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Hello there my Slide Share friend. This is a deck that I put together that peaks into the fashion brand Ed Hardy and the social media ecosystem they currently find themselves in. I take an analysis of the brand, its competition and make some recommendations. Enjoy. Thanks.

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Ed Hardy A Social Media Competitive Analysis

  1. A Social Media Competitive Analysis Presented by RT Herwig @rtherwig / rt@rtherwig.com / 267.221.8154
  2. quick background
  3. history• Got its name from the world famousAmerican tattoo artist Ed Hardy.• Hardy’s tattooing turned into a brand bythe ef forts of Christian Audiger in 2004.• Christian Audigier felt that it would beappropriate to create a brand calledEd Hardy and use Hardy’s art as the mainselling point for the brand.• Ed Hardy clothing went on to be oneof the most famous brands in the clothingindustry.• In 2011 Iconix Brand Group purchased EdHardy from Christian Audigier for $62M.
  4. brand missionStay true to the essence of Don Ed Hardy’soriginal inspiration for his art and celebrateits history and beauty by creating dynamicapparel and related lifestyle products. tagline “Love kills Slowly”
  5. products• C l o t h e s fo r m e n , wo m e n , a n d k i d s• Fo r M e n t h ey h ave a va r i e t y o f p ro d u c t ss u c h a s E d H a rd y t - s h i r t s , a c t i ve we a r ,d e n i m , o u t we a r , s w i m t r u c k s , s we a t e r s ,tops, etc. The accessories include thingss u c h a s b e l t s , c a p s , s c a r ve s , s h o e s , s o c k s ,j ewe l e r , s u n g l a s s e s , t i e s a n d eve n wa l l e t s• Fo r Wo m e n t h e b ra n d h a s a p p a re l s s u c ha s a c t i ve wa r , b o t t o m s , d e n i m , h o o d i e s ,intimates, t-shirts and tanks
  6. current tone & feelswaggy, mainstreamloud, bright, colorful, sticks out, obnoxious, busy, pop, -
  7. CURRENT TARGETCan be broken down into two segments: • The Rebel Pop Rockers • The Disposable “VIP’s” • Male & Female • 18-30 • Urban • Upper-Middle Class
  8. THE REBEL POP ROCKERS • All about a vintage rock n’ roll/urban hip-hop style • Embodies a celebrity rockstar mentality • Wants to be seen as this rockstar • Aware of all “edgy” trends • Invests in trying to look “cool” • More pop focused than alternative • Goes to all the main-stream concerts • Smaller segment of the twoTHE DISPOSABLE “VIP’s” • All about Clubbing, Drinking and Gambling • These guys are serious about having fun • Freedom & Pleasure seeking • Typically Single, Males, 18-25 • Working their first “real” job • Have disposable income to spend • Have like-minded friends • Part of a group / pack mentality • Celebrity & Trend-centric
  9. COMPETITORSaffliction - is an aspirational, high-endlifestyle brand that personifies PASSION andembodies the heart and soul of Music, Art,Tattoo, Sports and Motorcycles.tapout - is world’s leading MMA apparel,gear and lifestyle brand for men, women andchildren.true religion - quality, American-madeauthentic denim with timeless appeal and avintage aesthetic. The brand offers a wide rangeof styles in nearly every category and embracesthe motto: “It’s all about the fit.” True Religionclothing is made for and by people who don’tfollow trends, they set them.
  10. SWOT ANALYSISStrengths Weaknesses1. Authentic Don Ed Hardy designs 1. Negative WOM2. Vintage & Contemporary 2. “Douchebag” has been associated3. Classic American tattoo designs 3. Oversaturation4. Complete market coverage 4. C-D List Celebrity Endorsers5. Good brand presence/awareness 5. Cheapened Image (non-user)6. Loyal fans/customers 6. Tired brand image 7. Brand/Product stuck in 2000’s 8. Brand running on Red Bull fumesOpportunities Threats1. Authenticity biggest opp. 1. Tattoo Art is a passing fad2. Vintage & Contemporary 2. Change in consumer behavior3. Classic American tattoo designs 3. Oversaturation in market4. Complete market coverage 4. Product Substitution5. Good brand presence/awareness 5. Brand Knockoffs6. Loyal fans/customers
  11. RECOMMENDATION (BRANDING) • We need to tap into Ed Hardy and his backstory. Create interest & mystery. • Ed Hardy isn’t Christian Audigier. Hardy is an artist. Culture is key • It will move us towards real feeling. Authentic. Vintage. A Better time. • Relevant. Alternative. Visual. Interesting. Art. Design. Reserved.
