theQuiz(5); - The Toughest, Geekiest Quiz in Manchester


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This was originally presented at #thequizmcr 5 at 2022NQ in Manchester, UK. Sponsored by Ampersand Commerce and ClockworkSMS.

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theQuiz(5); - The Toughest, Geekiest Quiz in Manchester

  1. 1. Welcome to #thequizmcr!4-5 people per teamWrite team name on every sheetBegin the Cryptic Crossword onyour table now!#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks    
  2. 2. Ongoing…Some of ourFront-End teamsay hello.TommyAndyYousefCV Deadline: 17 JunStart date: 16 SepFront-End Developers.
  3. 3. ValentinoCristianDanielSoftware Engineers.Last year’sgrads sayhello.CV Deadline: 9 AugStart date: 15 Jul
  4. 4. Seen on Screen
  5. 5. Misc Logic & Comp Sci
  6. 6. Question 1What is the worst case performancebig-O for a quick sort algorithm?#thequizmcr                  Maybe  @dandart  will  give  you  a  hint!  
  7. 7. Question 2What is the number 100 expressed intrinary / ternary?#thequizmcr                  Maybe  @dandart  will  give  you  a  hint!  
  8. 8. Question 3What does the following non-optimised pseudocode do?def f(n) :   if (1 >= n) :       return 1;    return f(n-1) + f(n-2);#thequizmcr                  Maybe  @dandart  will  give  you  a  hint!  
  9. 9. Question 4What is the computational complexityof the function in question 3?a.  None (O(1))b.  Linear (O(n))c.  Logarithmic (O(log n))d.  Polynomial (O(n^k))e.  Exponential (O(k^n))#thequizmcr                  Maybe  @dandart  will  give  you  a  hint!  
  10. 10. Question 5Whats the binary 8-bit twoscomplement for the decimal number-42?#thequizmcr                  Maybe  @dandart  will  give  you  a  hint!  
  11. 11. Question 6What is the truth table for the binaryXNOR gate?#thequizmcr                  Maybe  @dandart  will  give  you  a  hint!  
  12. 12. Question 7Name three sorting functions!#thequizmcr                  Maybe  @dandart  will  give  you  a  hint!  
  13. 13. Check this outFree and open source project to hostand share videos, import andvideoconference in plugin-less HTML5.
  14. 14. RWD & Multi-Device
  15. 15. Question 1How many pixels per inch is the iPhone4S and iPhone 5 retina display?#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  16. 16. Question 2Sketch how this large screen widthlayout would naturally stack in 2smaller screen widths:768px and 320px(assume the site uses twitter bootstrap)#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  17. 17. #thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  18. 18. Question 3According to an eConsultancy article inJanuary 2013, which is the only largeUK retailer who has a responsivewebsite?#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  19. 19. Question 4Viewport dimensions at which wedecide to alter the page design, areknown as:a.  Media queriesb.  Flexible gridsc.  Breakpointsd.  Compound fractures#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  20. 20. Question 5In RWD, what doesimg {max-width: 100%} do?a.  It allows images to fill the pageb.  It helps IE render images properlyc.  It confines images to the dimensions oftheir parent container#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  21. 21. Question 6Media Queries were introduced as partof:a.  CSS1b.  CSS2.1c.  CSS3#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  22. 22. Question 7Write the CSS that this LESS codewould compile.@color: #4D926F#header {color: @color;}h2 {color: @color;}#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  23. 23. Question 8The term "Responsive Web Design"was coined by:a.  Ethan Marcotteb.  Jeffrey Zeldmanc.  Jason Santa Mariad.  Si Scott#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  24. 24. Geeky Telly
  25. 25. Question 1[redacted] takes a bunch of flowers toThe Office of Siri and enters to findthat Siri is a beautiful woman. Whenshe asks him if she can help, he findsthat he cant talk to her, even when shetells him that shell make love to him ifhell just tell her. Then he wakes upscreaming.#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  26. 26. Question 2#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  27. 27. Question 3Rick and Glenn find Hershel in thetown bar, relapsing into his alcoholichabits and lamenting his futile hopesof a cure for his reanimated loved ones.#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  28. 28. Question 4#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  29. 29. Question 5When co-worker Linda is labelled BestWoman, Jen becomes jealous and tellsa lie that she can speak Italian, whichcauses calamity when she is nominatedto act as translator for a top Italianbusinessman, Bernatelli.#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  30. 30. Question 6#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  31. 31. Question 7Wesley comes in contact with Lakanta,an Indian holy man of sorts. He guidesWesley on a journey of self-discovery,in which he talks to his long-deadfather, who tells Wesley that he isdestined to go down a path differentfrom his own.#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  32. 32. Question 8#thequizmcr    Thank  @ClockworkSMS  for  the  pizza  and  @AmpersandHQ  for  the  drinks  
  33. 33. And the winner is...Joint winners!Bie Wassily &Man in the Middle
  34. 34. Answers…
  35. 35. RWD, question 2 (768px)
  36. 36. RWD, question 2 (320px)