What's New in Visual Studio 2013 for C# Developers


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One of our partners, IT-Visions, invited me to speak at their VS2013/Win8.1 "What's New" event in Munich today. Of course I am happy to participate. During the session I will demo new features from VS2013, Windows Store app development, and Windows Azure Mobile Services. During the session I will do nearly 100% live coding. You can check out the sample code and download it at http://www.software-architects.com/devblog/2013/11/04/Whats-New-For-Devs-in-Win81

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What's New in Visual Studio 2013 for C# Developers

  1. 1. IT-Visions Infotag Windows 8.1 Rainer Stropek software architects gmbh Mail rainer@timecockpit.com Web http://www.timecockpit.com Twitter @rstropek News for Users and Devs Saves the day.
  2. 2. Introduction Time Cockpit http://www.timecockpit.com Cloud Cockpit Framework Consulting Projects Custom Development Training Conference Sessions Trainings and Coaching Articles and Books Bilder © software architects gmbh
  3. 3. Windows 8.1  Enhancements for users  New and enhanced controls  New and enhanced APIs  Tools  Bing Services
  4. 4. Start Button Finally… Customize start menu behavior Make Windows 8 look more like 7
  5. 5. Lock Screen Improvements Play slide show Launch camera or Skype from lock screen
  6. 6. Apps Updates, new apps from Microsoft
  7. 7. Start Menu Improvements All Apps view Option: Put desktop apps first Different sort orders (by name, by most used, etc.)
  8. 8. Tiles Improvements New tile sizes Small (70x70) Medium (150x150) Large (310x310) Wide (310x150)
  9. 9. Tiles Improvements Tile configuration App manifest Code Sample Dev Center App tiles and badges sample
  10. 10. Windowing Free window sizing Things to remember for developers No fixed-width view states anymore Handle any size down to width of 500 pixels (opt-in for 320px) More than two apps on the screen Multiple windows for a single app are possible Code Sample Dev Center Multiple Views Sample
  11. 11. Search Has moved Search behavior has changed Can now be part of the app Optionally implement search contract
  12. 12. Search Contract Code Sample Dev Center Search contract sample
  13. 13. <SearchBox SuggestionsRequested="onSuggestionsRequested"/> SearchBox
  14. 14. <TextBox Header="Last name" /> Header-Property ComboBox, DatePicker, TimePicker, Slider, and Edit-Controls
  15. 15. <TextBox Header="First name" PlaceholderText="optional" /> Placeholder Watermark <ComboBox PlaceholderText="Bitte auswählen!"> <x:String>Item 1</x:String> <x:String>Item 2</x:String> <x:String>Item 3</x:String> </ComboBox> ComboBox, PasswordBox, RichEditBox, SearchBox, TextBox
  16. 16. <TimePicker ClockIdentifier="24HourClock" Header="24 hour clock" …/> Date/TimePicker Customizable CalendarIdentifier, Day/Month/YearFormat, MinuteIncrement, etc. Respects language settings Code Sample Dev Center XAML DatePicker and TimePicker controls sample
  17. 17. <MediaElement Source="demo.mp4" AreTransportControlsEnabled="True" IsFullWindow="true" /> MediaElement Transport controls now integrated New video processing capabilities Capturing updates Photo sequence mode Flash mode White balance Etc.
  18. 18. // The media object for controlling and playing audio. MediaElement mediaElement = this.media; // The object for controlling the speech-synthesis // engine (voice). var synth = new Windows.Media.SpeechSynthesis.SpeechSynthesizer(); // Generate the audio stream from plain text. SpeechSynthesisStream stream = await synth.SynthesizeTextToStreamAsync("Hello World"); // Send the stream to the media object. mediaElement.SetSource(stream, stream.ContentType); mediaElement.Play(); Demo Speech Synthesis and Media Element
  19. 19. <Page.BottomAppBar> <CommandBar> <AppBarButton Icon="Save" Label="Save" /> <AppBarButton Icon="Delete" Label="Delete" /> </CommandBar> </Page.BottomAppBar> CommandBar Derives from AppBar Simpler to follow UX guidelines AppBarButton, AppBarToggleButton, AppBarSeparator Code Sample Dev Center XAML AppBar control sample
  20. 20. <Button Content="Delete"> <Button.Flyout> <Flyout> <StackPanel ...> <TextBlock Text="Really?" /> <Button .../> </StackPanel> </Flyout> </Button.Flyout> </Button> <TextBlock Text="..." Tapped="TextBlock_Tapped" FontSize="18"> <FlyoutBase.AttachedFlyout> <Flyout> <TextBox x:Name="MyTextBox" Text="Tap it…"/> </Flyout> </FlyoutBase.AttachedFlyout> </TextBlock> private void TextBlock_Tapped(object sender, TappedRoutedEventArgs e) { FrameworkElement element = sender as FrameworkElement; if (element != null) { FlyoutBase.ShowAttachedFlyout(element); } } Flyout Popup in context with current operation Attached to a Button Attached to any FrameworkElement
  21. 21. <Hub Header="News"> <HubSection MinWidth="600" Header="Latest"> <DataTemplate> <Grid> <TextBlock Text="The most recent news will be here." Style="{ThemeResource BodyTextBlockStyle}" /> </Grid> </DataTemplate> </HubSection> <HubSection Header="Tech" IsHeaderInteractive="True" Background="#222222" MinWidth="250"> <DataTemplate> <StackPanel> <TextBlock Text="Tech news goes here." Style="{ThemeResource BodyTextBlockStyle}" /> <TextBlock Text="Click the header to go to the Tech page." Style="{ThemeResource BodyTextBlockStyle}" /> </StackPanel> </DataTemplate> </HubSection> <HubSection Header="Sports" IsHeaderInteractive="True" Background="#444444" MinWidth="250"> <DataTemplate> <StackPanel> <TextBlock Text="Sports news goes here." Style="{ThemeResource BodyTextBlockStyle}" /> <TextBlock Text="Click the header to go to the Sports page." Style="{ThemeResource BodyTextBlockStyle}" /> </StackPanel> </DataTemplate> </HubSection> </Hub> Hub Hub navigation pattern
  22. 22. HttpClient  New: Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient  Many extensions: Caching Filter Pipeline (e.g. for Logging, Try/Retry, Metered Connections) IProgress
  23. 23. StorageAPI  FilePicker not only in full screen mode Split-screen apps  Folder management  GetParentAsync() if allowed  IsEqual() to find out if two storage items represent the same file  TryGetItemAsync()  New KnownFolders CameraRoll and PlayList
  24. 24. Security  Fingerprint Authentication  Smartcard Reader  Password and account management Credential Locker App Account Settings
  25. 25. Devices  HID Support For hardware partners App can be prerequisite for using the hardware  Point of Service Device Support Barcodescanner Magnetic stripe readers  USB devices For details see Windows 8.1 documentation
  26. 26. Geofence  Define a geofence Position and radius  Alert the app when the device enters or exits the area  BackgroundTask LocationTrigger
  27. 27. Bing Services  http://www.bing.com/dev Search Maps Speech OCR Translator Ads Synonyms
  28. 28. Download
  29. 29. Resources  Windows 8.1 Feature Guide http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/apps/bg182410
  30. 30. IT-Visions Infotag Rainer Stropek software architects gmbh Q&A Mail Web Twitter rainer@timecockpit.com http://www.timecockpit.com @rstropek Thank You For Coming. Saves the day.