  12. web/social/mobile overview(THE COMPETITION AND ED HARDY)
  13. THE COMPETITION (OVERVIEW)true religion - is doing it right. No matter the platform,every piece of content they put up feels like it’s coming fromthe same place. Cohesive. They work with many curators,contributors and bloggers. Everything finds it way back to thebrand and the feel – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTubeand Tumblr.
  14. THE COMPETITION (OVERVIEW)affliction - Their content pulls the brand together nicely.It all revolves around living life fast. Truck and automobileracing, mixed martial arts, and music. Facebook has someoriginal content that gets the likes. Good mix of storytelling,promos, posts, and photos.
  15. THE COMPETITION (OVERVIEW)tapout - taps into the UFC community and never lets go.They work a blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Consideringthat this brand is centered around ultimate fighting, the con-tent and communications feel very mediocre. Nothing standsout. Tapout uses it all, but it needs work.
  16. ED HARDY PLATFORMS• Website edhardyshop.com• Facebook facebook.com/edhardy• Twitter @edhardyonline• Instagram ed_hardy_pictures• Mobile App Ed Hardy Tattoo Artist
  17. WEBSITE (EDHARDYSHOP.COM)Primary Site Traffic• African-American (35%)• Caucasian (35%)• Female (59%)• <18 (25%)• 25-34 (24%)• Has Kids (62%)• $50,000 - $100,000 (35%)• No College (46%) source: Quantcast
  18. WEBSITE (EDHARDYSHOP.COM) Unique Visitors 9/2011 = 65,937 vs. 9/2012 = 30,960 t -53,05% (yr 9/11-9/12) t -0.63% (mo 8/12-9/12)70K Unique Visitors60K50K40K30K20K oct 11 nov 11 dec 11 jan 12 feb 12 mar 12 apr 12 may 12 jun 12 jul 12 aug 12 sep 12 source: Compete
  19. WEBSITE (EDHARDYSHOP.COM)Competitive Ranking as of 9/2012truereligionbrandjeans.com (263,824)afflictionclothing.com (33.55K)edhardyshop.com (30.96K)designersimports.com (24.24K)tapout.com (15.31K) source: Compete
  20. SWOT (EDHARDYSHOP.COM)beha Strengths Weaknesses 1. Easy to navigate 1. Brand Culture is missing 2. Clean design 2. Too Sterile 3. Separate Mobile Site 4. Cliche instigating photography Opportunities Threats 1. Lifestyle/Experience/Culture 1. Competitor Sire Experiences 2. Tattoo and Fashion Cross-over 2. Savvy competition engagement 3. More authentic/visual images 3. Mobile apps
  21. RECOMMENDATION (WEBSITE/BRANDING) • User Experience / Photography / Push toward mobile • Update art direction / Storytelling • Start reestablishing an authentic brand style across board • Tap into core Ed Hardy culture and story. Ed Hardy/Tattoo Artist
  22. MOBILE (iPHONE/iPAD APP)For $2,99 fans of Ed Hardy can create their own Ed Hardydesigns. Tattoo Artist, with a library of over 150 originalDon Ed Hardy tattoo designs, let’s you create compositionswith your own photos and the tattoo designs using a fun,yet sophisticated, multi-touch interface.
  23. MOBILE (COMPETITION) Comparison of Mobile AppsEd Hardy / True Religion / TapouT / Affliction BRAND APP COST SHOP/GAME Ed Hardy YES $2.99 GAME True Religion YES FREE SHOP TapouT NO (NA) (NA) Affliction NO (NA) (NA)
  24. SWOT (MOBILE)beha Strengths Weaknesses 1. Tattoo Art 1. It’s $2.99 2. Brand Relevant to a point 2. Not Functional 3. No Brand Experience 4. No Shopping 5. No Store Locator 6. No Retail Sharing w/Friends 7. Lack of brand storytelling 8. Poor Images Opportunities Threats 1. Loyal Fan Base 1. Mobile Savvy Competition 2. 18-25 yr olds 2. Disinterest in “create your own” 2. Brand ripe for mobile 3. Product available to sell
  25. RECOMMENDATION (MOBILE) • Think STYLE, FUNCTION and UTILITY • Target 18-25 year olds • Functional - shopping, browsing, product, store locator, promos • Add Music, Video, other sharable content • Visual, Image Based...
