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Taming the Facebook Frontier: Facebook Business Page Training


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This presentation created by Anthony William Tucker of the Rogers State University Innovation Center discusses basic fundamentals and advanced tactics in Facebook business page development. For information on Facebook develop go to,

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Taming the Facebook Frontier: Facebook Business Page Training

  1. 1. Facebook Business Page Training Presented By: Anthony William Tucker or 918-338-8039 Brought To You By:
  2. 2. About Me/About You • Who am I: Anthony William Tucker • What is my job: New Media Specialist at the Innovation Center powered by RSU • What is my background: Guerrilla marketing strategist with experience in both public and private sectors in marketing, branding, public relations, social media, and search engine optimization. • Why am I here in Nowata County: Training correlates with Entrepreneur Ready Community Certification process Nowata County is undergoing with the guidance of the Innovation Center. The goal is to help Nowata create business climate that attracts outside dollars and keeps dollars from leaking from the community. • Why should you listen to me: I will teach you the skills that it will take to increase sales revenue through social media tactics and build long-term authentic brand relationships with your most profitable customers. • What can I provide you: I can provide you with high-level insight and resources to guide you to dominate your market via social media. I am available for phone calls, meetings, and web meetings to help with this process. I can’t undertake the development of your social media presence for your brand by myself. The Innovation Center is not a full-service marketing agency, we are a resource to help businesses and organizations gain insight and wisdom on how to better their business and their bottom line. • How can you contact me: By email, or by phone, 918-338-8039. You can also find me on Facebook, or on my blog,
  3. 3. Take a breath. No really. Please. Please Agree to the open mind policy requirement.
  4. 4. What We Are Going to Cover • Why should your business/organization leverage Facebook • Personal Facebook page versus business page • Creating and optimizing a Facebook page for search engine indexing – Branding your Facebook Business Page • Timeline Cover • Tabs • Profile Image • Username – Categories – Hours – Phone Number – Etc. • What do I post about and how do I ensure that my audience sees my post • Know the value of a “Like” – Scheduling out your posts – Tagging within posts, photos, and videos • Learning what applications to use on a Facebook page to increase engagement and awareness of value offerings/events – ShortStack – OfferPop • How to place an ad on Facebook – Cost per Action – Targeting your audience
  5. 5. What is Facebook? • History: Facebook was founded in 2004 at Harvard University and now has over 100 billion users. • Why Does it Exist: Facebook exists to allow two-communication between friends, family members, co-workers, and brands. • Why is it Important to Businesses: Facebook tracks every action that a Facebook user makes and based on that action they can put these consumers in categories that allow businesses to target them with more precision than ever before. Facebook also encourages an open line of communication between brands/companies and their current customers. This allows for customers to build stronger affinity with brands/companies which keep the customer coming back to interact with the company and purchase from the company even more than before the social media network went commercial. • What Facebook is not: Facebook is not the place to where you post only one-way communication sales messages that do not encourage two way messaging. Facebook is not the end all to your marketing issues. Your Facebook strategy must be integrated with an integrated marketing strategy that leverages various promotional outlets. Facebook is not for all businesses!
  6. 6. Why Should I Buy Into This? • Why Now: Your most profitable audience is consuming media/content at higher frequencies more than ever and now are feeling a sense of entitlement when it comes to having content when and where they want it. Your brand needs to stay relevant. • Why Me: Your customers and potential customers are wanting to engage with your brand through Facebook and other social media platforms. Thanks to these platforms you can build stronger relationships with your current customers which leads to more sales and more profit (Lower Acquisition Costs Versus Standard Promotional Shotgun Approach Platforms). Also, potential customers are out in the social-sphere looking for products and services to buy make sure your brand is in their mind when it comes to decision time. • I Hate Facebook: This isn’t about personal preferences it is about making money and allocating your promotional dollars and time to the most rewarding/efficient platforms that are available. Facebook for businesses can bring exponential rewards and access to current and potential customers that is not available anywhere else. • Google Partnership: Google is now partnering with Facebook and Facebook shares are now more important that ever because they are playing a factor in Google’s search engine algorithim.
  7. 7. Getting Started • Creating a Facebook business page for those who don’t have an account • Analyzing current Facebook business page performance for those with account • Why you must have a personal account to access the business page account
  8. 8. Personal Page Versus Business Page Personal Page • Is where you connect with your friends, family members, co-workers, etc. • You add a friend or send a friend request to someone you want to connect with. • You must have a personal account to create a page or become a Facebook business page content creator or manager. • You can mass message your contacts about events or personal happenings. • You can customize your Facebook personal page address with your personal name. Not your business name! There is no going back to claim usernames once their claimed. – Good Example: mTucker – Bad Example: Business Page • You don’t have to approve a “Like” for someone to begin to follow your page. • The business page content is completely separate from you personal page. • You choose a username that is either SEO specific or is branded for your business. • This is where you send your audience to connect with your business not your personal page. • You can run ads through this page but it must be connected with a personal account and a credit-card.
