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Let us unlearn before leaping into 2017


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Since all of us have the common objective to start the New Year on a clean slate, don’t you think it makes sense to unlearn undesirable noise from 2016 and start afresh with a new unbiased perspective. Don’t you think that will really constitute a new beginning for a new year?

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Let us unlearn before leaping into 2017

  1. 1. 5 events to UNLEARN from before we leap into 2017 2017 isalmosthere!!!Atthe last weekof 2016, most of us will be inthe holiday mood,planningand plottingexcitingwaystousherinthe New Year.Some of uswill alsobe busycreatingbrandnew resolutionsandironingour“will powers”toconvertthose resolutionsinto reality.Afterall whodoesnot wantto change forthe better!!! But letus take back a stepintime and reflectonthe yearthat went by.We have pictures,memories, events,disasters anddelugesof informationthatscarredus inthe last one year.Some of the happeningswere forthe betterandsome will be nomore thanunnecessarybaggage,whichwe will be forcedto take forwardinthe nextyear. Since all of ushavethe common objectiveto startthe New Year on a clean slate,don’tyou thinkit makes senseto unlearnundesirablenoisefrom2016 and start afresh with a new unbiased perspective.Don’t you thinkthat will really constitutea new beginning fora new year? Let us see someof theevents fromwhich weneed to UNLEARN ----  Pathankotair force attacks – Let us UNLEARN the jingoism,chestthumpingpseudo patriotism, political bickerings,blame-gamesandthe caustichatredspreadby “two minutesof fame” celebrities. LetusalsoUNLEARN the failuresof the diplomaticblitzkrieg of ourgullibleleaders and the overzealousbrouhahashownbyaTRP hungrymedia. Whatwe need is a coherent,methodologicaland brutalstrategy to fight terror.Nothing elseis important.  JawaharLal Nehru universityrow – Letus UNLEARN those “highprofile”mediainterviewsand coveragesthatmade “politicians”outof “students”.LetusalsoUNLEARN the inepthandlingof the newgeneration byourleaders andthe so called“sedition”chargesthatrockedour “arm chair” intellectual community. Whatis importantisto realize thatstudentsarethe futurebaton bearersof any country and they need to benudged and nurtured along therighttrack,in line with the country’sfuture goals.Anybody oranything distractingthemshould beeliminated withoutremorse.  India’sperformanceat Rio Olympics – Let us UNLEARN those awe inspiringstoriesof “women power”,“homemade”infrastructure andthe “againstall odds”strugglesthatbroughtIndiaits bloodandsweat medals.Letusalso UNLEARN the financial largesse bestowedonthe winners by our vote hungrypoliticiansandthe “selfie”fiasco publicized bysome attentionseeking celebs.
  2. 2. Whatis importantisto realize that,fora country of 1.2 billion people,we need all the “women power”,”men power”and the “political will power”to transformIndia into a sporting giant. Nothing else matters.  Surgical strikes by the IndianArmy – Letus UNLEARN the nationalisticfervorgeneratedafter the strikes,the allegations,the counterallegationsandthe accusationsquestioningthe validity of the strikesandpolitical flipflops echoingonbothsidesof the border.LetusalsoUNLEARN the protestsagainstthe Pakistani artistsworkinginIndiaandthe “midnight”dealsstuckby pseudopatriotstoadd fuel tothe fire. Whatis importantisto realize that,terrorin any formhasto be eliminated and “the end justifies the means”.Everything elseis noiseand should be treated asonly NOISE.  Demonetization – LET us UNLEARN the neverendingATMqueues,the perennial deluge of news channelsshowingdisarrayof commonlife andthe intellectual “chitchats”of the move been continuously discussedinvariousmediums.LetusalsoUNLEARN the shoddyhandlingof the situationbythe government,the bankers-turnedcashmafiaandfiftyplusrule changesbrought out bythe Revert(see Reserve)bankof India. Whatis importantnowisto realize thatthe arrow knowingly orunknowingly hasbeen released fromthe bowand India’smoveisnow been watched by theentire world with bated breath. We can either nowmakea movetowardsforging a position forourselveswithin the “developed” communityby reinventing ourselvesorlet ourselvesto rot within the discarded annalsof forgotten history asa country which failed in its experimentto eradicatecorruption.Thechoice is ours and entirely OURSonly. Happy Holidays! And a great rocking 2017 !! If you enjoyedthispost, please share your commentsand check out my otherLinkedIn posts-: Five Demands from Santa Claus this Christmas------Changingalongwiththe times--- Five Negative leadershiptraitsthat may work!!!! Leadershiplessonsfromthe Ramayana Workplace colleagues - the bad,the worst and the ugly!! To delegate or not to delegate;that isthe question How to buildthe perfectteam Are you a leaderor a manager ?