  26. FACEBOOK Ed Hardy Page Insights Total Likes (1,720,392) People Talking About This (15,474) Most Popular Week (January 29, 2012) Most Popular City (Taipei, Taiwan) Most Popular Age Group (18-24 years)•People Talking About This•New Likes Per Weekoct 3, 2012 nov 1, 2012 source: Facebook
  27. FACEBOOK (COMPETITION) Comparison of Likes Ed Hardy / True Religion / TapouT / Affliction (04/08/2010 - 11/03/2012) 11/03/2012BRAND LIKES RANK 7D 1M 3MTrue Religion 872,304 7,918 s1.3% s4.1% s12%Ed Hardy 1,720,381 3,080 s0.3% s1% s2.6%TapouT 872,304 7,918 s 1.3% s4.1% s 12%Affliction 178,212 46,689 s 0.3% s1.2% s 4% source: Wildfire
  28. FACEBOOK (COMPETITION LIKES)1.80M1.70M Ed Hardy1.60M1.50M1.40M1.30M1.20M 1.10M 1M900K True Religion800K700K600K500K400K300K200K Affliction TapouT 100K 0 nov 10 jan 11 mar 11 may 11 jul 11 sep 11 nov 11 jan 12 mar 12 may 12 jul 12 sep 12 nov 12 jan 13 mar 13 source: Wildfire
  29. SWOT (FACEBOOK)beha Strengths Weaknesses 1. Content just above average 1. Lack of two-way conversation 2. Authenticity creeping In 2. Sameness of content 3. Fan Base is loyal and strong 3. Post heavy at times 4. Lack of true community feel 5. Cliche people/representation Opportunities Threats 1. More fan base interaction 1. Lack of interest in content 2. Culturally Relevant content 2. Brand cliches rise with sameness 3. Tighter Community 3. Savvy mobile apps 4. Exploit tattoo and fashion mash 4. Cliche 5. Video / Web Films 5. Quality of knock-off sites
  30. RECOMMENDATION (FACEBOOK) • Hire a community manager to oversee social • Same brand voice straight across • Think of Facebook as an ever evolving magazine and catalog • Take the lead in Facebook interactions • Create/Post content that speaks from the soul of Hardy brand • Incorporate integration of music, video, stories...
  31. TWITTEREd Hardy Page InsightsFollowers (8,738)Following (708)Tweets (650) (53) source: Twitter, Klout
  32. TWITTER (COMPETITION) Comparison of Users (follow)Ed Hardy / True Religion / TapouT / Affliction 708 users followed by EdHardyOnline 381 users followed by TrueReligion 313 users followed by TapouT 46 users followed by Affliction source: Followerwonk
  33. 1 TWITTER (COMPETITION) Comparison of Users (followed by) Ed Hardy / True Religion / TapouT / Affliction 8,738 followers of EdHardyOnline 17,317 followers of TrueReligion 123,633 followers of TapouT 21,288 followers of Affliction source Followerwonk
  34. TWITTER (COMPETITION) Comparison of Followers Ed Hardy / True Religion / TapouT/Affliction (4/29/2010 - 11/03/2012)BRAND FOLLOWERS RANK 7D 1M 3MTrue Religion 17,297 56,324 s1.1% s3.5% s10.4%Ed Hardy 8,738 104,021 s0.5% s2.6% s10.2%TapouT 123,626 9,119 0% s0.6% s 14.9%Affliction 21,287 46,474 s 0.3% s1.5% s 4.6% source: Wildfire
  35. TWITTER (COMPETITION FOLLOWERS) (4/29/2010 - 11/03/2012) TapouT120K110K100K90K80K70K60K50K40K30K Affliction20K True Religion 10K Ed Hardy 0 apr10 jul10 oct10 jan11 apr11 jul11 oct11 jan12 apr12 jul12 oct12 jan13 source: Wildfire
  36. TWITTER (COMPETITION) Comparison of Influence Ed Hardy / True Religion / TapouT / Affliction @TAPOUT @AFFLICTION @TRUERELIGIONJEANS @EDHARDYONLINEInfluence: 81.74 Influence: 68.46 Influence: 72.10 Influence: 59.49Following: 313 Following: 46 Following: 381 Following: 708Followers: 123,633 Followers: 21,290 Followers: 17,317 Followers: 8,738Days On: 1,327 Days On: 1,334 Days On: 1,332 Days On: 1,180Tweets: 4,493 Tweets: 2,754 Tweets: 1,617 Tweets: 650 source: Followerwonk
  37. TWITTER (#HASHTAG MENTIONS) Impressions & Reach (24hrs) (Calculated from up to about 1500 tweets / Nov. 4) Ed Hardy / True Religion / TapouT / Affliction #edhardy 55 tweets generated 54,502 impressions 51,941 followers (audience reach) #trureligion 113 tweets generated 98,136 impressions 92,708 followers (audience reach) #tapout 77 tweets generated 58,982 impressions 58,399 followers (audience reach) #affliction 24 tweets generated 23,935 impressions 23,339 followers (audience reach) source: Hashtracking
