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Bala Rakshak


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Bala Rakshak

  1. 1. Baala Rakshak Protecting Little Smiles…! Welcome To
  2. 2. Who We Are? We are a group of college students from few colleges in Hyd and Employees from few companies. We Students manage our studies & contribute something to poor children from our organization. We Employees balance both professional and personal life while contributing to Bala Rakshak. We initially started with some activities  in Hyderabad. Later we started our real journey by helping orphanages ,old age homes, poor children's.
  3. 3. How Can We Help? We have many kinds of volunteers in our group. Some people contribute money but not in a position to participate in the activities of BRF due to their busy schedules and personal responsibilities.  Some people do not contribute money but work as volunteers for the activities of BRF when the need arrives. You can help the needy people either way!!!
  4. 4. About our Organization BALARAKSHAKS FOUNDATION is a Non governmental Organization. It was started on 22nd December 2008 by a group of students, with an aim to help poor people & service to society. Baalrakshak Foundation (BRF) has got registered by the government in the year 2009 and the REGISTRATION NUMBER is 811/2009. There are millions of children in India who don't know about schools, many people suffering from hunger and many of them were dying due to lack of blood. We came here to lend our hands to help them through BALARAKSHAKS FOUNDATION (BRF).
  5. 5. Motto of our Organization We are coming with the main motto of eradication of child labor and orphans. Our Main Aims and objectives : To Help The Students In Their Education. To Provide Nutritious Food For The Poor People. To Provide Blood In Emergency. To join the orphans in bridge schools
  6. 6. Achievements of our Organization 1) We fought against child labour in Jeedimetla slum area and we interacted with their parents for sending them to the schools, with the reference of our Team members and Friends we offered Jobs to their parents. Finally we succeeded sending 4 children's back to the Schools. 2) BRF team has taken initiative in helping Ramalakshmi. She is an BMT patient, she required 20 lakhs for her operation. With the help of Students, Employees and Donors we collected funds and donated for her operation. Even then after fighting hard to save her life at the last moment she passed away.
  7. 7. Events of our Organization <ul><li>BRF organized blood camps with the help of Red Cross Team in colleges. </li></ul><ul><li>We are working on create awareness to these Slum children about Education and Hygiene and to inculcate values through playful methods in Karmika Nagar Slum since June, 09. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Events of our Organization 3) Apart from our activities mentioned, we are establishing an Orphan Home to the poor children in suraram colony near Jeedimetla.
  9. 9. Our Events Gallery
  10. 10. Our Events Gallery
  11. 11. Our Final Word “  we are all very lucky to have families and friends who love us. Our lives are filled with love. But there are so many others who aren’t this fortunate. Why not spread our love to them? Why not extend our family beyond our blood relations and daily social contact? “ “ Friends please join hands and contribute generously towards this noble cause in whatever way you can and bring in hope and sunshine into the lives of Children. Your valuable help has made our future work possible and we will do our best to serve all the Needy.”
  12. 12. Orphan Home Address BALARAKSHAKS FOUNDATION PLOT NO;-3105 PRAGATI NAGAR, Near JNTU,KPHB KUKATPALYY, Hyderabad-500072 E-mail : [email_address] Contact Number:+91 8099812544,+918099812554, 918099812565 BALARAKSHAKS FOUNDATION PLOT NO : 103 SUNDAR NAGAR, OPPOSIT KARUNA GIRI SHRINE CHURCH, SURARAM COLONY,JEEDIMETLA, Hyderabad-500072 Contact Number:+91 8099812544,+918099812554, 918099812565 Permanent Address