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A brief overview of Reilly Studios retail design capabilities. Creating inspired retail and brand environments for financial institutions and retailers nationwide.

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Reilly Studios Retail Design 1

  1. 1. February 2011 financial & retail designbrand environments protomodel concepts branch/store design customer experiences signature elements interiors retail design
  3. 3. reillystudios is an on the inventive concep-design consulting studio focused architectural and interiortion of built environments. We utilize the right blend of ar-chitectural and interior design with graphics and technol-ogy to convey the branding and positioning of financialinstitutions and retailers of all types. We provide compellingspaces that sell.We specialize in providing innovative design solutions tocompanies striving to accommodate a chosen demograph-ic. We help them leverage the retail branch and their storesto engage the customer on a more personal level. ReillyStudios brings together, through strategic partnerships, theright talent at the right time to fulfill each clients’ needs.We strive to provide the most efficient way possible forlarge, small or de novo institutions to benefit from our ex-perience, and that of our partners, to bring them the ex-ceptional creativity and service one might expect of a muchlarger studio.
  4. 4. the studios we are a design firm that believes design matters. we strive to provide inspired environments for how you live work bank shop relax retail financial hospitality it’s our diverse experience providing inspired environments for retail, financial, hospitality, corporate, commercial and fine residential clients of all sizes that shapes, influences, and complements our work for them allcommerical interiors fine residential
  5. 5. we createinspired customer experiences...•we utilize the right blend of architectural andinterior design with graphics and technologyto convey the branding and positioning ofretailers and financial institutions.•we provide compelling spaces that sell forretailers and financial institutions striving toaccommodate a chosen demographic.•we help retailers and financial institutionsleverage the retail branch to engage thecustomer on a more personal level.
  6. 6. retail &financialdesign•environmental brand translation•protomodel concepts•store & branch design•interior design•customer experiences•retrofit concepts•signature elements•millwork design•fixture/retail elements
  7. 7. we designfine residential interiors hospitality financial retail•distinctive homes •residential •boutique hotels •banks •retail concept development•vacation getaways •commercial •inns •credit unions •branded environments•condos •corporate •spas •signature elements •customer experiences•lofts •hospitality •design concepts •retail fixtures •store planning•specialty structures •loft/condo •interiors •branded palettes •fixture design •model units •graphics •digital fixutres|content •restaurant •furniture •food service commercial •design feasibility studies •project concepting •building design •approvals materials •design partnering •joint ventures •as-built documentation real estate graphics •architectural rendering •preliminary concepts •presentation materials •approvals materials •marketing material •as-built documentation
  8. 8. collaborationcontract consulting design collaboration strategic partnerships•third party design consulting •on site team member •architects•sales support|presentations •design charrettes •interior designers•on call design concepting •in-house design consulting •industrial designers•production|presentation support •CAD consulting/production •graphic designers•illustration|rendering •design concepting •visualization & animation consultants•retainer or hourly consulting •presentation •brand & strategy consultants •real estate developers •real estate brokerage houses •promotional resource shops •design/build companies •millwork shops
  9. 9. greatenvironmentsshould create a deeper, richerexperience for you, your clients,customers and employess by creatingmemorable and tangible experiencesthey must clearly communicate tangiblefeatures and intangible benefits that willattract customers’ attention and drawthem into interactionwsfs bank, greenville, de 1st advantage federal credit union
  10. 10. brandenvironments Since your brand really is the promisethere are two sides to every brand you make to your customers, shouldn’t your environment reinforce that promise• the part you create with a great customer experience?• the part that is kept in the mind of the consumer investment banking suite concept for amsouth bank novobranch protomodel
  11. 11. STORE DESIGN Our work
  12. 12. retailstoredesign store concepting
  13. 13. retailstoredesign fixture concepting
  14. 14. retailstoredesignretail fixtures display solutions themed kiosks self service •technology kiosks •white board displays •promotional kiosks •community displays •self service terminals •window displays •exterior merchandising •wayfinding / signage window displays
  15. 15. designprocess meeting notes & sketches
  16. 16. retailstoredesignelement store store design concepts
  17. 17. retailstoredesignOnce a company that provided corporations and financial institutions withbrand extensions and rewards programs Element looked to pursue andbricks and mortar presence. Working with element marketing reillystudios isdesigning a new branded retail environment. The goal is to create a bright,energetic experience utilizing cost effective, environmentally sensitive materi-als, and a color palette that reinforces the element brand.