  38. TWITTER (#HASHTAG MENTIONS) Other #Hashtags Mentioned in #edhardy Tweets (Calculated from up to about 1500 tweets / Nov. 4) #Dope #marcjacobs #nailpolish #kingcar #rollin #ya #saturday #stillblazin #moscato #drank #sippin #swag#douche #shirt #hat #red #lazy #dayoff #teamtatted #redbull #cologne #truereligion #dtf #villian #vodka #niice #chillin #highlife #michaelkors #outfitoftheday #ootd #fashion #bic#mode #look #rock #blogger #fashionblogger #outfit #swaggy #mypurse #edhardy #iloveit #gradeacue #cue #believe #nails #cool #Swag #Boss #original #fye #awesome #tight #fantasy #girl #cute #sweetheart #girls #hellokitty #shoes #instalike #HYSTERICGLAMOUR #chesty #fashion #LoveORluck #longhair #bum #footwear #nomakeup #me #breakfastofchampions #thatsWaaaaasUP #firstdayofschool #ThankYou #mom #douchebag #DoOrDie source: Hashtracking
  39. SWOT (TWITTER)beha Strengths Weaknesses 1. Average Twitter User 1. Lack of two-way conversation 2. Consistent Posts 2. Facebook Shares 3. Low Engagement 4. Low Tweet Count 4. Tweet Quality 5. # of Follwers for Brand is LOW Opportunities Threats 1. Loyal Fan Base 1. Savvy Competition 2. Personal Content 2. Disinterest from followers 3. Community Building 4. Pop Culture
  40. INSTAGRAM• Currently Instagram is being hailed as the most popular social media platform.• There are over 44,300 #edhardy images.• Ed Hardy’s official account: ed_hardy_pictures Ed_Hardy_Pictures Insights Followers (289) Following (26) Photos (19)
  41. INSTAGRAM (COMPETITION) Comparison of Followers Ed Hardy / True Religion / TapouT / AfflictionBRAND FOLLOWER FOLLOWING PHOTOSTapouT 6343 63 111Affliction 3262 36 109 Ed Hardy 289 26 19True Religion ( NA) (NA) (NA)
  42. SWOT (INSTAGRAM)beha Strengths Weaknesses 1. Do use the platform 1. Lack of pictures 2. Loyal Followers 2. Sales/Promotional Images 3. 44,000 #edhardy images shared 3. Low Engagement 4. Awareness of Account 5. Lack of brand storytelling Opportunities Threats 1. Loyal Fan Base 1. Savvy Competition 2. Brand Relevant Images 2. Disinterest from followers 3. Rich visual brand
  43. RECOMMENDATION (INSTAGRAM) • Start asking fans/loyalists to send/e-mail pictures • Curate better collections of images • Take new brand photography • Make users aware of Instagram on other platforms • Use Instagram to make more personal connections • Incorporate better storytelling in your curating • Brand images with a mark
  44. PINTEREST• Pinterest Usage: - Over 12 million users - 67% are aged 25-54 - 68% are women - Users spend 16+ mins on site - 70% use it for purchase info - 1 in 5 purchase later• Ed Hardy has an official Pinterest Accountbut DOES NOT use it.• Competitor True Religion is using Pinterest. - 794 Followers - 320 Pins
  45. RECOMMENDATION (PINTERST) • Start using and start pinning product + lifestyle + editorial images • Curate images from fans and showcase • Utilize to showcase SEASONAL products • Create different boards based on brand: Tattoo, Art, Music, Skate... • Showcase upcoming products and designs • Integrate into website, mobile and other platforms / Pin It Button. • Have users create, curate and share their own boards
  46. ACTION STEPS• Tap back into the authentic Ed Hardy brand culture• Replace Audigier with vintage Hardy and real people• It’s all about the people, the culture, vibe and mood• Update fashions and products with new designs• Reinvent the brand mash-up between tattoo, art and fashion• Update entire library of images• Move away from celebrities• Get subtle and less mainstream. More counter-alternative• New sponsorships/partnerships• Rely on your large and loyal fan base• Market a little more towards women• Have relevant two-way conversations• Start experimenting with Pinterest and Tumblr• Mix in video, film and music to content• Think like a fashion editor and publisher / Own your image• Think about mobile shopping and editorial app hybrid
  47. Contact: RT Herwig@rtherwig / rt@rtherwig.com / 267.221.8154