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Reilly Designs\'s approach to creating the customer experience in financial retail services.

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Reilly Design Financial Retail

  2. 2. Inspired Customer Experiences•we utilize the right blend of architecturaland interior design with graphics andtechnology to convey the branding andpositioning of financial institutions.•we provide compelling spaces that sellfor institutions striving to accommodate achosen demographic.•we help institutions leverage the retailbranch to engage the customer on amore personal level.
  3. 3. Financial Retail Design •environmental brand translation •protomodel concepts •branch design •interior design •customer experiences •retrofit concepts •signature elements •millwork design •fixture / retail element design
  4. 4. Great Environments•should create a deeper, richer experience for your customer andemployees by creating memorable and tangible experiences•must clearlycommunicatetangible featuresand intangiblebenefits that willattract customers’attention and drawthem into interaction
  5. 5. Your Brandbrandtotal experience gained from the behaviorand relationship someone has with yourinstitution, its products and its services
  6. 6. Brand Environmentsthere are two sides to every brand• the part you create• the part that is kept in the mind of the consumerSince your brand really is the promise you make to your customers, shouldn’tyour environment reinforce that promise with a great customer experience?
  7. 7. Point of View“Personalized service, convenience, and easeof use are key factors that customers considerwhen selecting a financial insitution.”“For the majority of customers, branches stillconstitue the preferred channel for openingan account.” Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP 9/09
  8. 8. Today’s CustomersCustomers are now adopting alternative deliverychannels29% cite ATMs/kiosks as 1st or 2nd channel of choice.11% cite online banking as their preferred channel PwC Advisory
  9. 9. Today’s Branchevolution of the branch•redefine role of the branch•examine services provided in the branch•re-visit the square footage and staff counts required to provide an optimal brandexperience•provide spaces for higher return products - wealth management, insurance, financialplanning services•individual branches within a network need to cater to specific audience and theirindividual needs PwC Advisory
  10. 10. Today’s Branchfeatures•designed to deliver privacy, safety, and sense of security across all interactions•digital marketing and signage facilitate branch navigation and makes offerings innew ways•self-service channels emphasized for routine low-return transactions•education tools displayed prominentlydrivers•customized branch designs to serve needs of diverse customer base•consistency of branch design is important in order to provide customers with areliable experience across branches and to enhance their self-service experienceand reinforce the brand PwC Advisory
  11. 11. Alternative Delivery Channelsself service online banking video mobileATM banking banking
  12. 12. Efficient Staffing Operating Modelconvential/traditional efficient/evolved•staff are group in activity zones •activity hub Ryan Bank Concepts•zones are arrayed around perimeter •maximizes teamwork by decreasing barriers•large inefficient central spce •increases communication between staff•staff levels decline they become isolated •easily shift between tasks in response to traffic volume•isolation interferes with ability to adapt to •provide consistent, high quality, customer experiencestraffic fluctuations CSRs and tellers can’t at all times and level of activityadapt quickly •branch can actually function with fewer FTEs•can’t to multiple tasks in close proximity
  13. 13. Smaller Branchesthe “service core”
  14. 14. Smaller Branches the kit of parts
  15. 15. Smaller Branches the kit of parts
  16. 16. Mini Branches Capital One Bank 620 SF
  17. 17. Micro Branches 400sf+/- sfmicro/convenience branch examples
  18. 18. Teller OptionsDIALOG TELLERS HYBRID TELLERS one branch - 2 tellers - 2400 SF
  19. 19. Inline Branches renovations - a tiered approachinline/endcap 2500+/- sf example
  20. 20. “the design of a protomodel” Design Process The following is an example the process we take on all of our projects. It all starts with a understanding of your brand. Your personal brand or that of your company. The process is the same be it a home, hotel, or a new retail environment.1 conceptual design 2 schematic design 3 design development• initial concept diagram • initial building concepts • final floor plan • revised building concepts • exterior computer rendering• building forms • initial interior concepts • concept floor plan • interior computer rendering