  9. 9. Facebook Business Page Basics Activity • You want to choose a username for your page to make it easier to communicate to your audience. Make sure it is consistent with your website domain name and other social media handles. Example: • You want to have a timeline cover, the big image, that fits the specs to the right. Make sure the image is engaging and is conveying the message you are trying to get across about your business. • Profile images, profile images, whew, there is an issue. Make sure that you profile image is high-resolution and don’t try to squeeze your logo into the profile image. You can put your full version logo within the timeline cover. • Is your business a brick and mortar? If so, you need to ensure that your location, map icon, hours, and phone number are correct. This is imperative for local search results within Facebook and Google. Example: Facebook mobile update • Categorizing your page is essential to internal and external search engine results. • Know how to upload photos and videos and tag them and put them in an album. • Always link each image or video back to a specific page on your website for more information.
  10. 10. Timeline Cover Generators • If you don’t own publishing software such as Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign/Photoshop you can create custom branded timeline covers at pagemodo for free. – • These cover photos will be automatically added to your Facebook page. You will just need to add a website link to your cover photo, tag the photo, and add a location to the photo. – Example: Nesting Necessities
  11. 11. Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page Organically • What is Organic: Organic is any promotion of your Facebook page that does not cost. • How do I do this: Integrate Facebook icon and address on all touch points with your audience – Business Cards – Store Front – Receipts – Website Icons – T-Shirts – Think outside of the box be a guerrilla marketer
  12. 12. The Value of a Like • What it isn’t: A like for your Facebook business page does not ensure that the person who liked your Facebook page will see the majority of your posts (Edge) from your brand. • What is more important: What is more important than a like is to have an engaged user who consistently liking, sharing, and commenting within your page. That will increase the opportunities to have other people who is connected with the engaged user to see their activity with your page/brand. • Take it at face value: At face value a like is simply a individual who gave their thumbs up approval of your page for some reason and is someone you have the potential of reaching with marketing messages of value if they are relevant to the person who “liked” the page.
  13. 13. What/When/How do I post about? • What not to post: Don’t post sales oriented one-way communication messages consistently on your brand’s page. This will not encourage engagement with your Facebook page and will lead to the majority of your audience tuning out of your messaging. • What to post: Post two-way messages that encourage your audience to communicate with you but don’t confuse that will irrelevant two-way messages that don’t serve the end goal of punching a sale! Do post about events at your business, new hires, open positions, inventory suggestions, etc. I highly recommended setting standard posting days with your audience. Example, Throwback Thursdays. If you post photos/videos your audience is more likely to see your post in their newsfeed. • When do I post: Post at least once a day to stay relevant with your audience and their news feed. However if the post if not of value then don’t just fluff it because Facebook will see right through that and will not index your post for all to see. • How do I post: You can post through your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. You simply go to your Facebook page’s homepage and start typing and select videos, photos, or questions you want to add to your post.
  14. 14. • Facebook Edge Rankings-How do I ensure that my messages are being seen by the majority of my audience. • Advanced Messaging Development-Importance of hashtags and how to schedule your messages out in advanced. #AWT2016 • How do I place an ad on Facebook • Facebook PPC • Facebook Sponsored Stories • Facebook Promote Your Post • Adding applications to your Facebook business page • Advanced Photos and Videos-Tagging and adding location to each asset to ensure that it can be indexed by Facebook and search engines. Advanced Thinking Cap Time
  15. 15. Facebook Edge Rankings • What it is: The algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what posts or edges will show up in a individual’s newsfeed. • What it isn’t: This isn’t is an exact science because of Facebook changing the weight of each edge to keep us guessing but it is very important to know the factors behind who sees your brand’s messages. • What is important: Your engagement with your fans/followers, the content you are posting or the fan/follower is engaging with, and the amount of time it is live. • Where to learn more: • How do I know my EdgeRank: You can check your page’s edgerank for free,
  16. 16. Advanced Messaging 101 Integrating Edge Rankings • Now I do what: Now that we know that they key to success organically (For FREE) is to drive engagement with our audience we need to cater our messages to include not only buzz worthy content but it needs to include weighted items in the post. – Photos – Videos – Tags – Event Shares – Polls • How do I track success: Try analyzing your insights to see when the most engagement occurs on your page versus the number of posts you post per day. Message Scheduling • What is it: Become a guerrilla marketing master by scheduling out your standard Facebook posts out in advance. – – • Why should I: Because the majority of Facebook traffic and engagement occurs within the market segments who have larger amounts of disposable income on the weekends and weekday nights. You are not at work but you can schedule out two-way engaging messages to be posted at these high traffic times.
