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Statement of Qualifications for Aerotek Energy Services

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2009 Soq

  1. 1. Statement of Qualifications Celebrating 25 Years of Service Technical, Professional and Industrial Staffing Provider Ron Taupier Regional Sales Manager 100 Unicorn Park, Suite 100 Woburn, MA 01801 781-938-3009 rtaupier@aerotek.com
  2. 2. Table of Contents Advantages of Aerotek Energy Services........................................................................................3 Industry Specific Expertise.............................................................................................................4 Technical Recruiting.......................................................................................................................5 Company Overview.........................................................................................................................6 Perfect Fit Program.........................................................................................................................7 Employee Advantage Program....................................................................................................12 Valuing Diversity...........................................................................................................................13 Aerotek’s On-Premise Program...................................................................................................14 Technology....................................................................................................................................16 Conclusion....................................................................................................................................18 Aerotek is a member of the American Staffing Association. Aerotek is an equal opportunity employer. This document contains information that is privileged, confidential, and otherwise protected from disclosure to anyone other than its intended recipient(s). As a result, this information should not be disclosed, duplicated or used for any other purpose than to evaluate Aerotek. If a contract is awarded as a result of the submission of this document, any right to disclose, duplicate or use the data contained within this response, will be to the extent provided in the resulting agreement People. Fit. Perfectly. 2 I
  3. 3. Advantages of Aerotek Energy Services When working with Aerotek Energy Services, our customers benefit from unique We offer a program features: consultative partnership and Employment Options: Our employment services include contract, contract-to-hire customizable service and direct placement services. offerings. Single-Source Staffing Provider: Our customers can utilize Aerotek Energy Services to fulfill all staffing needs, as we provide a wide range of technical, professional and industrial skill sets. 24/7 Accessibility: Our Account Managers provide 24-hours service via cell phone and are also equipped with e-mail, voicemail and Internet capabilities. Technology & Reporting: Our varied technology tools and reporting options offer flexibility and measurability to our customers. Centralized and Consolidated Invoicing: Our customers have flexible invoicing options based on organizational structure. Employee & Accounting Management: In addition to building close relationships with our employees, Aerotek Energy Services manages their payroll and benefits, including vacation, holiday, 401K and health insurance. We pay our employees weekly. Quality Guarantee: Our quality guarantee allows you to observe the employee and gauge their fit with your company. If you are not satisfied, notify us and you will not be billed for hours that employee worked. Global & Local Coordination: Our customers receive the same high-quality consistent service and support regardless of location. Our branded programs are our key service offerings. Many are customizable according to customer needs: Perfect Fit® Program: Our unique customer engagement program includes five phases: Customer Analysis, Sourcing, Screening, Selection and Performance Monitoring. Aerotek Onsite®: Customers benefit from hands-on program management, performance management, recruiting and administration through this service. Our personnel work on-premise at your location to maximize program results. Time Central: Aerotek Energy Services’ Time Central systems deliver the latest in timekeeping technology to provide the precise solution our customers require. Employee Advantage: In order to show appreciation for our employees and promote retention, we offer benefits, affinity programs and incentives to our employees. Most Valued Partner (MVP) Program: Aerotek Energy Services offers a single point of contact service model for minority spend fulfillment. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  4. 