  18. 18. retailstoredesignlindt & sprungli factory store
  19. 19. retailstoredesignA conceptual design proposal for a regional auto parts and servicechain. The goal was to create a more retail-oriented environment witha better customer experience. Special attention was given to how cus-tomers and employees would navigate and use the space. Better rep-resentation of product and service offerings was also key to its tires parts service
  20. 20. retailstoredesign Reilly Studios was asked by the client to de- velop very early concepting for an upscale salon geared toward men. It would be a place to hang out, get a haircut, and maybe watch the game while they wait. All in an atmosphere that is reminiscent of an old lounge or men’smens salon concepts club but with all the contemporary style and technology guys crave.
  21. 21. retailcenterdesignReilly Studios worked with RRW Architects on concepts for a developerrepositioning a former single tenant retail building into a mulit-unitbuilding with a more contemporary look that had more visual presencefrom the adjacent mall of the americas
  22. 22. retailcenterdesignnorth hampton
  23. 23. retailstoredesign Concepts for a developer repositioning a former movie theater complexcinema plaza shops into a retail center. The goal was to renovate the building to give it a more upscale look while meeting the demands of a tight schedule and budget.
  24. 24. brandspacedesign reillystudios is currently working on abean group “common office palette protomodel” for a real estate company that is expanding their network. The goal is to create a palette and kit-of-parts that could be utilizedsales office while being able to be tailored to the local demographic. The offices would be a hoteling space that can act as a landing pad for agents.
  25. 25. bean group’s meredith, nh office wasthe first roll-out to use the ‘commonoffice palette’ opening in the 2010
  26. 26. FINANCIAL RETAIL Our work
  27. 27. financialretailpoint of view“Personlized service, convenience,and ease of use are key factors thatcustomers consider when selecting afinancial insitution.” “For the majority of customers, branches still constitue the preferred channel for opening an account.” Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP 9/09
  28. 28. today’scustomersCustomers are now adoptingalternative delivery channels29% cite ATMs/kiosks as 1st or 2nd channel ofchoice. 11% cite online banking as their preferred channel PwC Advisory
  29. 29. today’sbranchevolution of the branch•redefine role of the branch•examine services provided in the branch•re-visit the square footage and staff counts required to provide an optimalbrand experience•provide spaces for higher return products - wealth management, insurance,financial planning services•individual branches within a network need to cater to specific audience andtheir individual needs PwC Advisory
  30. 30. today’sbranchfeatures•designed to deliver privacy, safety, and sense of security across allinteractions•digital marketing and signage facilitate branch navigation and makesofferings in new ways•self-service channels emphasized for routine low-return transactions•education tools displayed prominentlydrivers•customized branch designs to serve needs of diverse customer base•consistency of branch design is important in order to providecustomers with a reliable experience across branches and toenhance their self-service experience and reinforce the brand PwC Advisory
  31. 31. designprocess “the design of a protomodel” The following is an example the process we take on all of our projects. It all starts with a understanding of your brand. Your personal brand or that of your company. The process is the same be it a home, hotel, or a new retail environment.1 conceptual design 2 schematic design 3 design development• initial concept diagram • initial building concepts • final floor plan • revised building concepts • exterior computer rendering• building forms • initial interior concepts • concept floor plan • interior computer rendering
  32. 32. “from an old burger king to an inspired branded financial retail environment”4 example of implementation of the protomodel • existing burger king floor plan • existing burger king photo • computer visualizations renderings courtesy of Tangram3DS • final bank floor plan • photos of the finished project
