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Worldprofit 25406 15243345

  1. 1. LEGAL NOTICEThe Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this report,notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within areaccurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the Publisherassumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matterherein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional.In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income made. Readersare cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly.This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. Allreaders are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting, andfinance field.You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.
  2. 2. Table of ContentsAbout Worldprofit ................................................ 4Introduction ..................................................... 5Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic ..................... 6Paid Ads Part 1: JV Rocket and "Tier 1 Solo Ads" ...... 8Paid Ads Part 2: LeadImpact and Top CPV Networks .................... 9Paid Ads Part 3: Plenty of Fish Ads .............. 10Paid Ads Part 4: 7Search, Ad Hitz, and LinkedIn Ads ......... 11Paid Ads Part 5: PayPerPost, Blog Ads, and ReviewMe ............. 12Paid Ads Part 6: AbestWeb, CB, JV Zoo, W+, PDC, DigiResults ............ 13Paid Ads Part 7: StumbleUpon Ads, PR Web, and Direct CPV ............ 14Paid Ads Part 9: More Advertising Networks and Ad Sources ............ 15Free Ads: Top Safelists & Traffic Exchanges ............ 16
  3. 3. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program About WorldprofitSince 1994, Worldprofit has assisted small and home based business owners around the world to profit online. We specialize intraffic generation, business-building software, various reseller opportunities, webcasting, and ongoing training and support for ourcustomers.Worldprofit has the tools and services you need to grow your home business as big as you want. These tools and services includedomain hosting, website design, custom database development, video and webcasting, prospect management, HTML andtext-based newsletters (listservers), website content management, dynamic lead generation, prospect leads, online advertising andmore. We have analyzed what businesses need to profit online and have created and perfected the tools you need for maximumdaily success.If you want to do business online but have no (or just a few) products, Worldprofits "ready-made" home business websites are foryou. We provide you with access to over 10,000 digital products as well as Worldprofits line of web-based services that you canpromote to earn commission. Our Silver and Platinum Memberships come with ALL the tools and services you need to profitonline and enable you to sell both Worldprofit and any other products and services you want. You can use your own domain namefor your website or select one of our pre-registered domain names. Either way, your ready-made website contains everything youneed to work from home, backed by a legitimate, reputable company that has helped people around the world build their ownonline business.You get expert training, technical and customer support. Worldprofit specializes in providing both live and recorded trainingaccessible 24/7. We understand that you may not be an online expert, may in fact have no experience at all in building a businessand profiting online. That’s why we provide the most detailed training program online along with prompt and efficient technicaland customer support. You will be trained by online experts who have one objective in mind: making sure you understand what youneed to do to profit online every single day and being trained, patiently and thoroughly, to do it.Worldprofit, Inc. is a longtime accredited member of the Edmonton Better Business Bureau.Started humbly on a kitchen table, over the last 18 years Worldprofit has grown to become the ##1 choice for anyone looking foran online business complete with tools, training and resources. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 4 of 23
  4. 4. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program IntroductionThanks for picking up a copy of Worldprofits "Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program"!Making money starts and finishes with one thing... Affiliate!This eBook was most likely downloaded from a page that also signs you up into Worldprofits Associate Program which will allowyou to promote our products and services to anyone and generate commissions. There are some amazing sources of ready-madeaffiliate programs in this eBook that you can join and promote. But, and this is a huge point... YOU must understand promotion andthe sources that can give you the best BANG for either a small fee or FREE!There are some nice new advertising sources in this report for you to discover and some of them are huge.Others are smaller yet legit.Were talking about Solo Ads, PPC, PPV, as well as