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Social Media The Great Equalizer The Great Disrupter V1.2 Copy


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Learn valuable points and the importance of Social Media for your career development and business growth.

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Social Media The Great Equalizer The Great Disrupter V1.2 Copy

  1. 1. Social Media: The Great Equalizer – The Great Disrupter An overview provided by Apogee Social Media Group
  2. 2. Social media provides many windows into your company—through employees, groups, & conversations.At Apogee, we believe that social media is the A DVR allows you to record your favorite TV show,single most impactful development of this era. It is then watch it when, where and how you want. Youthe great equalizer and the great disrupter. have the power to watch your show at your ownCompanies that embrace social media and teach convenience, not only at 8pm on Thursday nights.their people to operate effectively in social media You have the power to watch your show on yourwill have unlimited access to opportunities, laptop as well as your TV. You have the power to filtercustomers and talent. unwanted messages (i.e., commercials).The term social media refers to the use of web- You control how you want to be engaged.based and mobile technologies to turncommunication into an interactive dialogue. Now consider the companies that advertise duringAndreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social your 8pm-Thursday-night show. They may show threemedia as “a group of Internet-based applications commercials in a span of 60 minutes. In the past, ifthat build on the ideological and technological they wanted greater exposure, they might show sixfoundations of Web 2.0, and that allows the commercials in that same 60 minutes. But with acreation and exchange of user-generated DVR, it doesn’t matter how many many commercialcontent.” spots they buy—you aren’t watching any of them! Since you have control over what you tune in to,Social media is the largest and fastest evolution of companies must change their approach so that youthe internet we have seen so far. want to tune in.Social media goes far beyond the technological Businesses have to find another way for theirplatforms of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s messages to reach their customers.about the ability for users to create, use and filtercontent that aligns to their interests. Tounderstand this new dynamic, consider the DVR. Apogee Social Media Group ~ 2
  3. 3. Your customers and employees are talking about yourcompany and products right now—join the conversation!Social media is complex. It isn’t particularly complex from a technical perspective;it’s complex from a human perspective. People inherently need to identify orconnect—with other people, with companies, and even with products—but the oldworld “push” methods of connecting (e.g., TV ads) are getting filtered out.As we explore this human need to connect, we realize that for the first time in themodern era we have a reliable platform to facilitate the connection—theconversation—worldwide and at lightning speed over the internet: social media.Two major factors influence the decision to buy: 1. A company’s ability to create a meaningful connection with the buyer, and 2. What the buyer’s peers are saying.Conversations are powerful influencers. If your company is not actively andauthentically becoming part of these conversations, you are at a greatdisadvantage against your competition.Joining the conversation is not about plugging in and using social media as aconduit for the same old message and tactics. That will fail.It’s about creating content that inspires conversation. It’s about contributing to thecollective knowledge of the group for the benefit of the group. If the conversationis dull, insufficient or self-serving, people will leave the conversation.Getting involved in the conversation is the way to make the connection to yourcustomers and their peers. If successfully connected, your message and brand willflourish! Apogee Social Media Group ~ 3
  4. 4. How do I get started?Social media is a journey and, like all journeys, it Social Media is more than justhelps to know your starting point, your desired a few folks at headquartersdestination, and your plan to get there. Tweeting and responding toFive steps to get you on your way: Facebook posts.1. Start where you are. Understand that social In order to realize the full media has already provided many windows into your company by virtue of the fact that your benefit of this opportunity, employees already participate. Embrace this teach and empower the phenomenon and invest in your people. Make entire organization to operate an honest assessment of your company’s current image on social media, then educate with skill and confidence over your employees about the correct way to social media. represent themselves and the company. It will pay dividends. Plus, your employees are hungry for it.2. Choose a destination. Find out where your 4. Choose a navigator. Each employee can be a customers are, and meet them there. If your powerful social media advocate for your business is Business-to-Consumer (B2C), company, but creating a strong social media Facebook may be the best platform. If you are presence and brand is not a part-time job. Business-to-Business (B2B), LinkedIn may be the Assigning a focused resource to manage this best place to engage. But be sure you know channel will create a consistent “face” and voice what you are trying to achieve and which to your company and will allow you to quickly platforms offer you the greatest opportunity to build your brand. achieve it—and which platforms you can and are willing to support. Platforms that have short 5. Adjust to the environment. Social media is not a message lifecycles, like Twitter, require daily static environment. Savvy companies critically monitoring and frequent, prompt assess the impact of their efforts, look for the communication to keep the audience engaged. best ideas, evaluate changes in the marketplace, Even if your customers are there, if you don’t and make crucial adjustments to their strategy. have the resources to participate fully, it may be Understand that new tools and platforms are a poor choice for you. emerging every day and will continue to evolve. Listen carefully to your customers to understand3. Build a roadmap. Start with reasonable where they’re headed and what platforms they expectations. Prioritize what you can actually will use for their conversations. Sometimes a get done, and honestly assess your available road is closed and you have to take a detour— resources and constraints. Be realistic about but that’s all part of the adventure! what you can do yourself and what items are better handled by the pros. Achieving fewer, Embarking on your social media journey can feel higher-impact successes is better than doing daunting. By following the steps outlined above, more things poorly. Set reasonable milestones; you can be confident that your efforts will position make sure you are successful before increasing your company to engage with new customers, new the scope or number of social platforms. opportunities, and new talent. Apogee Social Media Group ~ 4
  5. 5. About Apogee Social Media GroupWe help companies accomplish their goals by prioritizing and simplifying the use of socialmedia to build and strengthen their brand, find new opportunities, and connect to customersand talent. After a comprehensive assessment, we work with you to develop a social mediastrategy, in which we may recommend some of the coaching and training options listed below.Whether you’re a sales professional, human resource manager, recruiter, executive leader, orjobseeker, you’ll be able to apply what you learn immediately. Social Media for the Sales Professional Do you use “social listening” to find out where the sales opportunities are? Do you know which competitors are talking to your clients? This dynamic instructor-led, one-day course is designed to address the unique requirements of the professional sales organization. Learn to use the power of LinkedIn to grow your sales. Social Media for the HR Professional Companies compete for talent. Is your company finding and attracting the right candidates? This interactive instructor-led, one-day course is designed to address the unique requirements of the professional HR organization. Learn to use LinkedIn to tap into an almost unlimited talent pool—efficiently and effectively. Social Media for the Business Professional Every one of your staff offers a window into your business. Are you offering the right view? This interactive instructor-led, one-day course is designed for all employees. It has been carefully constructed to give users the knowledge and confidence to skillfully operate in the world of social media (LinkedIn)—and present the company image you want. LinkMeIn for Executives Executives have a choice of one-on-one LinkedIn coaching or turnkey profile development services. Learn how to enhance your personal brand, position yourself as an expert in your industry, or promote personal causes or charities. We’ll help you get up and running and develop a full personal social media strategy. LinkMeIn for Jobseekers In this 2-part video learning series, individuals seeking new career opportunities learn to use LinkedIn to develop their unique online brand, attract recruiters and hiring managers, and find the right connections in target industries. Having strong relationships online is critical to getting ahead in this job market—we’ll show you how. Apogee Social Media Group ~ 5
  6. 6. Apogee Social Media Grouphttp://www.apogeesocialmediagroup.com8105 Fayetteville Rd, Suite 121–143Raleigh, NC 27603