Manning UPS Portfolio_ 2005


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Manning UPS Portfolio_ 2005

  1. 1. UPS Global Interactive CommunicationsProject PortfolioRobert ManningJune 2005
  2. 2. Interactive Communications Mission Interactive Communications develops customer-centric online communications and applications that support UPS business objectives. We work closely with global, cross-functional delivery teams to ensure on-time delivery of interactive E-Business solutions and integrated marketing communications that strengthen the UPS Brand. UPS | Interactive Communications 2
  3. 3. Interactive Communications – Scope of Work MISSION: Customer-focused online communications and applications that support UPS business objectives. Other UPS Websites 104 Country Websites UPS Corporate 21 Languages UPS Supply Chain Solutions 30+ Applications UPS Consulting 65,000 Pages UPS Capital 6500 Images UPS Mail Innovations 200+ Subject Matter Experts The UPS Store UPS Racing Usage UPS Brand Exchange 1+ million visitors per day UPS Sponsorship and 10+ million page views per day Promotional Sites 9.1 million tracking requests per day And many more… UPS | Interactive Communications 3
  4. 4. Interactive Communications Work Streams • Enterprise Projects: Website/E-Business Development/Maintenance – Enterprise Release applications: Internet Shipping, CampusShip, Quantum View – Non-Enterprise Release projects: The UPS Store, UPS Consulting – Special Projects: Global redesign, UPS Brand Exchange – Alliances: eBay, Yahoo, – Usability research: Vividence, usability testing lab, Web analytics – CMS Management, Maintenance and enhancements • Integrated Marketing – Integrated marketing communications campaigns: International, SLDM – Sales initiative support: Small FIRE, Reliability, U.S. to Asia – Interactive marketing: Online advertising, sponsorships, demos, search marketing, sweepstakes, blogs and webinars – E-Mail strategy and delivery: Brown Bulletin, Tech Alert, promotional email • Digital Brand Management/Consulting/Subsidiary Website Management • Digital Brand Strategy & Website Consolidation • Localization Strategy UPS | Interactive Communications 4
  5. 5. Enterprise Projects UPS | Interactive Communications 5
  6. 6. Enterprise Projects: CampusShip, TradeAbility, Quantum View Responsible for publishing and business critical e-business shipping applications ,working with SMEs and international regions to coordinate localization requirements, translation reviews and integrated communication planning for new product launches and functionality enhancements. UPS | Interactive Communications 6
  7. 7. Enterprise Projects: The UPS Store, UPS-SCS.comDirected development of, the flagship website for our supply chain and freight offering, informed by usabilitytesting to better understand user goals and tasks. Now leading an Enterprise site consolidation strategy to unify many of theoutlying, business-critical, customer-facing websites into an expanded portal structure. UPS | Interactive Communications 7
  8. 8. Enterprise Special Project: Global Redesign UPS | Interactive Communications 8
  9. 9. Enterprise Strategic Alliances: eBay, Yahoo Led creative development of microsites and related online media campaigns on eBay and Yahoo promoting the integration of UPS shipping technology into the site workflow of our partners. UPS | Interactive Communications 9
  10. 10. Integrated Marketing UPS | Interactive Communications 10
  11. 11. Integrated Marketing: International Advertising CampaignIn conjunction with global 2005 internationaladvertising campaign, IC created three distinctlanding pages: Pan-European, Chinese andJapanese.• Landing pages provide further proof how UPShelps our customers “deliver more”. It alsoserves host to two brand TV spots, “Meeting ofthe Minds” and “Iconic Van”.• Landing pages will be referenced in print andonline advertising, kiosks and customermaterials, providing a destination and allowing acall to action.• Also updated important “Business Solutions”content on country sites: Germany, UK, France,Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark,Italy, China and Japan – all translated in locallanguage. UPS | Interactive Communications 11
  12. 12. Integrated Marketing: International Advertising Campaign China ( Japan ( UPS | Interactive Communications 12
  13. 13. Integrated Marketing: Senior Level Decision Maker Campaign SLDM Advertising Plan Elements • Online advertising – Business Websites • Offline advertising – TV, Print, Radio • Sales collateral; full capabilities brochure, publications Online Advertising Component • Target: Senior Level Decision Makers • Timing: September 7 through October 30 • Theme: Supply Chains. Synchronized. • Key messages focus on what synchronization means to the customer: – Your company runs more efficiently. – You get more control and flexibility. – You can deliver better customer service. – You can get to market faster. UPS | Interactive Communications 13
  14. 14. SLDM Media: CBS MarketWatch & CBS MarketWatch ( Wall Street Journal ( UPS | Interactive Communications 14
  15. 15. SLDM Campaign: Landing Page: Flash Introduction Lead Web Links Case Studies UPS | Interactive Communications 15