  17. 17. Advanced Messaging 102: Hashtags • What it is: A hashtag or #, is a symbol that people place before a keyword that is in discussion within their post. • Does this matter on Facebook: Hashtags are now indexed on Facebook’s new version. This means that when people search for your brand or keywords for your brand you would ideally want your posts to appear. • How many hashtags per post: You want to limit the number of hashtags you use within you posts to 4. After 4 they become irrelevant. • Teach me how to hashtag: You will want to have a standard hashtag for your brand and then you will add hashtags per promotional campaign to drive traffic to your website or Facebook page. You can also add hashtags per industry or geographically related keywords.
  18. 18. Promoting Your Business on Facebook Available Avenues • Promote Your Post – This platform will increase the number of people who see your post for a cost based on the number of likes you have. • Pay for increasing number of followers and friends of followers to see post. • Pay for targeted audience chosen by you to see post. • Display Ad Network – Pay per click (CPC) or by thousand impressions (CPM) to a very targeted audience to have your brand’s message displayed on the right hand side of the newsfeed. – Most targeted form of promotion on the block. You can get as specific as you want. Facebook tracks everything personal users do on Facebook so why wouldn’t they know your audience the best. – Cost per action is the key for success. Set a budget and analyze the success of your ad after two weeks then change if necessary. – If using the default bidding method, CPM, you will have a better return on investment because the more successful your ad is the more times Facebook will show it! • Sponsored Stories – Sponsored stories are a type of ad that shows people's interactions with a Page, app or event to their friends within their newsfeed. – This is important because people are influenced by other people. Market maven example. – Sponsored stories respect the individual privacy settings of people on Facebook. Only people who are eligible to see the original News Feed story can see it as a sponsored story. • Event Promotion – Same setup as Display Ad Network ad placement. Only difference is that your goal is to increase attendance to this event. – Pay per click or by thousand impressions. – Most targeted form of promotion via demographics and Geographic's.
  19. 19. Increasing Likes Through Campaigns: Like Gating 101 Old Like Gating New Like Gating Methods
  20. 20. Creating a Like Gate Contest Platforms • ShortStack – Free platform available to add custom engaging like gate contests to your Facebook page via an application. • OfferPop – Free platform for one page that allows you to create branded like gating contest to increase engagement and your page’s reach. • Tug-Of-War • Video Contest • Photo Contest • Fan Profiles Do’s and Don’ts • What to do: Do leverage campaigns that encourage your most profitable customers both current and potential to engage with your brand organically. • Don’t do: Don’t just offer gift cards or cash prizes for generic likes of your page. This individuals aren’t your target audience and most likely will never return to your page. Plus, remember if they’re not engaged they won’t see your brand messages in their newsfeed! • Please don’t do this: soisms
  21. 21. Applications on Facebook Page Facebook Apps • Video Application • Photo Application • Events Application – Event promotion via Facebook is huge for the event’s success. GO VIRAL! Third-Party Apps • If you can dream it, there is an app for that! • Direct traffic to your website or specific webpage – Just Redirect • Other social media feeds – Instagram – Pinterest • Email Marketing Integration App – MailChimp-Capture email addresses directly from you Facebook page. – Customize the app. • Multiple Locations – Bullseye Location What are the most important apps?
  22. 22. Importance of Tagging Search Engines Need Tags • Why should I care: Thanks to the new Facebook operating systems tags within posts, photos, and videos are now more important than ever. • Local drives searches: As within search engine results on Google/Bing/Yahoo local searches dominate the results. You need to add a location to each photo and video. • What do I do: Tag your business every photo and video it is in and when it is applicable tag the business in posts on your brand’s newsfeed. Example
  23. 23. Closing Remarks WARNING STATEMENT: You control your brand’s destiny and you must determine what is the most optimal amount of time and money to spend on social media development. There are professional service providers out there who could take this task off of your hands. Don’t sell your brand short by not setting up a strategy for social media and fading out after a dismal effort. You will loose customers and money.
  24. 24. Have Questions? • View today’s Presentation and Self-Help videos online: • Request services from the RSU Innovation Center: • Contact the instructor: – Anthony William Tucker – Office Hours: 8-5 pm M-F (M-W in Bartlesville, TH-F in Claremore) – Phone: 918-338-8039 – Email: – Facebook: – AWT’s Last day at the Innovation Center, Friday, August 9th