4. Industr y Specific Exper tise Aerotek Energy Services, a division of Aerotek, has provided technical support to the energy services and utilities industry since 1985. Aerotek Energy Services is the staffing company of choice for major field services, oil and gas, power generation and delivery and DOE sites. Our support includes plant operators, all engineering disciplines, maintenance technicians, transmission and distribution designers and generation support personnel. Below are the most common positions Aerotek Energy Services places on a national basis: Power Generation Field Services Plant Operations Support Associated Craft Laborers Outage/ Maintenance Support Auxiliary Operators QA/QC Boilermakers Planning and Scheduling Catalyst Technicians I&C / I&E Technicians Certified Welding Inspectors Land Records Research Professionals Civil Engineers Licensing Engineers Commissioning Managers Machinists Control Room Operators Maintenance Professionals Site Managers Millwrights Lead Electrical Modification Engineers and Planners Lead Mechanical MOV / AOV Technicians Startup Managers Outage Coordinators Turnover Coordinators SCADA Engineers Punchlist Inspectors Start-up and Testing Engineers Technical Writers Department of Energy Oil and Gas Engineering Exploration Facility Safety Extraction Health Physics Transportation Conduct of Operations Refining Radiological Controls Specialist API Inspectors Health Physics Technicians Pipeline Inspectors Health & Safety Officers NDT / NDE Inspectors NDA Technicians Pigging Operators/Technicians Survey / FSS Technicians Pipeline Construction Personnel NDE / NDT Technicians Roustabouts Escorts Oilfield Equipment Technicians SAR, FSAR, USQ, USQD, BIO Specialists Drilling Rig Operators People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  5. 5. Technical Recruiting When working with Aerotek Energy Services, our customers can be assured they are working with industry-focused personnel who understand your business, your market and your position requirements. In an effort to best serve our customers, Aerotek Energy Services’ sales and recruiting teams are structured to the specialized niche market segments within the overall energy industry. Targeted Technical Advertising Aerotek guarantees the “Perfect Fit” for our clients. We achieve this goal through our targeted advertising techniques which help attract the most qualified and professional candidates. Featured Publications - IEEE Spectrum - Power Engineering - Petroleum Industry Careers - Design News - HR Magazine Technical Recruiting Centers Aerotek’s Technical Recruiting Centers (TRC) are a network of regionally focused centers across the country that are each staffed by Aerotek’s most experienced technical recruiters. This concept was designed with three goals in mind: 1. Attracting and Retaining Candidates with Critical Skill Sets - These are technical skill sets that are considered to be in extremely high demand based on both client input and marketplace trends as reported by the government. The TRC is expected to decrease turnaround time on these skill sets and enable Aerotek to recruit and retain technical contract employees in greater numbers. 2. Serving National Customers - Our national customers will benefit from the TRC’s resources through Aerotek’s familiar single point of contact service model. The same national point of contact that has provided consistent service to each of your offices across the country will now offer that same high level of service when engaging any of the regionally located TRC offices to support your technical recruiting needs. 3. Enhancing High-Volume Recruiting - The resources of the TRC will be available to support Aerotek’s local field offices in the event of an unexpected ramp-up for our customers. Each regional center is fully integrated into Aerotek’s non- franchised office network to ensure real-time communication and consistency of service. Health and Safety Training Aerotek’s health and safety team is responsible for compliance with governmental and company regulations and educating our staff on health & safety initiatives. They can also: ► Audit client work sites for safety and regulatory compliance. ► Counsel clients on safety initiatives and make recommendation for compliance with federal regulations. ► Investigate OSHA, EPA, & FAA regulations. ► Periodically provide awareness training/safety orientation to employees at client sites. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  6. 6. Company Overview Aerotek, established in 1983, is a privately owned company with more than 150 Aerotek is the #1 integrated offices throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. We are a provider of technical non-franchised organization and therefore each account throughout the nation not and engineering only receives direct local support, but also benefits from international coordination. staffing services in the Our dedicated staff focuses on providing customized, attentive service to every United States according customer. to Staffing Industry Analysts, Inc. Vision Aerotek is a team of driven, hard working, diverse individuals with strong character, building a company of which we can be proud. We achieve greatness through no tolerance for mediocrity. We expect individual ownership and reward personal investment in Aerotek’s success. Mission We provide great people and personalized staffing services to value-focused companies. