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Lenovo x131e

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D5 device basics_x131e

  1. 1. ThinkPad® X131e: Built for Education
  2. 2. Built to LastActive Protection SystemDetects sudden changes in motionand temporarily stops the harddrive to protect against data lossfrom accidental impactsStronger, Island-styleKeyboard60% Gap reduction toprotect keyboard keys frombeing removed.Also spill-resistantStronger HingesDesigned to last 50,000cyclesStronger Bezel1.2mm thicker plasticto protect LED panelMil-Spec TestingExceeds industry standarddurability specifications
  3. 3. Top Cover BumperRubber bumper absorbs forcefrom bumps and protects theedges of the systemReinforced Ports55% stronger port for addeddurabilityStronger Corners33% stronger to reducedamage from accidentaldropsRecessed PortsProtects againstaccidental damageto portsBuilt to Survive
  4. 4. Getting to Know Your X131eHDMI PortFor connecting to mostdigital TV setsCard ReaderFor copying pictures froma digital cameraPowered USB (Yellow)USB port that can also beused to power cell phones orother devicesPower Connector
  5. 5. Getting to Know Your X131eVGA PortUsed for external monitors orscreensFan ExhaustCrucial not to block this vent,i.e. pillows and blanketsUSB 3.0 PortsLatest generation for fasterdevices and legacy devicesWired InternetHeadphone/MicrophoneUtilizes one plug for standardHeadphones or a combinedheadset
  6. 6. Keeping Students on TaskWireless Activity LEDProvides a quick visual cue to instructors/parents toensure all students are online or offline.
  7. 7. Unified SearchWindows 7 TipsUsing the Taskbar
  8. 8. Adjusting Power Options
  9. 9.  FN + F6 – access communications center for camera and volume control FN +F7 – switch between computer LCD and external monitor/projector FN +F8 – adjust brightness down FN + F9 – adjust brightness level up FN +F10, F11, F12 – multimedia controlsF10 – rewindF11 – play or pauseF12 – fast forwardFuntion Keys =„s Shortcuts
  10. 10.  Know Your Schedule– Your computer use will vary based on day and class.– Manage your battery life accordingly– Leverage common spaces for down time Between Classes– Do not turn your machine off– Most cases it is best to put the computer in sleep mode– If you will not use for over an hour, you can turn off your machine During Class– Adjusting display setting to dim and turn off screen can greatly enhance battery life– Be careful with any attached devices (mouse, headphones, power adapter)The School Day
  11. 11.  Morning at Home– If you do work before leaving home,try to keep computer plugged in– Save all your work– Put your computer in “sleep” mode Bedtime– Make sure you have saved any relevant work– Shut Down your system– Be sure that the fan exhaust is cleared from obstruction– Plug your power adapter inAt Home
  12. 12.  Be Safe and Protect your computer– Never allow non-family members to use your computer– Never store it in open sight, i.e. back seat of car– If possible lock in trunk– Never leave it unattended in common places, i.e. coffee shops– Be mindful of placing the power cord in traffic areas Using Public Internet– Do Not Turn on Public Sharing– Limit your use of personal informationAround Town
  13. 13.  Carrying Case– Always use the case when moving from place to place– Make sure the computer is asleep/off Troubleshooting– Seek assistance as soon as possible– Be sure to communicate any recurring “issues” Embrace the TrackPoint– More Ergonomic– More Efficient Use the Right-Click– Provides menu of options– Likely to have an option for whatever task you want(Copy, Save, Delete, Bold, Underline…)General Tips