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Personality profile kayla


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A personality profile I wrote.

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Personality profile kayla

  1. 1. PittmanPPark United Methodist Church 2010 Contact Info: Name: Rebecca Thomas Phone number: (404) 934 – 9552 E-mail Address: Determined to Make a Difference Kayla Gibb has been an employee of Pittman Park United Methodist Church for two years. Kayla serves as an audio and media technician at Pittman Park. She is in charge of all the media productions, and her hard work is seen through the quality of work she produces. As the audio and media technician, Kayla creates and produces videos, maintains the website, and edits video footage from the weekly sermons. The videos that she produces are used as weekly countdowns or as an introduction to a new series topic. The videos are on the cutting edge of technology, and are used as a vital tool in the Sunday services. Kayla accepted the job at Pittman Park, because she has always had a passion for video productions and hopes to one day have her own multimedia communications company. She wants to create and produce films that can be used to impact others. Kayla hopes that the videos she will create in the future will cause the viewers to examine their life and the meaning behind it. She -END-
  2. 2. PittmanPPark United Methodist Church 2010 plans on incorporating her faith in her film making in order to make a difference in other people’s lives. Kayla Gibb is not only an employee at Pittman Park but also a full time student at Georgia Southern. She is in her junior year at Georgia Southern, and is majoring in Multimedia Communications. Kayla is able to put the knowledge she is learning at school into action through her work at Pittman Park, which is giving her hands on experience. The experience Kayla has obtained at Pittman Park has helped her gain other opportunities to strengthen her skills. Kayla worked on the Media Productions crew for the Catalyst Conference in 2009. That experience gave her the opportunity to practice capturing live footage in front of a large audience, and then editing the footage in a quick turn around. The experience at Catalyst helped Kayla perfect her skills so that she can produce quality work in a short time frame. Kayla plans on working as part of the productions crew for Catalyst again next year. Kayla’s job at Pittman Park does not stop with the media productions, but she also serves as a leader in the youth program. Kayla has been involved with the youth program for two years now. She is the leader of the middle school girl’s small group, and serves as a role model for the students. In the near -END-
  3. 3. PittmanPPark United Methodist Church 2010 future, Kayla plans on developing a media and drama team in the youth program. She will incorporate the youth in the planning and producing of short videos, and then use those videos to promote the youth program. Kayla developed her love for youth and passion for film through her family’s encouragement. Kayla is one of two children and grew up in Augusta, Georgia. She grew up in a home where she was always encouraged and supported to follow her dreams. She has been taught from a young age about the positive impact you can make on people if you so choose too. Her parents have instilled in her the value of faith, and have helped her see that she can combine her values and her passion for film. Kayla is not only busy at work and with the youth, but she is very active in other areas as well. Kayla loves the outdoors and takes part in any outdoor activities whenever she can. She often leaves work and heads to the park in order to relax and enjoy the sun. She loves to grab a good book and read it while she enjoys the outdoors. Kayla is often inspired when reading a good book about possible new video ideas for Pittman Park or future film ideas. Kayla is a valued and cherished employee at Pittman Park. Her hard work is seen week after week through her productions. Her videos bring laughter and insight to service every Sunday. Her work often leaves her working long hours but she is always determined to do her job well. She has been an impact to the whole organization at Pittman Park. Her work speaks highly of the -END-
  4. 4. PittmanPPark United Methodist Church 2010 impact that she is creating. She is a vital member of the staff here at Pittman Park, as well as a great role model for our youth. Her passion for film and her faith will take her far, and will make a mark on all those she meets. -END-