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Questions from theQuiz(3); - originally presented in Manchester, UK at @2022NQ on 24 Oct 2012.

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  1. 1. Welcome to #thequizmcr!Teams of 4-51 answer sheet per teamWrite your team name onevery page
  2. 2. Picture Round
  3. 3. Question 1“In a year’s time everybody will bedoing this. It’s not loss making, there’smoney in it. I think there’s enoughvalue that once we’ve proven that it’sdoable a lot of people are going tojump in.”
  4. 4. Question 2“Program designers have a tendency to think ofthe users as idiots who need to be controlled.They should rather think of their program as aservant, whose master, the user, should be able tocontrol it. If designers and programmers thinkabout the apparent mental qualities that theirprograms will have, they’ll create programs thatare easier and pleasanter — more humane — todeal with.”
  5. 5. Question 3“Many days I don’t write any code at all,and some days I spend all day writingcode.”
  6. 6. Question 4“I would guess that the decision tocreate a small special purposelanguage or use an existing generalpurpose language is one of thetoughest decisions that anyone facingthe need for a new language mustmake.”
  7. 7. Question 5“If you come up with a good softwaredevelopment tool, that makes lifeeasier for the developers and they canget their job done quicker, then thefirst thing the manager says is ‘ohyou’ve got free time on your hands. Dothis extra thing.”
  8. 8. Question 6“Flexibility is not free. It’s overrated.And if you trade that flexibility in forsome constraints, you get a lot ofcomplexity removed from the equation,you get a lot of productivity back fromall the stuff you don’t have to do.”
  9. 9. Question 7“[redacted] is about as exciting as yourtoothbrush. You use it every day, itdoes the job, it is a simple tool, sowhat? Who would want to read abouttoothbrushes?”
  10. 10. Question 8“If programmers deserve to berewarded for creating innovativeprograms, by the same token theydeserve to be punished if they restrictthe use of these programs.”
  11. 11. Geek Culture
  12. 12. Question 1Matthew Inman, known for hiswebcomic The Oatmeal, recently ran amoney raising campaign to build amuseum in the name of a 19th centuryinventor.Who was that inventor?
  13. 13. Question 2Arnold Rimmer, played by Chris Barriein science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf, hasthe letter H stuck to his forehead.What does the H stand for?
  14. 14. Question 3American actor Wil Weaton has arecurring role in hit sitcom The BigBang Theory, playing a big-headedversion of himself.What was the name of the character heplayed in Star Trek: The NextGeneration?
  15. 15. Question 4In January of this year, Randall Munroe,author of webcomic xkcd, posted its 1000thcomic, which contained xkcd-style stick menin the shape of ‘1000’, with a stick manmaking an amusing statement underneath.What was (the gist of) that comment?Bonus: What does ‘xkcd’ stand for, or represent?
  16. 16. Question 5Futurama was originally aired by Fox from1999 to 2003, then revived in 2008 andnow under the control of Comedy Central.How many episodes have been written asintended finales for the series, to date?Bonus: Name one of these episodes
  17. 17. Question 6In the Valve game series Portal, theplayer controls the character Chell,who is guided by artificial intelligenceknown as GLaDOS.What does GLaDOS stand for?
  18. 18. Question 8The NASA Mars Rover Curiosity haslettering in MORSE code in its tyres.What does the lettering mean?
  19. 19. Electronic Music
  20. 20. Question 1The Dr Who theme was composed byRon Grainer, but which member of theBBC Radiophonic Workshop did theoriginal electronic arrangement?
  21. 21. Question 2Who played at the ManchesterInternational Festival in 2011 in showsthat included two Tesla coils,pendulums and a voice-over by DavidAttenborough?
  22. 22. Question 3The Model by Kraftwerk reachednumber 1 in the UK charts in 1982 asone side of a double A-side, afterpreviously being released as a B-side.Which song was the other side on bothreleases?
  23. 23. Question 4Which synthesizer appeared on aGoogle doodle on 23rd May 2012, tocelebrate the 78th birthday of itsinventor?
  24. 24. Question 5Which record company gave cataloguenumbers not only to their record releasesbut also to: a bar, a nightclub, a law suit, adental bill and a cat?Bonus:1 bonus point for every correct cataloguenumber
  25. 25. Question 6Which electronic musician contributedsongs for the soundtrack to SlumdogMillionaire, one of which wasnominated for an Oscar for BestOriginal song?
  26. 26. Question 7Which instrument, used on the BeachBoys “Good Vibrations” and on thesoundtrack for “The Day The EarthStood Still”, was the product ofRussian research into proximity sensorsin the early 20th century?
  27. 27. Question 8Who composed the start-up music forthe Windows 95 operating system,using their Apple Mac?
  28. 28. Hardware
  29. 29. Question 1What is the name of the architecturecreated in 1945 that introduced theuse of a CPU and memory to hold bothinstructions and data, allowingcomputer programs to be stored incomputer memory?
  30. 30. Question 2Which of the following is NOT a type ofcomputer hard drive?a) IDEb) FDDc) SCSId) EIDE
  31. 31. Question 3What was the name of the type ofdecryption device used at BletchleyPark designed to discover some of thedaily settings of the Enigma machineson the various German militarynetworks?
  32. 32. Question 4Now relatively obsolete as a recordingmedium, I was widely used throughout the19th century for controlling textile loomsand in the late 19th and early 20th centuryfor operating fairground organs and relatedinstruments. I was also used throughout the20th century in unit record machines forinput, processing, and data storage.What am I?
  33. 33. Question 5What was the name of the ManchesterSmall-Scale Experimental Machine,considered the worlds first stored-programcomputer?This project was initiated to develop it into amore usable computer, the ManchesterMark 1, which quickly became the prototypefor the Ferranti Mark 1.
  34. 34. Question 6Which of these is a not a computermanufacturer?a) IBMb) Applec) Sund) Microsoft
  35. 35. Question 7What does CPU stand for?
  36. 36. Question 8When was the first microprocessorintroduced:a)  1961b)  1971c)  1981And what was it called?