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their full potential as we achieve our own. Values Integrity and Trust, Customer Focus, Drive for Results, Self Development, Valuing Diversity. Aerotek ‘s Parent Company – Allegis Group® Inc. Aerotek Energy Services is an operating company within Allegis Group, the largest Celebrating staffing company in the United States with sales of $5.6 billion in 2007 and a network of more than 250 offices globally. Allegis Group is comprised of several Years of Service operating companies that Aerotek Energy Services can partner with to effectively cover the entire spectrum of occupations, from laborers to skilled professionals. Aerotek®, Inc. Stephen James Major TEKsystems®, Inc. MarketSource® Allegis Group AssociatesSM Lindsey and Services®, Inc. Technical, Infrastructure, Integrated Africa, LLC Professional Financial and Applications, Sales and Human Capital and Industrial Accounting Attorney Communications Marketing Management Staffing Staffing Search and Component Services Solutions Services Services Consultants Services People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  7. 7. Per fect Fit Program Aerotek Energy Services’ Engagement Process is designed by you, our customer. This consultative approach known as our “Perfect Fit Program” details, from start to finish, how we provide you with a perfect candidate. Our program includes five phases: Customer Analysis, Sourcing, Screening, Selection and Performance Monitoring. Customer Analysis Customer To identify the right employee for your position and environment, we first analyze Analysis your company and then develop a profile. Each subsequent stage of our engagement process is based on this analysis. The components of Customer Performance Sourcing Monitoring Analysis may include: Customer Culture and Mission Selection Screening Understanding your culture and mission tells us who you are and how we can be the perfect staffing partner to you. We communicate the importance of your history and Customer Analysis values to the employee we place with you. To understand who you are and how we can be your Current Program Cost Analysis perfect fit staffing partner. To gauge your current expenses, we evaluate your program. Our ability to control costs comes from locating a high-quality candidate quickly and correctly the first time. Labor Market Analysis To develop recruiting strategies that work best for your company, we look at a variety of factors including wage data, employment by industry and skill set, unemployment rates, average income and education levels. Sample Labor Market Analysis Median Hourly Wage Number Occupational Data Density Local National 26.570 Strong All Engineering / Architecture $30.00 $31.61 2,170 Mechanical Engineers Above Average $33.58 $35.66 1,740 Strong Electrical Engineers $36.50 $39.56 810 Average Architectural / Civil Drafters $20.17 $18.98 390 Above Average Environmental Engineers $33.63 $35.13 2,630 Above Average Civil Engineers $32.98 $30.04 Work Environment Evaluation To prepare an employee for the position, we observe your workplace and look at the advantages that make your company the place an employee wants to work. A Health & Safety tour may be required to evaluate safety records and conditions at no cost to your company. Employee Shadowing We observe an employee in a similar position to identify the attributes necessary for success within your company. This defines the qualities and characteristics our candidate will need to make a smooth transition and succeed in your business environment. Requirement Qualification We qualify the requirement with you by clarifying the description, start date, duration, salary, special skills or experience required. A thorough understanding of your request is imperative in our search for a perfect match. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  8. 8. Sourcing To track and manage candidates, Aerotek uses Recruiter WorkSpace, our proprietary Web-based resume application. Every Aerotek recruiter has access to Customer Analysis this database which contains more than 10 million records. RWS is populated using the following recruiting resources: Performance Sourcing Monitoring Local Sourcing This is where your potential candidates live and work. We become active in the local community through: Selection Screening Sourcing → Employee Referrals: We build relationships and encourage referrals from our To locate candidates contract employees. through the local community, niche resources → Passive Job Seekers: We network to find the best candidates for your and on the Web. company, even those that are not currently seeking employment. → Community Events: In order to meet potential employees, we sponsor and participate in local events. Niche Sourcing We provide professional recruiters who are trained and dedicated to fulfilling requirements in one segment of a market. This focused recruiting allows us to become experts in the terminology, nuances and regulations of each segment. → Diversity Resources: We advertise in diverse publications and are often a sponsor, exhibitor or attendee at diversity conferences. We employ bilingual recruiters in pertinent markets. → Professional Organizations: We join professional societies and associations that promote the sharing of knowledge in their industry and recruit at colleges and universities with education programs related to positions we place. → Targeted Advertising & Job Fairs: We advertise locally and nationally through newspapers, radio, trade publications, e-mail and direct mail campaigns. We also host and attend job fairs targeted to specific professions, industries and regions. Internet Sourcing Internet recruiting is one of the first avenues our recruiters use when filling certain positions. → thingamajob.com®: In partnership with careerbuilder.comTM and monster.com®, our exclusive job search engine allows external users to locate jobs and submit their resumes. More than 6 million candidates have posted their resumes on thingamajob.com, and only we have access to this information. → Industry Job Boards: We target specific audiences using keywords, position qualifiers, salary ranges and location of work. Job seekers can view a company profile of Aerotek Energy Services to find the types of positions we place and the benefits we offer. