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March 5


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Published in: Technology
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March 5

  1. 1. 1. Which of the following symbiotic relationships is considered parasitic? a. ticks feeding on a dog b. bees transporting pollen from flowers c. birds eating the insects from the back of a hippopotamus2. Single-celled organisms can reproduce and create cells exactly like themselves without combining genes from two different parent cells. When they do this, they use a type of a. asexual reproduction. b. gamete formation. c. natural selection.3. Which body systems primary function is the continuation of the species? a. digestive b. excretory c. reproductive Mind Stretcher - Monday
  2. 2. Quick Demonstration…• As the “food source” comes around to each table, QUICKLY pick out 1 M&M.• The other food in the bucket is poisonous and you may NOT pick it!• Set the M&M aside and wait to tally up the class results.
  3. 3. Peppered Moth Lab• Each person gets to camouflage 1 peppered moth by carefully coloring it to blend in with a part of the classroom…• Use one small piece of tape to place your moth in its environment.• Choose wisely… We will have a “hunter” stop by and see how many they can spot! When you finish, read the article provided.
  4. 4.  Which M & M colors were picked the most? Why? Relate the outcomes of the M&M activity to camouflage in nature. Not using the peppered moth, give an example of an animal that uses camouflage to avoid predators. Explain. Explain the Peppered moth situation in a few short sentences. Use at least 5 vocabulary terms from the article. Be sure to put everything in your own words. Exit Ticket