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How gamification can be used to drive engagement

This presentation is about how gamification can be used to drive engagement, used in recruitment, training and use of innovation games in budgeting and performance assessments.

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How gamification can be used to drive engagement

  1. 1. How Gamification can be used to drive engagement Srinath Ramakrishnan
  2. 2. What is Gamification? • “the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals” – Gartner • Gamification is implementing design concept from games, loyalty programs and behavioural economics to drive user engagement – Gabe Zicherman 2Renatus Consultants
  3. 3. Four Defining Traits of a Game Game Goal “Sense of Purpose” Rules “Unleash creativity and foster strategic thinking” Feedback “provides motivation to keep playing” Voluntary Participation “establishes common ground” Realityis Broken : Why Games Make us better and how they can change the world” – Jane McGonigal 3Renatus Consultants
  4. 4. Approaches to Gamification • 6 core types of gamified approaches to drive engagement and problem solving. • can be used individually or together to customers / employees Commercial / Negotiation system Grand Challenges Rapid feedback systems Simulation / Discovery Status Marathons Expressive 4Renatus Consultants
  5. 5. Grand Challenges • highly publicised competitions usually awarding cash prizes designed to solve a specific problem or a complex or indeterminate nature • Offer of Fr 12000 for preservation of food for his army 5Renatus Consultants
  6. 6. Rapid Feedback • gamified systems where feedback such as scoring, shapes behaviour in real time 6Renatus Consultants
  7. 7. Simulation • principally designed for educational purposes - allow for exploration of new ideas, models and scenarios • usually found in school classrooms _ed.jpg 7Renatus Consultants
  8. 8. Status Marathons • use status ladders and rewards - most customer loyalty programs use this approach 8Renatus Consultants
  9. 9. Commercial / Negotiation System • rely on virtual or real world economy including markets and auctions 9Renatus Consultants
  10. 10. Expressive • games are designed to facilitate creativity , individuality and emotional satisfaction among users 10Renatus Consultants
  11. 11. What gamification is • using concepts that are intrinsically/extrinsically motivating, it is about finding and delivering fun and enjoyment in a wide range of contexts. • pitfalls-of-gameful-design-16-728.jpg?cb=1308135669 11Renatus Consultants
  12. 12. What gamification is not • Not about throwing game mechanics at a problem - must design a thoughtful and meaningful experience • Gamification is not solely about coming up with cool innovative and virtual rewards 12Renatus Consultants
  13. 13. Creating Engagement Talking stick used to ensure that every one who wants to speak is heard , so that some voices do not dominate the discussion • Engagement matters because it predicts superior outcomes • Important to engage everyone in the group 13Renatus Consultants
  14. 14. Engagement through 3Fs • engagement in any organization is based on 3 primary drivers - called the 3 Fs act of telling users how they are progressing over time connectors between users whether they are friends in the classical sense or not a sense of amusement and enjoyment when working together, these 3 drivers form the core of a viral engagement loop designed to propel users to visit an experience and then also engage others to visit and return 14Renatus Consultants
  15. 15. Creating Engagement – 3-12-2 game • uses constraints, forced rankings and closures to drive intense idea creation within a short period of time. The game begins with an open ended question – e.g. “how do we increase revenue for the next year?” 15Renatus Consultants
  16. 16. Creating Engagement – 3-12-2 game • Write the problems on an index card / one per card • Teams of 2 – pick each card and provide solutions to the problem • Form groups of 6-8 players, 2 minutes to pitch in their best idea • If you end up with 10 ideas, do a dot voting to choose the best idea 3 12 2 Great game to increase productivity satisfaction and quality 16Renatus Consultants
  17. 17. Improving Performance - Target Checkout game 17Renatus Consultants
  18. 18. Recruitment 7727466391 18Renatus Consultants
  19. 19. Recruitment Congratulations. Nice work. Well done. You've made it to Google Labs and we are glad you are here. One thing we learned while building Google is that it's easier to find what you're looking for if it comes looking for you. What we're looking for are the best engineers in the world. And here you are. 19Renatus Consultants
  20. 20. Crayon Data - Challenge 20Renatus Consultants
  21. 21. Quixey Challenge • Players had to solve 3 practice problems before being able to try the real challenge - solving an algorithm bug in under one minute in front of Skype audience. • 38 winners - out of which 5 candidates were considered for open positions. • The entire cost of recruitment was just $3800 dollars - which would have cost $100,000 using traditional methods 21Renatus Consultants
  22. 22. Dominos Pizza Hero • 22Renatus Consultants
  23. 23. Dominos Pizza Hero • In the first 28 days, over 1 million dollar worth of pizza was sold through the app, rising to almost 1 million $ a week. • On top of that they had details of thousands of potential recruits who could later be hired. Renatus Consultants 23
  24. 24. Marriot’s Diner Dash A gamified experience where a player does everything from decorating the dining room to ordering the food, and maintaining the budget. As they play through the game, the players are able to try out every position within hotel operations. The banner "Do it for Real“ attracted thousands of active users - when clicked takes you to the opportunities at Marriot. 24Renatus Consultants
  25. 25. 4 Door Model for e-learning Library Playground Cafe Torture Chamber 25Renatus Consultants
  26. 26. Learning - 4Cs 26Renatus Consultants
  27. 27. Innovation Games • proven techniques for working with all groups of customers to create innovative products and services. • a means of fueling innovation by understanding what your customers really want. 27Renatus Consultants
  28. 28. Game Types Visual collaboration games leverage powerful visual metaphors and well-known strategy and decision-making models as the foundation of collaborative problem solving. Visual Collaboration Games Speed Boat Prune the Product Tree Virtual Market Games Buy a Feature / Buy a Project Virtual market games use virtual currency to identify shared priorities among the players. 28Renatus Consultants
  29. 29. Budget Games – San Jose • Specialized feature of “Buy a Feature” game • Goal - obtain insights from citizens on city’s budget – provide inputs to the Mayor and City Council • used to engage neighbourhood leaders regarding priorities for spending, tradeoffs, and budget cuts for the City’s annual $2.9 billion budget 29Renatus Consultants
  30. 30. Performance Reviews using Innovation Games Identify reviewers Self Asssessment Establish Goals Build Advocacy HR Outbrief 30Renatus Consultants
  31. 31. “Gamification is like icing on the cake. If the underlying cake is tasteless no amount of frosting will fix the problem. The key is to make it all work together - one delicious cake made complete by an inviting frosting on the top” - Gabe Zichermann 31Renatus Consultants Finally ..
  32. 32. Thank you @rsrinath
  33. 33. References • games/ • Zichermann/dp/1259098559/ref=sr_1_1 • Collaborative/dp/0321437292/ref=sr_1_1 • elearning-design/ • gamification/ • Using Visual Collaboration Games for Performance Review – Jason Tice 33Renatus Consultants