some untraditional types of advertising like paying for blog posts.We hope youll find many new ad networks and places to buy ads from that you didnt previously know about.Its important to note that youre not going to need all of these sources. You can also dig into the Paid vs Free options and decide onthe best mix for your product or affiliate network.You could spend millions of dollars with just one or a handful of these select sources.Think of this eBook as a mini guide to the available ad inventory out there that you may have not known about. Crack it openwhenever youre looking to buy some traffic.Before we get started with these ad sources, We also wanted to tell you that you can get a worldclass education in buying traffic forfree.One way is to join Worldprofit and let us guide you step by step so you can learn how it all fits together.Another way is to learn all you can from the actual ad network sites that youll discover in this report.Its also vital to get some ads running and track everything using a program such as Prosper 202 or if you are a Worldprofit SilverMember, its included in the membership. You can track unlimited urls using YOUR OWN domain name.You honestly dont need a $2,000 course to learn about internet advertising because the best way to learn is to get out there and doit.While you can learn the basics from someone else, the real learning comes from your experience and weekly live training.Worldprofit provides LIVE training each and every week with retired Jet Instructor Pilot George Kosch.When youre running ads, when youre working with someone who is out there with you, when youre crunching your numbers andlooking at your ad tracking and adjusting... Thats when youre REALLY learning!So take everything you learn from others like a grain of salt.Take these advertising sources, go out there, and generate all the traffic your little heart desires. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 5 of 23
  5. 5. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program Paid Traffic vs Free TrafficWith the increasing popularity of the internet more and more individuals are beginning to utilize the tools that the world wide webhas to offer. With the ability to efficiently market your business through online means, the benefits are relatively endless. In orderto acquire the brand awareness and exposure that you desire it is imperative that you understand the difference between paid trafficvs free traffic.The general term “traffic” is used throughout online communities all over the world. Traffic is essentially the amount of individualsthat visit your website on a daily basis. With the more traffic that you gather, the likelihood of increasing your profits becomesmore viable. Also, more traffic inevitably equates to a larger amount of exposure and so the more individuals that become aware ofyour company and/or products, the more likely it is that you will have more customers purchasing your services or products.There are a variety of online firms that offer small and large scaled businesses with the opportunity to acquire paid traffic. Whetherit be by paying the company to provide more advantageous SEO practices to your website or if you will simply be paying them toacquire more individuals to visit your website, you will be provided with the opportunity to acquire paid traffic. The vast majorityof businesses tend to find paid traffic due to the fact that they will not have to worry about implementing factors to gather theclientèle themselves.As for free traffic, that is simply the total amount of individuals who visit your blog without you having to spend any money ontrying to push them toward your website. With the implementation of preferential search engine optimization tools such as backlinking and adding relevant keywords to all text on your page, your website will become higher in the SERPs (Search EngineResult Pages). As your website becomes higher on the search engines, more individuals will click on your link in order to acquirethe services that they require. The majority of small business owners find that gathering free traffic is more preferential due to thefact that they are able to save a copious amount of money.Paid traffic vs free traffic is a topic that should be considered when any business begins to open their own web page. With theability to acquire the most amount of potential customers, companies are provided with the opportunity to gather higher exposureand more profits at the end of the year.Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, Stumble Upon, among others, are great sources for increasingbusiness and new leads through subtle marketing.These sites give you the opportunity to establish your brand name in front of millions of people worldwide in friendly,conversational environments. Furthermore, they are a great tool to keep in touch with your customers, establish an onlinereputation, and introduce your products and services to the global community in cost-effective ways.In fact, there is no initial cost to join most social media channels and they have proven to be as effective as or more so than justplain advertising. Traditional advertising can become very costly and it does not have permanence. Once you stop paying for youradvertising message, you are off the radar and most people can forget about you and your business very rapidly.On the other hand, when you establish a presence in social media sites, you become a more permanent staple in the community.Furthermore, social media gives you the chance to befriend your customers, leverage word-of-mouth advertising, and exchangeuseful communication with colleagues and other members of the social media community. Moreover, social media are a veryeffective way of networking your business.Nevertheless, before you join, you should create a strategic plan on how you will leverage these resources in your marketingcampaigns. It can be very time consuming to ensure that you keep on top of what is going on in the community, participate indiscussions, and contribute your own material. Planning becomes essential because of the fast pace communication inherent inmost of these social media channels. It is not enough to just “log in” once a week or every few months. To keep your presence freshin a dynamic way, you need to participate on a daily basis and make sure that you are not inadvertently “spamming” because youcan easily get blocked or, worse, the social media outlet can cancel your account.Social media marketing is about establishing friendly connections with other people sharing your interests. Your marketing messageshould be provided within the context of a conversation or useful tips and resources for the community. Avoid posting directadvertisement in the traditional sense. Furthermore, make sure that your postings are engaging and even fun. Don’t be afraid to usehumour. Have fun.Shortly after the Internet became public for the first time in the 90s, many entrepreneurial-minded people realized the greatpotential it offers to set up online businesses and make money online.Thus, suddenly, people’s e-mail in-boxes became flooded with all type of offers to buy products or join the “Internet marketing”revolution. However, there was no organization or site where new and seasoned internet marketers could convene on a regularbasis to exchange strategies and other information.A group of savvy online entrepreneurs decided to start The Warrior Forum online.The original idea was that Internet “gurus” would share their experience and tactics with newbies and recruit as many as they couldto sell their products or services online on their own websites or via e-mail campaigns. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 6 of 23
  6. 6. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home ProgramThroughout the years, The Warrior Forum has become the primary site where Internet marketers gather to exchange information,tricks, tips, hot deals, training, and other services.Today, The Warrior Forum offers new and seasoned Internet marketers features such as: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum Special Offers for Warrior’s members A myriad of Warrior products and services. Services such as advertising, copy-writing, programming, ad networks - CPA, CPM, CPL - millionaire makers, motivational and self-improvement forums, among others. Member Contests & Challenges Affiliate programs Mobile Marketing Articles on Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings Link ExchangeIn addition, they offer other sub-services to help new Internet marketers succeed in their endeavours.Most Internet marketing “gurus” seem to have stopped frequenting the forum in recent years. In fact, many popular ones seem tohave disappeared altogether from the Internet. Yet, the products and services that they established years ago, at the beginning, arestill going.New Internet marketers should seriously consider joining The Warrior Forum. By joining the forum, you will guidance, theopportunity to sell your own products and services, and learn valuable tricks and tips of the trade. Instead of only having onementor, you have a whole community of them. There is no better way to learn about internet business than from someone whoknows it, inside and out. The trusted advice they can give you can be the key to making your business a success. Moreover, besidesgetting help from the experts, you will be networking and socializing with others who, like you, are seeking guidance in makingtheir new ventures successful. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 7 of 23
