as well as to the community at large. Interact has a membership of over Through Youth Exchange, 250,000 youth in more than 11,000 clubs students learn firsthand about all aspects of life in another worldwide. It’s one of Rotary’s fastest growing country. As their concept of programs. Interact clubs are self-governing and the world expands, they mature and develop a deeper selfsupporting understanding of themselves. and can be either school or community based. Immersion in another country’s educational system enhances Interact’s name is a combination of the words their academic and international and action. With clubs in over 120 personal growth. Host clubs and families and the entire countries and geographical areas, Interact is truly community are enriched by an international phenomenon. extended, friendly contact with someone from a different Interact’s global youth network is dedicated to culture. community and international service. Every Interact club project, great or small, has a lasting impact on society worldwide. Brazil, India, the Philippines, and the United States boast the highest number of Interact clubs.
  3. 3. Terry Fox Run On 21st September 2011, the District Rotaract Council 11-12 joined Rotary Club of Madras East and Indian Institute of Technology Madras in their annual Terry Fox Run at the IIT Madras Campus. Terry Fox Run is held every year throughout the world in the memory of Terry Fox who was a Canadian cancer victim who, with an amputed limb ran for a run called the ‘Marathon of Hope’ across Canada and after his demise this tradition is being continued in various parts of the globe. Actors Sarath Kumar and Radhika Sarath Kumar were among the celebrities present. Rtr. IPP. Porutselvar V. and Rtr. IPP. Kapilesh M. were the Project Chairman and Secretary resp.for the event.SIRAGUGAL - District Rotaract Assembly The District Rotaract Assembly - SIRAGUGAL was held on 28th August at Chettinad Vidyashram School Auditorium, Chennai. The Assembly witnessed the highest participation of Rotaractors till date for any Assembly. Rtn. PDG. Sv.Rm. Ramanathan was the Chief Guest for the Inauguration. Rtn. PP. Shankara Subramaniam was the Chief Guest for the Valedictory. Rtn. Senthilnathan, Director-New Generations, Rtn. Elangovan Chairman- Rotaract were among the dignitaries present for the Assembly. The assembly was well received with many speakers handling the sessions. Rtr. PP. Vinoth N. was the Chairman and Rtr. IPP. Rakesh Kothari was the Secretary of SiragugalSpark On 3rd September 2011 Rotaractors from various Rotaract Clubs participated in the SPARK Programme conducted by Infosys. Rtr. Santhosh Kumar District Professional Service Director was the Chairman and Rtr. Pres. Arulkanth was the Project Secretary. The project involved a visit to the Infosys campus at Mahindra City, Chennai where Rotaractors learned functioning of a corporate setup.Vazhikatti On 17th September 2011 the District Rotaract Council conducted an unique event for the Faculty Co- ordinators of College-Based Rotaract Clubs at Stella Maris College. The sessions were handled by Rtn. PP. Praveen K. Mehra and Mr. Babu Seshadri. Rtr. PP. Vinoth N. was the Chairman, Rtr. Rashmi was the Secretary. Rtr. Amala was the Co-Chairperson. Ms. Sumathi Shivakumar, Faculty Co-ordinator, RC of AM Jain has this to say: Dear Rotaractors, Vazhikatti was indeed a very well conceived programme, organised well and reasonably well attended. I thought this is a necessity because many faculty coordinators (FCs) including me are relatively new to this assignment. A programme or rather a meeting on these lines could help not just in charting out our activiities but more so in the networking and establishing a healthy rapport with each other.It is equally important that we get the FCs to participate and contribute in these meetings. Experienced FCs can be a boon insuch meetings. My best Greetings to all Rotaractors for their Wonderful efforts!Blood Donation Blood Donation camp was held between 19th to 25th September 2011. Rtn. DG. Sampath Kumar A. was the Chief Guest. We request all willing blood donors to register with www.theblooddonors.org. 50 units of blood were collected in the blood donation drive at Public Health Centre, West Mambalam. Rtr. Palanivel was the Chairman of the Project