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  9. 9. Screening In this critical phase we begin to refine our search for the perfect employee. We have recruited a large number of candidates with industry experience and skills and want to Customer Analysis ensure that they are the perfect fit for you. Performance Sourcing Monitoring Success In-depth Skill Perfect Selection Screening Profile Interview Assessment Screening To identify the desired skills, experience and Phone temperament critical to a References successful placement. Interview Our screening process can include the following depending upon customer needs: Success Profile A candidate is screened based on information gathered during Employee Shadowing. The desired skills, experience and temperament critical to a successful placement are all factors of the Success Profile. Phone Interview An initial telephone screen verifies a candidate's overall availability and fit as a potential employee. In-Depth Interview A candidate is interviewed to further evaluate the ability to perform the position. We may conduct Behavioral Interviewing which explores previous experiences to identify the behaviors and characteristics a person displays in certain situations. References We obtain a minimum of two recent references from the applicant’s previous position. References must be from a former/current supervisor and must be applicable to the job for which the employee is applying. Skill Perfect Assessment Our Skill Perfect features a wide array of testing to ensure the Perfect Fit for your position. Tests are administered on a case-by-case basis or upon customer request. Aerotek Energy Services has partnered with Kenexa, a Web-based testing provider, as well as other testing providers to offer the Skill Perfect Program. Tests are validated and were developed to comply with equal employment opportunity guidelines. We offer hundreds of tests in the following categories: Industrial, Office/Professional, Accounting/Financial, Software and Technical. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  10. 10. Selection To ensure that each candidate placed is ready for work at your company, we complete all necessary selection requirements. The selection process can include Customer Analysis the following: Performance Sourcing On-Boarding Monitoring We review the candidate’s completed paperwork and ensure acceptance of Aerotek Energy Services’ and our customer’s policies and procedures. Selection Screening → Forms & Certifications: All employees must complete an I-9 Form and Selection present an original document that establishes identity and employment To make an offer and eligibility. ensure the candidate is capable of meeting the job → Employee Agreement: All employees sign an employee agreement that requirements. defines their status as an Aerotek Energy Services employee throughout the duration of the assignment. Compliance This additional level of screening assures that the candidate is capable of meeting the job requirements. → Drug Screen: Aerotek Energy Services offers drug-screening services for all applicants upon customer request. We can accommodate a 5, 7, 9 or 10-panel drug screen after an applicant successfully completes our interview and verification process. Screens are coordinated by our affiliate, Qualisys, with a network of more than 4,000 clinics. → Background Check: We can provide additional verifications through our partner American Background, a nationally recognized leader in pre- employment screening services. At the conclusion of the investigation, we determine if the applicant is suitable for employment based on your background investigation policy. → Security Clearance: We actively participate in the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) to process personnel with current and active security clearances. Orientation We confirm that each candidate understands the nature of the position and environment. → Realistic Job Preview: Employees experience the work environment through a briefing and preview of their position in the actual setting. → First-day Introduction: On the first day of assignment, a representative from our company will walk the contractor to the customer’s site and will introduce him/her to the hiring manager. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  11. 