  7. 7. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program Paid Ads Part 1: JV Rocket and "Tier 1 Solo Ads"With JV Rocket you can buy a solo ad that will go out to a double opt-in list of 226,000 subscribers for the price of $2,500.Your ad goes out to customers who have purchased ClickBank products in the Make Money niche such as Get Google Ads Free,Health Biz in a Box, Forced Money, and Top Secret Magic Code.Youll also reach affiliates for ClickBank products such as Get Google Ads Free, Health Biz in a Box, Forced Money, Top SecretMagic Code, Cash Making Power Sites, Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, and Top Secret Car Secret.Many of the top Internet Marketing and Make Money niche gurus are using JV Rocket to build their lists and also to directly mailto their hot offers.$2,500 is a nice chunk of money to risk, so before testing a JV Rocket youll want to make sure you have tested sales material.Youll also want to be sure that your offer would be a good match for the type of customers who would buy the type of products Ijust mentioned above.This doesnt mean that your offers must be similar, but it does mean that the same demographic would order your product.The downside of this solo ad source is that there are no guaranteed amount of visitors youll get. The upside is that if you have anoffer thats on fire and would work well with these type of customers then JV Rocket can be a goldmine.Just remember, as with all of these ad sources in this report, youre responsible for your business and the risks you take with buyingadvertising.Profiting from paid advertising is simple, but not easy.Heres what I mean. It would be easy to blow through $10,000 on JV Rockets. The inventory is there waiting for you to orderanytime you want.However, it would be wise to test your sales funnel out buying solo ads on a small scale at $30, $100, or $300 a pop from "Tier 2Solo Ad" vendors such as the ones on,, or Directory of Ezines.After you have a tested and proven funnel that works well with the solo ads youve purchased on a small scale, then you may wantto consider going big time and ordering what I call "Tier 1 Solo Ads" such as JV Rocket.JV Rocket isnt the only Tier 1 Solo Advertising available. Here are some more in various niches: Arcamax (General ConsumerList), Newsmax, Self Growth, and Nextmark. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 8 of 23
  8. 8. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program Paid Ads Part 2: LeadImpact and Top CPV NetworksTechnically TrafficVance is a better quality CPV network than LeadImpact in my opinion, but the barrier to entry withTrafficVance is $1,000.With LeadImpact, on the other hand, you only need $100 to get started using their massive network.I find it much easier to generate mass targeted traffic with LeadImpact than the other major CPV networks with a low barrier toentry such as Direct CPV and Media Traffic.LeadImpact allows you to buy traffic on a Per View basis. Youre essentially buying something similar to popups.Paying "Per View" means a small window will open on their screen and it will lead to your webpage.Your webpage must fit inside that window. (To test whether your webpage will fit inside the window, use something like this freetool.)You can bid on keywords or URLs using LeadImpact. When bidding on a keyword, website content will match your keyword andtrigger your pop up. When bidding on a URL, visiting that URL will trigger your popup.Depending on your Geo Targeting and the Category/Sub-Category of your offer, the lowest bid you can start with will be as low as.015 to .017.The downside of LeadImpact is that I dont personally like how they have the minimum bidding set up. For some Sub-Categoriesyou might have a minimum bid of .015 and for others it may be .025.One cent may not seem like a big difference but when you multiply that 1,000+ times per day, it starts to add up.Small squeeze pages seem to do very well with LeadImpact.They can be your own squeeze pages or a Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) offer in a CPA network.I find theres not as much inventory in the Make Money and Internet Marketing niches, but theres a ton in large markets that aremultiple times bigger.For example, you can generate a serious amount of traffic on a daily basis to Pay-Per-Lead online gaming offers.Same goes for Weight Loss, Health, and Financial niches.To find PPL offers to promote, try a CPA offers search engine such as Offer Vault. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 9 of 23
  9. 9. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program Paid Ads Part 3: Plenty of Fish AdsWith Plenty of Fish ads, you can reach 20,000,000 users on a CPM basis.In case youre not familiar with "CPM," it simply means "Cost per 1,000 impressions of your ad."Youll also be bidding for ad inventory on a CPM basis.The minimum buy is just $25, so you can cheaply give POF Ads a nice test run for as low as $25.It takes 24 hours or less for your ads to be approved.Image ad sizes include 110x80px, 300x250px, 160x600px and 120x600.Besides the insanely low point of entry at $25 minimum, theres something else about POF Ads that makes your traffic highlytargeted.In-depth demographics targeting is available. You can target prospects based on: Country, State/Province, Zipcode, Age, Gender,Education, Profession, Has Children, Games and Puzzles, Body Type, Drinking Habits, Looking to Marry Soon, Ethnicity, Height,Income, Login Count, Marital Status, Religion, Search