  16. 16. SLDM Campaign Measurement (9.7.04 – 10.30.04) • Dynamic Logic Study WebTrends – Total Visits/ – Measured overall awareness and effectiveness of SLDM advertising Transportation & Freight 21,529 to change perceptions of UPS Logistics 16,199 International Trade 9,088 • Online Banners/Landing Page Information Request Form 8,851 G3 Case Study 1,041 – 26.3 million advertising impressions Honeywell Case Study 2,080 – Average 0.11% banner click rate Nikon Case Study 3,773 Toshiba Video 2,035 – 39,100 visits to landing page Case Studies 4,296 White Papers 2,385 • UPS SCS Web Statistics (entire site) 248,518 – 10-20% increase/weekly visits to (Aug-04 = 24K visits/week) (referrals to 27,097 – 6,900 PDF case study downloads; 2,000 plus users access Toshiba video – 940 lead generation forms (Advertising) UPS | Interactive Communications 16
  17. 17. Integrated Marketing: “On the Rise” SmallBiz CampaignAll banners drive traffic to URL landing page.• Peak Fash movie now included at thetop of the page.• Links in left column correspond to thethemes – saving time, speeding cash flow,going international, and improvingcustomer service – called out in the CNNbanner ads.• A general link takes users to the"solutions for small businesses" page• Main part of page includes informationabout UPS accessibility and ease of use. UPS | Interactive Communications 17
  18. 18. German “Good Morning USA” Campaign Partnered in an integrated campaign promoting new Germany – US service enhancements featuring print and online advertising components driving to landing page featuring open account and registration functionality. UPS | Interactive Communications 18
  19. 19. Direct Marketing Promotion and Web–Telesales Pilot UPS | Interactive Communications 19
  20. 20. “UPS Special Deliveries” Promotion UPS | Interactive Communications 20
  21. 21. Interactive Demos: Website Redesign (18 languages) UPS | Interactive Communications 21
  22. 22. Interactive Demos: TradeAbility UPS | Interactive Communications 22
  23. 23. E-Mail Communications: UPS Tech Alert Led strategy project to create Enterprise Email Communications policy and created branded email templates for business critical, administrative and promotional email. UPS | Interactive Communications 23
  24. 24. UPS Preferred Customer Webinars UPS | Interactive Communications 24
  25. 25. UPS Longitudes Blog Pilot Blog IC worked with UPS PR on a blog campaign to be utilized at our Supply Chain Management conference, Longitudes ’05. We would create an editorial calendar with pre, during and post conference content, and provide audio of sessions after they have been completed, as shown in the right column. UPS | Interactive Communications 25
  26. 26. Acquisition Campaign – UPS Savings Program Led online customer acquisition strategy with UPS’s Associations Program that will be tailored for other customer segments, including online account activation in key international markets. IC creative team also created all communications deliverables including direct mail, print advertising and statement stuffers. UPS | Interactive Communications 26
  27. 27. Digital Brand Management/Consulting UPS | Interactive Communications 27
  28. 28. Digital Brand Management: Led the development of UPSs digital brand management website for publishing guidelines and monitoring digital asset requests. This site is currently used by all UPS brand communicators and agency partners worldwide and is being updated to provide knowledge management capabilities and to potentially support the UPS sales force. UPS | Interactive Communications 28
  29. 29. Subsidiary Site Development: The UPS Store WebsiteThe UPS Store wasdesigned anddeveloped withincreative sharedservices function.External Costestimated at:$108,500(@$175 per hour) UPS | Interactive Communications 29
  30. 30. Subsidiary Site Management: UPS | Interactive Communications 30
  31. 31. Brand Strategy & Website Consolidation UPS | Interactive Communications 31
  32. 32. Digital Brand StrategyEvolve Create an Enterprise website architecture that is customer-focused,aligned to UPSs brand architecture and strategic imperatives, and reduces the number ofcustomer-facing UPS websites. Corporate → About Us Consulting → BusSol • Improve the online customer experience – provide clearer paths for customers to find relevant content and applications. • Ensure a consistent, predictable online customer experience. • Reduce redundancy of content now found on over 50 customer facing websites. • Reduce maintenance dollars, resource and hosting commitments from having too many websites. • Ultimately leverage our flagship website to represent "One UPS" and our full organizational capabilities. UPS | Interactive Communications 32
  33. 33. Digital Brand Strategy – Business SolutionsBefore and After: Provides simpler paths to the broader UPS value proposition and offersgreater sales initiatives support. Business Solutions - Before Business Solutions - After Solutions segmented by audience demographic, such as small bus owner. Modules align with sales initiatives, such as SSO. UPS | Interactive Communications 33
  34. 34. Evolution – Long TermPrototype showing eventual site integration activities and updates to the global navigation system. The main objective ofthis project was to support the “One UPS” brand positioning through the phased unification of 50 plus customer-facingUPS websites to reduce redundancy, lower costs, and ensure a more consistent online customer experience UPS | Interactive Communications 34
  35. 35. Localization Strategy UPS | Interactive Communications 35
  36. 36. Localization Strategy: Led localization strategy to produce more localized websites for international markets that are wholly owned UPS operations but were previously served “officially” by English-only websites. UPS | Interactive Communications 36
  37. 37. Thank you.© Copyright 2003 United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.