11. Performance Monitoring You can expect the highest level of service in the staffing industry from Aerotek Energy Services because we continually monitor our performance and the Customer performance of our employees. The components of Performance Monitoring may Analysis include: Performance Sourcing Monitoring Continuous Communication Open communication between the customer and Aerotek Energy Services occurs continually at intervals determined by you. We maintain frequent contact with the Selection Screening employee and your managers to resolve issues and respond to your requests. Performance Perfect Fit Survey Monitoring The Perfect Fit Survey is our latest tool to measure customer satisfaction and To continually monitor our promote constant improvement. This survey measures customer satisfaction to performance and the performance of our assess our overall service level. It is available online and allows you to request employees. immediate follow-up for problem solving. Key Performance Indicators Aerotek Energy Services tracks and reports on a variety of performance metrics, also known as key performance indicators (KPIs). Determining and quantifying KPIs, such as Attrition, Fill Ratio and Response Time, is crucial to assessing our ability to meet your goals. Exit References We want your input on how our employee fits your position. As an employee is exiting an assignment we ask you to rate him or her on several factors including: Professional Appearance, Attendance, Attitude, Dependability, Quality of Work and Productivity. We hope you see that the Perfect Fit Program is a truly consultative program designed with our customers needs in mind. We engage many resources to ensure that we find that Perfect Fit candidate for you, every time. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  12. 12. Employee Advantage Program Aerotek Energy Services expects outstanding work from our employees, and in return we Through Employee provide a positive work environment and excellent benefits and rewards. Our employees Advantage, we are a valued part of Aerotek Energy Services and therefore we have developed a variety of demonstrate initiatives to recognize their efforts: appreciation for our employees and reduce Health Benefits & Affinity Programs absenteeism and With increased participation in our employee health plans, our competitive benefits options turnover. meet the needs of our employees and their families. We also offer affinity programs that improve quality of life and feature discounts on goods and services. Health & Other Benefits Affinity Programs Medical MetLife Auto & Home Discounts Strategic Resources Company (SRC) Dental Chrysler & Ford Preferred Pricing MetLife Dental Vision Whirlpool Appliances Discounts Vision Service Plan (VSP) 401K Retirement Plan AVIS Rental Cars & Hotels Discounts Wachovia Life Insurance GM Discount Program Reliance Standard Life Long Term Disability AT&T, Sprint & Verizon Cell Phone Discounts MetLife Vacation & Holidays GlobalFit Corporate Fitness Program (based on hours worked) Direct Deposit & CashPay Services Health® Line 24/7 Nurse Hotline (Visa CashPay Card) Flexible Schedules & Payment Options We determine when an employee is available to work and locate positions that fit his or her schedule, encouraging punctuality and attendance. We provide paychecks for pick-up, by mail or direct deposit. We also offer CashPay, which automatically deposits an employee’s paycheck into an account for instant access using a Visa card. Job Preparation We prepare an employee by assisting at each step of the hiring process, from interview to placement. We provide details about the position and describe the working environment. If applicable, we recommend successful resume and interview techniques. We may also escort an employee on the first day of work to ensure a smooth transition. Relationship Building We take the time to learn about each candidate and his or her job expectations. This allows us to accurately match an individual’s personality and skills to the right position. We meet with our employees regularly and show appreciation for jobs well done through lunch meetings and performance evaluations. Incentive and Recognition We recognize and reward excellent performance. Upon customer requests, we can implement incentive programs for our employees that may include: Discretionary Completion Bonuses, Performance-Based Bonuses, Merit Awards and Employee Attendance Bonuses. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  13. 13. Valuing Diversity Aerotek Energy Services is committed to developing a workforce that is diverse, inclusive and represents the communities in which we reside. Valuing Diversity, a core value of ours, impacts how we service our customers, how we recruit diverse candidates and how we become better corporate citizens. Most Valued Partner (MVP) Program Aerotek Energy Services partners with diverse suppliers to provide staffing and related services through our MVP program. Aerotek Energy Services and a Preferred Partner Network work together to identify and capture opportunities for customers to achieve minority spend. Our Preferred Partners include minority, women-owned, small disadvantaged (8A), HUB Zone business, American and Alaskan native owned and service disabled veteran owned companies. Diversity Recruiting We generate a pipeline of diverse candidates through community outreach, targeted Web sites and publications, colleges and universities and joint participation with our Preferred Partners at conferences and events. Aerotek Energy Services currently partners with 11 ABET Accredited Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) across the country. Aerotek’s