Type, Smoking Habits, Session Depth, Hair Color, and Has Car (or not).Your ads are so ultra targeted that theyre not even shown to POF visitors who arent logged in.Your ad is displayed above the fold as well.With POF Ads you can really go to town with specific dating offers.For instance, imagine targeting Christians who are looking to date. You can put a Christian Singles offer in front of them.Do you see how powerful POF Ads can be?Because you have access to so many demographics, your ads dont even have to be about dating. They can be about somethingtotally unrelated, but targeted to the demographic you choose.There are many CPA offers out there related to dating if thats what you want to explore.Or this is a perfect time for you to start your Dating or Relationships niche empire by generating leads from Plenty Of Fish to yourown subscriber list.ClickBank products such as The Magic of Making Up may also do well with POF Ads. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 10 of 23
  10. 10. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program Paid Ads Part 4: 7Search, Ad Hitz, and LinkedIn Ads7Search is one of my favorite of the "Tier 2 PPC" networks, search engines, and the like.Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook are considered "Tier 1 PPC" in my book.Everything else is Tier 2 PPC the way I see it.The great thing about 7Search is you dont have to worry about Quality Score or other headaches.You set up a landing page, you bid on keywords, and you tweak your campaigns until theyre profitable.If youre looking to generate Biz Opp leads, then you may want to check out Ad Hitz.With Ad Hitz, you can do Site Specific Targeting (recommended) on some biz opp sites that get serious traffic, such that gets 23,1411 unique visitors per day and that gets 281,360 unique visitors per day.Now, if youre looking for serious Internet Marketing niche leads, then Ad Hitz may or may not be for you.These leads you generate will be the type that hang out on pay to click sites and probably paid survey sites.This doesnt necessarily mean that these prospects are "low quality" or not serious about business, but it does mean that theyreclueless about what you and I know about.So I think its important to not take advantage of these clueless prospects.Instead, you should show them the light.For serious Internet Marketing leads who are already more advanced, youll want to buy an ad at the top of orrun Warrior Special Offers.There are over 450,000 members on Warrior Forum and growing.Another option for generating serious Business leads in general is by using LinkedIn Ads.You wont necessarily generate all internet marketing leads there, but there are 130,000,000 business-minded members on LinkedInto advertise to.40,000,000 are US based.With LinkedIn Ads you dont have to pay on a PPC basis because they also offer inventory on a CPM basis (cost per 1,000impressions). Its your choice. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 11 of 23
  11. 11. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program Paid Ads Part 5: PayPerPost, Blog Ads, and ReviewMeYou may want to consider blog advertising.This is where your website or your product is promoted on real blogs.PayPerPost is one of them and they connect you with real bloggers out there who are willing to do a write up about your product orsite for a fee.Besides generating the direct traffic from your links, youll also be building links, except you wont be building links onfly-by-night blog networks that get de-indexed from the search engines in the blink of an eye.You have complete control over how much youll spend on a post when you create your listing called an "Opportunity."You also get to select the categories and the Geo Targeting.Blog Ads is another option for advertising on blogs, but its not contextual like PayPerPost.Here youre buying actual ad space on a time basis.What I mean is youre not buying on a PPC or CPM basis like some of the other sources weve talked about.Youre buying ads based on the amount of time theyll run on the blog.Its just like buying ad space direct from a webmaster at a fixed rate, only youre doing it through the Blog Ads network.The pricing is set up similar to Text-Link-Ads.Price doesnt go up or down based on the amount of impressions or click throughs on your ad.ReviewMe is another option with blog advertising and it can work well to create buzz for your new product or service.You can browse the different blogs at and purchase a review of your product or service.Youll also get the link back to your site, but just keep in mind that these bloggers will do an honest review for you and that reviewwill be permanent.You can also create a listing for what youre looking for if youre looking to be found by bloggers who are looking to reviewproducts or services similar to your own. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 12 of 23