  21. 21. Design Process “from an old burger king to an inspired branded financial retail environment”4 example of implementation of the protomodel • existing burger king floor plan • existing burger king photo • computer visualizations • final bank floor plan • photos of the finished project
  22. 22. Protomodel Concepts
  23. 23. Branch Design“brand icon” ** computer renderings courtesy of Tangram3DS “designed to be migratable”
  24. 24. Signature Elements“more efficient/effective retail environments” proposed plan
  25. 25. Retrofit Concepts“meetspricepoint”
  26. 26. Proto-models3800 SF 2500 SF
  27. 27. Hybrid Teller Branch
  28. 28. Branch Redesign original design redesigned branch redesigned branchoriginal design existing redesigned branch original design
  29. 29. Branch Refresh after after beforebefore before after
  30. 30. Branch Refreshafterbefore
  31. 31. Retail Fit-up/Modular Interiors limited constructionfixtures, furniture,demountable walls
  32. 32. Brand Palettes |Signature Elements“embraces technology” 10 Main Street Rochester, NH 03839 Ph: 603.335.1400 Fx: 603.335.4542 “provides opportunities for remote branding” ©2005 BrandPartners Retail Inc. All rights reserved. Information, material, and designs in this document are proprietary to and owned by BrandPartners Retail Inc. and may not be . 1st Advantage FCU 2005 disclosed to any third party, reproduced, posted on a global computer information network, or distributed in any way without the written consent from BrandPartners Retail Inc. Gloucester
  33. 33. Custom Millwork “efficient & consistent look and feel for new branches, renovations and retrofits”
  34. 34. Modular Millwork
  35. 35. Display Solutions | Retail Fixtures•technology kiosks•white board displays•promotional kiosks•community displays•self service terminals•window displays•exterior merchandising•wayfinding / signage
  36. 36. Merchandising Solutions
  37. 37. Merchandising Solutions
  38. 38. Drive up Solutions
  39. 39. Exterior Projection
  40. 40. ATMs
  41. 41. Video Consulting
  42. 42. Dialog Banking
  43. 43. Micro Branch Options 500 sf
  44. 44. Brand Texture
  45. 45. Cash Recyclers
  46. 46. Non-constructed Interiors
  47. 47. Video Banking
  48. 48. Instore Branchesbefore 10 Main Street Rochester, NH 03839 Ph: 603.335.1400 Fx: 603.335.4542 ©2006 BrandPartners Retail Inc. All rights reserved. Information, material, and designs in this document are proprietary to and owned by BrandPartners Retail Inc. and may not be disclosed to any third party, reproduced, posted on a global computer information network, or distributed in any way without the written consent from BrandPartners Retail Inc. ALASKA USA Federal Credit Union Design Development Phase DD Bid Package 1.05.06 SELF SERVICE SURROUND RETROFIT A.9
  49. 49. Mall Branches“sometimes lessreally is more”
  50. 50. Building Concepts first national bank of bar harbor“branches should be a brand iconthat respresents the personality ofthe institution and fit comfortablyin its surroundings ”1st advantage fcu regions bank bankatlantic
  51. 51. On The Boards“a look at some of the work currently in design ”
  52. 52. On The Boards
  53. 53. Retail Branch Design
  54. 54. Inline Branches “efficient/effectiveretail environment” “a kit-of-parts”
  55. 55. Small Branch Concept
  56. 56. New Investment |Retail Bank
  57. 57. New Investment |Retail Bank • exterior concept perspective • aerial view showing design as inline store • inline interior• alternate concept perspective • retrofit concepts
  58. 58. Suntrust
  59. 59. Suntrust
  60. 60. Suntrust
  61. 61. Novobank
  62. 62. Novobank • early design concept• logo / brand• point-of-sale material design mock-ups • aerial view showing design as inline store
  63. 63. Novobank II
  64. 64. WSFS Bank greenville branch retrofit utilizning thew new commonpalette
  65. 65. WSFS Bank
  66. 66. WSFS Bank
  67. 67. Viking Bank
  68. 68. Viking Bank
  69. 69. Mainsource
  70. 70. Mainsource I
  71. 71. Mainsource II
  72. 72. 1st Advantage
  73. 73. 1st Advantage
  74. 74. 1st Advantage
  75. 75. 1st Advantage
  76. 76. The Fauquier Bank night view of exterior
  77. 77. The Fauquier Bank
  78. 78. Adams County Bank
  79. 79. Adams County Bankexterior perspective view into retail branch view into wealth management view of entry
  80. 80. Midcoast“the building is the physical representation of your brand”
  81. 81. University of Kentucky
  82. 82. Service 1st
  83. 83. The Farmers Bank
  84. 84. American Heritage
  85. 85. American Heritage
  86. 86. Mid - Hudson Valleyoriginal design proposed design original design proposed design
  87. 87. AlasksaUSA
  88. 88. AlasksaUSA
  89. 89. Xcelexisting
  90. 90. Rocky Mountain Bank“designed to your region and demographic”
  91. 91. Branch Renovation
  92. 92. Sanford Institution for Savings redesign concepts original design proposed designoriginal design proposed design
  93. 93. Sanford Institution for Savingsactual space
  94. 94. Peoples Bank redesign conceptsoriginal design proposed designoriginal design proposed design
  95. 95. Peoples Bankproposed design