Diversity Board Our Diversity Board ensures our strategies and goals are aligned with our “Valuing Diversity” core value. The board is made up of diverse individuals within our workforce. They have established various councils to implement Aerotek Energy Services’s diversity goals through communication, education, community outreach, hiring and mentoring. Diversity Awareness Aerotek Energy Services provides diversity awareness workshops to each internal employee that focuses on creating an environment that recognizes the uniqueness in each individual. Aerotek Energy Services has designated Diversity Facilitators across the country to provide a strong support system and maintain a long-term appreciation for diversity. Diversity Initiatives Recognition Active partner of the Minority Business Round Table (MBRT) Active sponsor of Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA) Trailblazer Award for Supplier Diversity 2007 - BEYA Most Admired Companies for 2007 - US Black Engineer Top Supporter of Historically Black Colleges & Universities 2007 - US Black Engineer Aerotek Employees Honored for: Trailblazer Award for Supplier Diversity Champion 2007 Most Important Blacks in Technology 2007 Modern Day Black Technology Leaders 2006 Top 100 Blacks in Technology 2006 People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  14. 14. Aerotek Onsite Aerotek’s On-Premise Program Mission Aerotek Energy Services realizes that some customers require more than just To establish an on- traditional recruiting and staffing services, which is why we offer total hands-on premise program that recruitment and management of your contract workforce through Aerotek Onsite®. produces consistent Our job is to assist in forecasting your staffing needs, and proactively respond and and measurable manage accordingly. Aerotek Onsite is comprised of four components: Program results. Aerotek Onsite Management, Performance Management, Recruiting and Administration. is built around performance and we will deliver. Aerotek Onsite Advantages Enhanced Measurable Full-service Service audits communication results through program by executive between program management management customer and reporting Aerotek Program Management To create an effective on-premise program, we identify and assemble a solid on- premise person or team and implement a site-specific project plan. Personnel Selection Our on-premise personnel are trained to handle day-to-day operations of our employees. Based on the size and scope of your operations, we select an individual or an Aerotek Onsite team that may include management, fulfillment or administrative personnel. Program Implementation We begin implementing our service by conducting a detailed facility review, surveying your management team, documenting policies and procedures and formulating a solid understanding of your business operations. Performance Management We look at hard numbers and constantly solicit advice from your management team when evaluating our program performance. Contract Performance Aerotek Energy Services has established criteria to measure our performance through reports, surveys, reviews and your evaluations. On-Premise Personnel Performance We measure the success of our on-premise personnel by evaluating their performance and their ability to meet your goals. Employee Performance Our evaluations start the first day an employee reports to work and continue until the last day of employment. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  15. 15. Recruiting Aerotek Energy Services’ strength in the staffing industry has been – and remains – our recruiting expertise. Through Aerotek’s Perfect Fit Program, we deliver high- quality employees and excellent customer service. Candidate Sourcing Our most popular recruiting resources include networking in our local communities through referrals, passive job seekers and community events. Candidate Screening Once we identify candidates that meet your qualifications, we begin a thorough screening process that consists of: ► Phone Interview ► In-Depth Interview ► Reference Checks We also offer additional screening options such as drug screens, background checks and customized testing. Administration Our program focuses on creating standard operational procedures. We manage the following administrative duties: Facility Set-up & Logistics We work with you to secure necessary space and equipment for our on-premise office. Paycheck Distribution We issue paychecks directly to employees. Payrolling and Invoicing We deliver accurate and timely invoices through a zero-defect invoicing initiative. Timekeeping We implement timekeeping options according to your needs. Benefits Coordination We offer a full benefits package to our employees. Employee Orientation We provide customized orientations that provide vital information about the position. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I Return to Table of Contents