  33. 33. smallerbranches convential/traditional efficient/evolved •staff are group in activity zones •activity hub •zones are arrayed around perimeter •maximizes teamwork by decreasing barriers •large inefficient central spce •increases communication between staff •staff levels decline they become isolated •easily shift between tasks in response to traffic volume •isolation interferes with ability to adapt to •provide consistent, high quality, customer experiences traffic fluctuations CSRs and tellers can’t at all times and level of activity adapt quickly •branch can actually function with fewer FTEs •can’t to multiple tasks in close proximity Ryan Bank Concepts
  34. 34. smallerbranchesthe “activity hub”
  35. 35. protomodelconcepts
  36. 36. branchdesign“brand icon” ** computer renderings courtesy of Tangram3DS “designed to be migratable”
  37. 37. retrofitconcepts “more efficient/effective retail environments” existing plan proposed plan
  38. 38. retrofitconcepts “meets pricepoint”
  39. 39. branchrefreshexisting existing
  40. 40. branchrefresh Reilly Studios, utilizing the new prototype palette, designed the renovation of a 2500 sf shopping center branch in Wilmington, DE to improve the operation of the branch as well as unifying the look. New millwork components were designed to emulate the new prototypes developed for the bank.existing
  41. 41. brandpalettes 10 Main Street Rochester, NH 03839 Ph: 603.335.1400 Fx: 603.335.4542 “embraces technology and provides opportunities for remote branding” ©2005 BrandPartners Retail Inc. All rights reserved. Information, material, and designs in this document are proprietary to and owned by BrandPartners Retail Inc. and may not be . 1st Advantage FCU 2005 disclosed to any third party, reproduced, posted on a global computer information network, or distributed in any way without the written consent from BrandPartners Retail Inc. Gloucestersignatureelements
  42. 42. custommillworkcustom millwork
  43. 43. displaysolutions retailfixtures •technology kiosks •white board displays •promotional kiosks •community displays •self service terminals •window displays •exterior merchandising •wayfinding / signage
  44. 44. in-storebranchesbefore SELF SERVICE SURROUND 10 Main Street Rochester, NH 03839 Ph: 603.335.1400 Fx: 603.335.4542 ©2006 BrandPartners Retail Inc. All rights reserved. Information, material, and designs in this document are proprietary to and owned by BrandPartners Retail Inc. and may not be disclosed to any third party, reproduced, posted on a global computer information network, or distributed in any way without the written consent from BrandPartners Retail Inc. ALASKA USA Federal Credit Union Design Development Phase DD Bid Package 1.05.06 RETROFIT A.9
  45. 45. mallbranches
  46. 46. buildingconcepts first national bank of bar harbor“branches should be a brand iconthat respresents the personality ofthe institution and fit comfortablyin its surroundings ”1st advantage fcu regions bank bankatlantic
  47. 47. retailbranchdesign
  48. 48. inlinebranches “efficient/effectiveretail environment” “a kit-of-parts”
  49. 49. ontheboards“a look at some of thework currently in design ”
  50. 50. financial retail design • point-of-sale material designnovobranch • logo / brand
  51. 51. financial retail designnovobranch II
  52. 52. financial retail design new prototype planrendering of proposed new prototype design interior of new prototype and its signature millwork components and palette cutaway view of proposed Edmont branchwsfs bank
  53. 53. financial retail design millsboro denovo branch greenville branch retrofit before prices corner branch retrofitwsfs bank
  54. 54. financial retail design “brand icon” VIKING BANK images courtesy of tangram3ds new prototype design rendering of proposed new prototype design new prototype plan “designed to be migratable”viking bank interior of proposed new prototype look and feel
  55. 55. financial retail designviking bank
  56. 56. financial retail designnew bank Reilly Studios collaborated with brandpartners to design a new branch protomodel package that could beprotomodel utlized in not only de novo branches of varying sizes, but in the retrofit and renovation of existing branches abtained thru acquisition. The goal was to create a strong physical brand identity in an efficient model.
