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Selling WordPress To Enterprises by Rahul Bansal WordCamp NYC 2017


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Our WordPress journey started with working on small projects as a freelancer.

Over nine years, we have grown to reach the other end of the spectrum, regularly handling large enterprise WordPress projects.

At this scale, the rules for β€œselling” WordPress change. WordPress’ traditional advantages don’t necessarily apply anymore.

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Selling WordPress To Enterprises by Rahul Bansal WordCamp NYC 2017

  1. 1. Selling WordPress to Enterprises @rahul286 #wcnyc
  2. 2. A Change in Mindset πŸ’‘
  3. 3. πŸ€“ You ❀ WordPress $ Client ❀ Solutions
  4. 4. Step into the client's shoes
  5. 5. But how? πŸ€”
  6. 6. Pizza Base Cheese & Sauce Toppings
  7. 7. WordPress Core Themes & Plugins Custom Code
  8. 8. My Stuff πŸ€“
  9. 9. $ All in One
  10. 10. $ All in One My Stuff πŸ€“ v/s
  11. 11. The Change Itself πŸ•΅
  12. 12. Security β›‘
  13. 13. Scalability πŸ’ͺ
  14. 14. Integration πŸ’
  15. 15. Extensibility πŸ”Œ
  16. 16. GPL πŸŽ“
  17. 17. β€’ GPL does not force you to release your custom code to public β€’ GPL protects you from uncomfortable licensing and pricing changes in future GPL
  18. 18. Free 🍺
  19. 19. For Enterprises Free = No Accountability
  20. 20. Sounds Too Much? πŸ™€
  21. 21. Pitch 🀝 Together!
  22. 22. Sell WordPress as your own product!
  23. 23. We are hiring! πŸ€—
  24. 24. Thank You! πŸ™ @rahul286
  25. 25. β€’ Step into client shoes - β€’ "Pizza" icon by Akshar Pathak from Β the Noun Project β€’ "Cheese" icon byΒ Shirley Wu from the Noun Project β€’ "Pizza Sauce" icon by Nathan Thomson from the Noun Project β€’ "Onion" icon by Aini from the Noun Project β€’ "Capsicum" icon by parkjisun from the Noun Project β€’ "Olives" icon by Baboon designs from the Noun Project β€’ Stay back penguin - β€’ Man flying paperplane from - β€’ Misaligned rail road - β€’ "I have an app for that" image - β€’ Batman and Joker pitch together - Credits