ELC Exam Instructions


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Instructions for Students taking exams at the ELC

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ELC Exam Instructions

  1. 1. Welcome to theEnglish Language Centreumanitoba.ca/elc
  2. 2. Please remove jackets and bags and place them whereinstructed
  3. 3. Shut off all electronics and place them atthe front
  4. 4. Only a pen, eraser and photo ID should be at your desk
  5. 5. No dictionaries or other aids are allowed during the exam
  6. 6. Please keep your eyes on your own paper
  7. 7. Do not talk to others during the exam
  8. 8. 263Writing ExamDo not write your name on the essay.Instead, write your seat number.
  9. 9. Please double-space your essayUse only one side of each page
  10. 10. 263Please number your pages263 1 of 22 of 2
  11. 11. Reading & Listening PortionsWrite your:Full Name (first and last)Seat NumberBooklet Number
  12. 12. Reading & Listening PortionsPrint ClearlyTitanicPlease blacken your answer(a) (b) (c) (d)Each question has one correct answer(a) (b) (c) (d)
  13. 13. Reading & Listening PortionsMark all of your answers on the answer sheet.Do not write your answers in the booklet.You will not have extra time to transferanswers.
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