How Social Media can Help Promote You and Your Business


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For the AMA San Antonio February luncheon about social media - touched on managing your “invisible resume", how to build a strong personal brand with little planning and why your personal brand does double-duty to market your company.

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How Social Media can Help Promote You and Your Business

  1. 1. AMA San Antonio How Social Media Can Help Promote You and Your Business February 19, 2010
  2. 2. Using Social Media for Personal or Business Branding Manage your “invisible resumé” Drive key messages and actions that build your brand or reputation Build your “social capital” – strengthen the reach and breadth of your network Become “vertically famous” 2
  3. 3. Why Social Media? Frustrating that conventional channels don’t always let you shine – There’s more to you than your resumé or bio or company profile – There’s so much “noise” (offline and online) How do you stand out? – Determine your unique value (messaging) – Build robust profiles – Use search engines to your advantage – Nurture your online brand 3
  4. 4. Who? Get to know Robin Tooms: I have been with Savage for 12 years. In High School, I won the Grand Prize at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Show. My heart (and degree from UH) is in design, but my head (and MBA from Rice) is in business. I am on the board of AIGA Houston and AMA Houston – The top design and marketing organizations. I’m a social media junkie and gadget geek. 4
  5. 5. What is Your Value (UVP)? For example: “Designer MBA” “B2B Brand Innovator” “Change Agent” I build brands for companies (people) who need to be leaders within their industry 5
  6. 6. The World of Social Media The BASIC activities that directly improve your online social capital are only a small subset of the world of social media Lucky for you, some of these same tactics will help you improve both your personal and business brand (if you’re marketing a company as well) 6
  7. 7. Twitter
  8. 8. Using Twitter – Manage Your Profile Fill in a short bio: – 160 characters about you (TIP: link to a fuller profile too) – Photo and background Lists are good (even better than followers): – Make lists – Follow lists – Get listed 9
  9. 9. Next Level: Take Action with Blogs (yes, Twitter is a type of Blog) Microblogs Blogs Regular  statuses Regular  posngs Be  a  good  commenter Encourage  comments Re-­‐tweet  to  give  credit Comment  on  other  blogs Ulize  lists Keep  a  blogroll Use  hash  tags  for  conversaons Maintain  a  good  profile  and  link  to   Livestream  during  events other  forms  of  social  media 10
  10. 10. LinkedIn
  11. 11. Using LinkedIn – Personal Profiles Build your personal profile page (this is more than a resumé) Keyword-rich content Professional interests 12
  12. 12. Using LinkedIn – Applications You can import blogs, reading lists, SlideShares, etc. right into your profile 13
  13. 13. Using LinkedIn – Company Profiles Edit your company profile page 14
  14. 14. Next Level: Take Action with Networks Robust  personal  profile Use  the  applicaons  features Regular  status  updates “What  are  you  working  on?” Individual Join  groups  of  interests “Link”  aPer  meengs  in  lieu  of   Connect  friends business  card  exchange Show  your  (professionally)   Make  recommendaons social  side Ask/Answer  quesons Join  groups Robust  company  profile Company Encourage  employee  usage Create  a  page  –  get  fans Use  Google  Adwords  (they  will   Promote  events  and  acvies show  on  LinkedIn) Adverse Create  a  company  group 15
  15. 15. Social Media Monitoring
  16. 16. Basic Monitoring Tools Save RSS feeds of Twitter searches and LinkedIn questions Social Media Aggregators – Social Mention – Google Alerts – Addictomatic Twitter clients/tracking (hootsuite, tweetlater, tweetdeck) 17
  17. 17. Staking Your Claim Secure Your Name – Use to check name availability Perform Social Media Audits – What is being said about your? Your competition? – Understand what the communities and groups are talking about – stay relevant 19
  18. 18. Key Takeaways Manage your “invisible resumé” by turning search- engines into your personal brand advocate – Social media channels are search-engine-friendly – What do the search engines say about you? (diligently monitor) Build a brand that is genuine and authentic – Set a tone that’s true to you – Your have to live your personal or business brand (no faking it) 20
  19. 19. Key Takeaways Build your online brand to build your social and real network – Relationships are key for both individuals and businesses – People work with and hire “people” (in the holistic sense) – Help others before helping yourself (5 to 1 ratio) “Don’t speak unless you can improve the silence...” 21
  20. 20. @SanAntonioAMA