  16. 16. Technology Our customers will have access to the most up-to-date staffing management Accurate timekeeping technology tools, from reliable timekeeping and invoicing systems to advanced systems ensure reporting systems and comprehensive workforce management solutions. Aerotek accurate invoicing. Energy Services’ technology tools enable you to make informed business decisions about your contract employee base. Timekeeping Aerotek Energy Services’ Time Central systems deliver the latest in timekeeping technology to provide the precise solution our customers require. We evaluate the current process, determine your requirements and select the most effective time and attendance tracking system. Automated Hours Collection System: Timecards & Electronic Time Recorders Hand-written timecards and punch cards Submit by fax Automatically recorded in PeopleSoft Web Capture Systems: Kronos® Web-linked electronic time clock or Web site Submit by fax Automatically recorded in PeopleSoft netCENTERSM Time & Expense Approve and process time sheets and expense forms online Convenient user administration from your desktop Receive system-generated email notifications Reporting Today’s competitive market demands the ability to access key business Customizable reporting reporting Customizable information quickly. Aerotek Energy Services offers comprehensive reporting options provide the options provide the options that can be customized according to customer-specific needs. We don’t information you need to need to information you simply provide customers with data; we provide decision-supporting information make informed informed make that fosters effective and efficient business. Through this collection of tools business decisions. business decisions. Aerotek Energy Services can provide virtually any report that our customers may need to make effective business decisions. Account Volume and Spend Reports Contract Employee Time and Attendance Reports Hours and Expense Tracking Reports People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  17. 17. Workforce Management Solutions We have aligned with leading workforce management software (WMS) providers to bring our customers the latest technology in the industry. Our WMS combines e- procurement automation tools and program management to simplify and streamline the staffing process. Our WMS solution is a compilation of strategic partnerships that allows Aerotek Energy Services the flexibility to select the most appropriate solution to meet customer needs. The solutions offer a single point of contact model for all related functions: Recruiting Payroll / Administration Billing / Invoicing Reporting Information Technology Training Invoicing Our computerized PeopleSoft accounting system provides the flexibility necessary Reliable invoicing to meet your particular needs. We have the ability to collect your hours, separate schedules and formats invoices by department, report totals weekly or monthly and transmit invoices are tailored to your electronically. We also have the ability to customize invoices per customer organizational request. structure. Consolidated Invoicing We can provide a consolidated invoice that shows all outsourced services compiled on one master invoice. This minimizes the time your accounting department spends processing our payments. Electronic Invoicing Aerotek Energy Services has the capability to offer Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), purchase cards and credit card processing. The convenience of these options saves time, money and energy usually spent on the approval and printing of manual check payments. Zero-Defect Invoicing Our corporate office generates invoices and ensures that the invoice you receive is accurate and conforms to your standards. Invoices generate in our corporate office on the Monday following the workweek. Your corporate associate matches the timecards to the invoices, audits the invoices for accuracy and sends the invoices to your accounting department. Employee Paychecks We make sure all of our employees receive their paychecks directly, with no burden on you. Paychecks print in our corporate office on Wednesday, are reviewed for accuracy by corporate associates and are sent to the local offices by Thursday. The local office reviews them again on Thursday and checks are distributed on Friday. People. Fit. Perfectly. 3 I
  18. 18. Conclusion It is our hope that the information presented in this proposal has provided you with a clear understanding of how Aerotek Energy Services can help you meet your staffing needs. We would like to thank you for considering us as a staffing vendor. As a leader in the staffing industry, we pledge to work harder for you by providing the quality people you need who fit perfectly into your workforce. People. You are part of a consultative partnership that delivers industry focused expertise. Our employees have made a personal investment in your complete satisfaction and our success. Our people are the reason Aerotek exists today. You will work with professionals who follow a proven Fit. engagement process, known as Aerotek’s Perfect Fit Program. Our delivery model analyzes your goals and objectives while utilizing proprietary technology and niche recruiting to select an employee that is the right fit for you. You should expect the highest level of performance when Perfectly. working with Aerotek. Our quality focus translates to a superior level of service. We measure our performance and, in turn, ensure the services we provide are delivered perfectly. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to call at any time. Regards, Ron Taupier Regional Sales Manager 781-938-3009 rtaupier@aerotek.com Return to Table of Contents