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Market Leader Website Customization


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Market Leader Website Customization for Keller Williams Real Estate Agents.

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Design
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Market Leader Website Customization

  1. 1. Market Leader Website CustomizationLead Generation tool from eEdgeLog into to Market Leader Marketing (myMarket – market my listings)Go to ADMIN drop down link and select WEBSITEWhat is the link to your website? http://_____________________. kwrealty.comMAIN TEXT (Shows up on index page + BUY tab)SELL TEXT (Shows up on SELL tab only)SCHOOL INFO (Shows up on LOCAL tab) – can be edited to display a new headingunder LOCAL info! ( I changed mine to say INFO (Shows up on 4th Tab – MEET ) Additional info (shows up on footer of every page) BIO (shows up only on the MEET tab) AWARDS (shows up under Bio – can not change the BIO heading AWARDS…)GENERAL INFO NOTES TEXT: (affiliations)– displays on the MEET page under the MAP ofyour office location.Search Engine Optimization:Edit all the TITLES and DESCRIPTIONS to reflect YOUR business!Page Title (displays as the LINK that users will see when using a SEARCH ENGINEand also at the HEADER of the browser window)Description (displays as the text that the user will read UNDER the link. This should beenticing enough to get the user to click YOUR LINK)MARKET, MARKET, MARKET!!!!!You MUST market your website to drive traffic to it. The more you market it and themore links you have to go back to your website, the more search engines will like it!Link to it on all social media sites, blog about it, use it your online profiles and articles.
  2. 2. Suggestion: If you have a budget to purchase a domain (, select adomain and access your DOMAIN MANAGERUse FORWARD DOMAINSelect With MaskingEdit the PAGE TITLE, PAGE DESCRIPTION, and create additional TAGS (don’t usetoo many)See Page 1 Search Engine Optimization. All the same rules will still apply!Google Analytics on Market Leader WebsiteThere are no opportunities to use “scripts” on your market leader website. Therefore,there is no opportunity to install Google-Analytics on your website!Your business may rely on understanding your business and where, when, how businessis driven to it. If you’re like me, then you may have Google Analytic on every otherwebsite (Blogs, Facebook, IDX sites, yourkwagent website and many many more.Here is a little cheat sheet to at least get Google Analytics on your Market LeaderWebsite:Setup a profile on Google Analytics and grab your code (you will need the web propertyID – it may look something like this: UA-1234567-01 or 02 or 03…)Go to: Fill out the form with data: Analytics Code: Domain: http:____________________ Page: (/sell, /search, /meet, etc…) Description: Hit GENERATE CODECopy that code into the HTLM for desired tracking page. Note: You will not get all thefunctionality that you have come to LOVE with Google-Analytics, but you will see yourtraffic!I created three independent codes for each of the sell, search, meet pages and I installedanother code which I placed in the Additional Info code (this will display over-inflatedtraffic because the webdigi image is refreshed each time a consumer select another linkon your Market Leader Website.