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30 Sec Pitch - for High School Students

30 Second Pitch presentation to Silicon Halton: Tech Under 20 event, May 27, 2015, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Presentation given to high school students in aid of them landing a summer job.


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30 Sec Pitch - for High School Students

  1. 1. Tech Under 20: Pitch Yourself Workshop Session: 30 Second Pitch Rick Stomphorst | | @StompR President,
  2. 2. 30 Second Pitch • In 30 sec, roughly an elevator ride, you have to give an employer enough information about you to generate interest in you • There’s no perfect pitch, but there are clearly wrong ones.
  3. 3. Who are you? • The listener doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall. Nothing. Zippo. • Employers actually hope “you are the one” • Majors / specialties / strong interests in school? • Something unique? • High mark in Math, English, Gym, etc.? • Volunteering Experience?
  4. 4. Why? • Listeners want to know why they’re listening to your pitch. Tell them up-front. • “Summer job” • Why you? • E.g. Determined, independent, budding software developer, where you live
  5. 5. What? • What you do, what you have experience in, how can you save them (or make them) money? • E.g. Excel, Word, Inventory Systems
  6. 6. The Ask • What are you looking for? • Hint: summer job • In your case, include “When” • I’m available starting June 1
  7. 7. Example Hi, I’m Student Stomphorst, a Grade 12 student from Oakville, looking for a summer job. Two classes I’ve excelled at are math (90%) and Computers (85%). I’ve previously worked in Retail at ComputersAreUs, I’m very good with Excel, Word & Powerpoint, and some inventory management systems experience. I’m spending my volunteer hours at Habitat for Humanity. My past manager and volunteer manager said they’d both be a reference. If you need an enthusiastic proactive person for the summer to off-load work to, I’m your man/girl.
  8. 8. Interview Tips • Arrive precisely 10min early. • Bring 2 copies of your resume (one for you and 1 spare). • Have 3 stories you'd like to get across. "We understand stories. So do you" - Ron Howard, May 2014 addressing 4,000 people at IBM Summit • Have a 2-3 minute rehearsed answer to the question "So tell me about yourself" (tip, rehearse in the car on your way there) • Have 3 questions ready (not HR questions) • It's usually ok to jot down a few notes during the interview, but good etiquette to ask "do you mind if I make a few notes". Don't spend the interview writing, or it will seem like you're interviewing them! • Immediately afterward the interview, stop to write down what happened during the interview. People often use this for a basis for a potential 2nd interview and/or thank-you email. • Here's a good recent article on interview questions: • Here's a good recent article on 5 questions great candidates ask: • Great article on "The best ways to close a job interview • Common Non Verbal Mistakes made at a Job Interview (infographic) • 30 sec pitch for grads: pitch • Be yourself