  12. 12. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program Paid Ads Part 6: AbestWeb, CB, JV Zoo, W+, PDC, DigiResultsIf youre advertising to get affiliates, then youll want to run some ads on AbestWeb, the worlds largest affiliate marketing forum.Super affiliates galore hang out on this forum and have their eyes open for hot offers to promote all the time.They can generate traffic all day long, but they dont always have offers that convert, so if your offer is appealing enough to them,then just one super affiliate you get from running an ad can be worth much more than what you paid for the ad.To read about the different advertising options at AbestWeb, check out this page.They have all kinds of inventory from banner ads to e-mail blasts to their members.Getting your digital product listed in the ClickBank Marketplace is also a great way to pick up affiliates who can drive traffic toyour site all day and night on a commission basis.With ClickBank, youre technically buying traffic, but its no risk because youre only paying when someone makes a sale.Other options have emerged as well including JV Zoo, WSO Pro, PayDotCom, and DigiResults.Honestly, Im a fan of all those programs just listed.Instead of being paid by ClickBank, youre paid directly upon each sale with PayPal.However, the marketplaces arent even close to as old or as big as ClickBank.So there are a lot more affiliates waiting in the ClickBank marketplace to see your offer to promote than the others, but you dontget instant PayPal payments.You can also pick up some affiliates by listing your product in the Warrior Forum Affiliate Programs Database for a small fee.There are more ways to get super affiliates to promote for you.One is by busting your butt putting together a massive product launch and getting listed on sites like JV Notify Pro and Warrior JV.Another way is to simply get the attention of super affiliates by running your offer on networks.If you throw $10,000 at advertising your offer, then chances are super affiliates are going to see it, and they are always looking forone thing: offers that convert. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 13 of 23
  13. 13. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home Program Paid Ads Part 7: StumbleUpon Ads, PR Web, and Direct CPVIf you know how StumbleUpon works, its where users click the "Stumble" button and they are sent from webpage to webpagechecking out pages that have been "Stumbled" by other users and are related to their favorite topics.With StumbleUpon Paid Discovery, your webpage becomes part of that Stumbling process.Users land on your landing page while Stumbling through websites and you pay per view.My opinion is its a bit pricey at this point, but I also think its a great way for companies to spread brand awareness and its alsopotentially good for viral marketing.Using PR Web is another way to launch a viral marketing or brand awareness campaign.To tell you the truth, its also possible to generate a lot of direct traffic as well.Not to mention you can get some serious offline traffic if your press release gets picked up by a newspaper.PR Web allows you to distribute a press release to the far corners of the internet, depending on the package you choose.The important thing to remember when writing the press release is making it newsworthy, so you could technically do a pressrelease for virtually anything thats happening with your website, product, or business.Whenever you launch a new website, for example, you can create a press release and submit it to PR Web. Same goes when youput out a new product.Although Direct CPV was already briefly mentioned in the CPV section, I never pointed out that you can use their Run of Network(normally refered to as RON) traffic for brand awareness and getting viral marketing campaigns off the ground.Run of Network traffic is untargeted and it runs to all available inventory on the network, so its an insanely high amount of traffic.You could blow through thousands of dollars very fast, so be careful with it.Dont expect to get any good measurable results with Run of Network traffic on Direct CPV.But it is possible to use to get thousands of views on a YouTube video in one day, for instance.Just dont expect to use this type of traffic as you would other types. Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 14 of 23
  14. 14. Worldprofits Home Business Training & Work at Home ProgramPaid Ads Part 9: More Advertising Networks and Ad Sources• Bravenet Media• MyAds• Her Agency• Indie Click• Batanga• 24/7 Media• BuySellAds• Adfish• Crisp Ads• ExoClick• Adtegrity• Intermarkets• HIRO• Casale Media• Banner Space• Ad On Network•• Yahoo Media Services•• Kitara Media•• Flux Advertising• Burst Media• Kontera• Clicksor• Pepperjam• TrafficJunky• Opt-Media• Mirago• Miva• Ad Magnet• AdBlade• Tribal Fusion• Pulse360• Marchex• PAYPOPUP• Domain Gateway• AdMarketplace• AdEngage• Chitika• Traffic Taxi• Yes Mail• AdReady• Bidvertizer• Zedo• WeatherBug• Epic Advertising• PCH Games• Popup Traffic• Bardzo Media• ADXDirect• Contextweb• AdBrite Copyright Randall Stewart - 2012 15 of 23
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