  57. 57. financial retail designsuntrust bank
  58. 58. financial retail designmainsource
  59. 59. Reilly Studios is currently working on designs to reposition a former car dealership’s showroom into a regional bank branch for an Indianabank. The program calls for a new retail branch environment, a large community space geared to meetings and community events as well asoffices for regional operations.
  60. 60. financial retail design Reilly Studios provided a design program to efficiently and cost effectively refresh the look of Alaska USA’s current branch network to better express alaska usa’s brand in the alaska and se-alaska usa fcu attle markets through a system of signature components, merchandising elements and new finish and furniture palette.
  61. 61. financial retail design Reilly Studios worked with Branch Development Group on design concept proposals tocapital one bank migrate Capital One Bank’s current palette into smaller, more efficient branches that could be rolled out more cost effectively.
  62. 62. financial retail designfauquier bank
  63. 63. financial retail designReilly Studios designed the repositioning of aformer national pizza chain’s location into anew branch for a midwest community bank.the farmers bank
  64. 64. financial retail designnorthern bank & trust Reilly Studios is currently working on designs for the complete renova- tion of a tired old branch formerly occupied by a large national bank.
  65. 65. university of Ron Reilly was the designer for the newest branch for the University of Kentucky FCU. The goal was to create a branch that had a dynamic interior as well as an exterior that metkentucky fcu all the strict design guidelines of the development where the branch was to be built.
  66. 66. financial retail design Ron Reilly was the lead designer of the design and implementation of the new headquarters retail branch for 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union. The design utilized the same palette and signature elements used throughout their entire footprint.1st advantage fcu
  67. 67. financial retail design1st advantage fcu
  68. 68. “designed to your regionand demographic”rocky moutain bankdesign concepts
  69. 69. how we work strong brands are all• concepting, a la carte or about relationshipscomplete design services reillystudios believes in the power of relationships.• design collaboration with Relationships with your employees, your customers, your shareholders and your local house marketing and retailteams It is because of these relationships that we have created a design firm with the flexibility to collaborate in a way that best suits your needs. At reillystudios,• collaboration with your local we work to create a lasting relationship with you andarchitect and engineers those that work with you.• collaboration with corporatefacilities group• collaboration with your adagency or branding consultants• material sourcing or biddingto local trades with yourgeneral contractor• complete flexibility
  70. 70. Ron Reilly, Principal/ Design DirectorRon Reilly is an architectural designer with overtwenty years experience in a broad range and scaleof commercial, retail, corporate, and hospitalityarchitecture. He is a versatile designer able towork in traditional, contextual, and contemporaryarchitecture as appropriate for each clients uniqueprogram and region. With a wide range of expertisein all phases of various project types, he understandsthe various challenges and complexities of theplanning and implementation of environments fromthe early concept through final construction.He has worked for a variety of large national designfirms doing projects for a wide array of clients includingGE, Fidelity, WSFS Bank, The White Barn Inn & Spaand Marriott International. Ron studied Architectureand Historic Preservation at Roger Williams Collegeand The Boston Architectural Center.
  71. 71. *all work and design product represented in this document has been done entirely by RonReilly at reillystudios llc or by Ron Reilly while at, or in collaboration with, other design firms.©2011 Reilly Studios LLC Design Collaborative. All rights reserved. Information, material, anddesigns in this document are proprietary to and owned by Reilly Studios LLC. and may not bedisclosed to any third party, reproduced, posted on a global computer information network, ordistributed in any way without the written consent from Reilly Studios LLC.
  72. 72. financial & retail design reilly studios llc one washington st suite 3100 dover, nh 03820 603-343-2298
  73. 73. www.reillystudios.comretail financial hospitality design fine residential interiors commercial